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Thesis statements work shop

  1. 1. An LAVC Writing Center Workshop Presentation
  2. 2. • It is one sentence.• It states the main idea or argument of youressay.• It is typically placed at the end of theintroduction paragraph.• It lets your reader know what to expect.• It is the basis for your entire essay.• It is the most important part of your essay.
  3. 3. YOUR THESIS STATEMENT ISCOMPRISED OF TWO PARTS:1. The topic/subject.2. Your opinion of the topic.Quick Activity: Pick a subject that you feel you cansupport or disprove and try to think of threethings you feel support your idea.For example: LAVC is a great college because of theirexperienced teachers, skilled tutoring offices,and welcoming academic environment.
  4. 4. • The Thesis is the central idea of attention withinan essay• It tells the reader what position you aresupporting about the subject in the essay.• The thesis must always be a complete sentencethat is: specific, succinct, and suggestive of theorganization to be followed in the essay.
  5. 5. • The THESIS STATEMENT doesn’t always comefirst in the writing process, but it is good todevelop it early so you can use it as a guide foryour paper.• I am writing about ____________ , and I amgoing to argue, show, or prove that_________, by stating that ___________ ,_____________ , and _____________.
  6. 6. » Just as E = mc²…• Subject + Opinion = Thesis
  7. 7. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENTGo?
  8. 8. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENTGo?Cont…
  9. 9. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENTGo?Cont…• The first sentence of your introductoryparagraph should contain an attention getter,which is a sentence that attracts your reader’sattention makes them want to read further.• The introduction paragraph of an essayprovides the reader with a general survey ofinformation of the subject being discussed.
  10. 10. • Once all necessary and relevantbackground knowledge is stated, it istypically then that a thesis statement canbe declared in the last sentence of theintroduction paragraph.
  11. 11. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENTGo?Cont…• After the Thesis Statement, an essay has bodyparagraphs. Each body paragraph should be atleast 3-4 sentences long and will include a topicsentence and concluding sentence to let thereader know what that paragraph will discuss.• These body paragraphs should discuss what youhave stated in your Thesis Statement usingevidence to back up your claims.
  12. 12. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENTGo?Cont…• After your body paragraphs, you will have aconclusion paragraph that is located at the veryend of your essay.• Your conclusion paragraph should restate theideas in your Thesis, but in a different way.Conclude your thoughts and let the reader knowwhy you have successfully proved your point.
  13. 13. Simple or Complex?• A beginning THESIS STATEMENT:A is B.• A better THESIS STATEMENT:A is B because of x, y, and z• A more complex THESIS STATEMENT:Although C is D, A is B because of x, y, and z.
  14. 14. Simple or Complex?Examples:• BASIC THESIS (just alright!): Community collegesare an important part of California’s educationalsystem.• MORE COMPLEX THESIS (much better!):Community colleges are an important part ofCalifornia’s educational system because they area more cost-effective way to attain a degree,classes are smaller, and they prepare students forthe demands of University life.
  15. 15. Simple or Complex?Examples:• VERY COMPLEX THESIS (perfect!!): Althoughmany students want to go straight from highschool to a four-year university, communitycolleges are an important part of California’seducational system because they are a morecost-effective way to attain a degree, classesare smaller than at most four-yearuniversities, and they prepare students for thedemands of University life.
  16. 16. • Although is a conjunction that means, “inspite of the fact; even though,” and is helpfulin connecting and comparing/contrastingdifferent, but related, ideas.• Because is also a conjunction that means, “forthe reason that; since,” and is useful foroffering insight and introducing supportingdetails for a claim.
  17. 17. • Thesis statements that are too broad and generalwill lead to an essay that lacks focus.• Certain words may be used to narrow the focusof an argument, as well as expand a thesisstatement to make it as specific as possible.– EXAMPLE: “While, “Although,” “Because”:– “While/Although the rise of industrialization led tothe expansion of global trade relations, the conditionsof working class people deteriorated because__________, _________, and _____________.
  18. 18. Workshop Activities:• CONNECT-THE-THESIS Worksheet• Create your own THESIS STATEMENTS!• Anyone can do it!
  19. 19. Sources••••