Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. The main objective for our coursework was to createa 5 min short film.We also had to create an ancillary task individually.The ancillary task involved creating a film poster and afilm review to promote our video.
  2. 2. I used a simple font The tagline which was createdBlairMdITCTTMedium for the title as a group is used in my posterso its easy to read. However I to describe the overall plot inmade it stand out by increasing one line. It gives the posterthe size and dropping shadow more meaning. With thebehind it to separate it from the meaning of running out ofbackground. I also used the time I used Lara in the postercolour font red which connotes revealing her watch toromance. Another reason why I connote that this film hasdecided upon using red is something to do with time andbecause the colour would emphasises the tagline.stand out from the rest of theposter, as only a few important To give the idea that the filmthings are filled in red, the rest wont have a happy ending Iare dull and grey. added a dark misty cloudTo emphasis the title of ‘Bad background. I made this withLuck’ I added rain to my poster the desaturation of the cloudwhich I made myself by adding image to change the colournoise to the picture then motion to grey. I later gave it more ofblur. To make the rain look a misty look by adding theaggressive and harsh I added ‘cloud’ effect on Photoshop.cc lens correction. The To enhance the richness of theharshness of the rain correlates cloud background I increasethe harshness of Bobby’s bad the contrast highs and lows.luck in the storyline.
  3. 3. The images used of Bobbyand Lara are both I show the mental strength indesaturated. I done this so both characters and howthey blend in well with the different there are from onbackground and dont feel as another. In the rain Bobby isif they don’t belong in the standing in frustration and looksoverall poster. However I did agitated. Meanwhile Lara iskeep the red colour in both standing with her watch outimages just so the poster and smiling. I also createdoesn’t look to dull and separation as both charactersindicate that this film is about have no physically contact norromance and love. This is do they have any contactemphasised with the rose in through there eyes. An enigmaBobby’s mouth still having a is also created as to why is thetint of red which connotes male character angry while thelove. The clothing of both female character is smiling incharacters conforms to the the rain.conventions of the romantic Even though the film revolvescomedy’s, for example ‘The around Bobby, I still felt as if itsUgly Truth’ poster has both important to keep Lara in thecharacters dressed smart. It poster. This is because Ihas the main attractive wanted to show she is thefemale in a sexy colour like femme fatale in this narrativered similar to my poster with and she is why Bobby goesLara in an eye-catching through so much trouble.dress.
  4. 4. I made the vignette effect on my The facial expression of bothposter so I can make it characters foreshadows thecontinuous as it moves down to narrative. Bobby is far morethe credit. I done this by using exasperated while Lara isthe gradient tool and applying it content while posing with ato the edges of poster. This will simple smile. Bobby’s bodyalso make the white font text language also expresses hisstand out and also draw frustration with both handsattention to whats happening in held tightly against his headthe middle of the poster as that’s and a dying rose in betweenthe brightest point in the poster. his teeth. We normally see theThe vignette also helps with the male much more irritatedidea of bad luck as we see both than the female in thecharacter almost trapped romantic comedy theme foraround darkness, this challenges example, ‘A Guy In 10 Days’,the conventions of romantic exploits this theme similar tocomedy posters as they normally mine.have bright posters. The male looks weaker thanI used the plastic wrap effect to the female which is alsogive both characters a comical another convention used inshiny look as if they both wet but romantic comedyin actual fact both characters posters, which is also shownwhere dry. I done this so it looks on, ‘Shes out my league posteras if there literally placed in where the female looks morebetween the raining clouds. dominate.
  5. 5. I used BlairMdITCTTMedium fonts which I also used for my film title font. For the credits I changed size and how bold each letter is. To make every letter stand out every text has shadow dropped in the background. The text layers where also placed above the image layers of my background just so the text does not blend in too much with the background. This is also a convention of romantic comedy having eye catching clear text and also used the colours; red, black and white for font.I implemented using the conventions ofromantic comedy font colours for thestar ratings on the poster making them I also added the heading of the mainred and also eye catching. In order to actors on top of the poster to attractattract more people to watch this film people to the film. This convention is alsoas it has a 5 star rating from a used by the ‘Ugly Truth’ who have bothnewspaper critic. leading actors names placed above to draw the fans into watching the film.
  6. 6. Similar to the text font of my poster I used a simple font which isclear to read. I felt as if its important to have a neat and cleanfont as it will help with the overall presentation of the film review.I also used black coloured font following the conventions ofother film reviews such as the Empire magazine.I created a tagline for my film review, I kept the font the samebut changed the angle to italic just so it looks different from anyother text font on the film review. For the Title I used a simple font, however I made it bold to stand out. To emphasis how much I want the title to stand out I place it upon a black box. Most of the font colour on the film review is black so I changed the title’s colour to white so it looks more striking with a black box around it. The conventions of a film review are always to make the title text more eye catching than the rest which I have implemented here on my film review.
  7. 7. Similar to the concept of my film poster I wanteda film review image which relates to the idea of‘difference’ between both characters. I also usedan image which uses the colours red, black andwhite as these colours have been dominate bothin my film review and my poster. The image alsoreflects the narrative as Bobby is excited holdingLara’s hand she has little interest in anything butmore feels disgusted by the physical contactwhich is shown through Lara’s facial expression. Ialso decided on using an image taken from aprofessional camera instead of taking it out of asegment of the film which will look morepixelated. The Image above is the original imageI decided using which has been colour correctedand contrast making the dark parts darker andthe light parts lighter. However I felt as if theimage was too plain and boring even though myaim was to go for a nice clean film review Idecided upon playing with a few effects onPhotoshop to come up with a new image thatwill be implemented in my film review. This effectgave my image a more comical poster effectwhich I believe worked better.
  8. 8. The reason for me havingboth actors in my finalposter is because I felt it will I wanted the male actorlook more comical through to look desperate andthere body position and frustrated, the use offacial expression. It will also having both hands heldcreate an enigma, why is on your head indicatesthe female smiling in the frustration almostrain and the male fuming childlike behaviourin the rain with a rose in his showing his immaturemouth?. Although there Is even though his a youngno physical contact or eye adult, a stereotypicalcontact I wanted to create view every young male issome form of connection looked from beingbetween both actors. I immature. I also want hisdone this through the desperation to be showndesaturation of all colours with a rose in his mouthbut red in the dress Lara is which connotes love andwearing and the dying rose romance.in Bobby’s mouth. The roseconnotes a loveconnection meanwhile adress connotes a physical The importance of time is shown again notattraction. only in the tagline but the body position of Lara.
  9. 9. We wanted our film to be simple and tranquil to follow. Iused the same concept for the film and implemented it inmy film review something organised and easy to read. Ineatly bordered the image and created a layout whichprecisely surrounds the text making the overall presentationorganised.The tagline I used foreshadows the narrative, ‘When thingsstart to go wrong, they only get worse,,’ this tagline putsmuch emphasises on what the main protagonists outcomein this film will be and once one problem occurs it will be aseries of unfortunate events only getting worse and worse.This will also attract the audience to watch the film as theywould want to know how did his bad luck spark and does hecome out successfully achieve the woman of his dream.I also followed the conventions of a film review by adding a‘Verdict’ box concluding the film review in a few sentences. Ialso made it stand out more than the rest of the text to drawpeople to read the verdict box , if there not interested toread a few paragraphs they can read the concludedverdict The five star rating are also implemented in my filmreview following the conventions of film reviews like theEmpire Magazine who rate the film and attract thereaudience to view the actual film.
  10. 10. While I search for inspiration for designing a film poster I noticed I had tofollow the conventions of a film poster and that was to have a logo of theproduction company and the website. It could be place above or belowon the poster however every poster I view included it. They also includednetworking sites like Facebook which is why I implemented it into my ownfilm poster. People use the internet more these days as the world wide webservices improve, so included things such as the website for the film arevital and also creating groups on major networking sites will attract to amass audiences.
  11. 11. I believe that both my film review and film poster work well asboth have there similarities and associates with one another.Most important both poster and review link with my finalproduct, through the colour schemes and images that relate tothe concept of the film.