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  1. 1. 1 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Name:AhmedGabrallaEltahir Khalil Tel:( +249) 923578395 _ (+249)116221105 Personal Details Address: Sudan-Khartoum-Arkawit-Block66 Date ofbirth: 2 Feb 1987 Nationality: Sudanese Marital Status: Single BloodGroup: +B Language: Arabic – English Religion: Muslim Skills good conversationalEnglish language goodworking Knowledge ofcomputer Education
  2. 2. 2 UniversityofBahri- college ofnatural Resources andEnvironmentalStudies-department of GeologyandMining. I studiedup to four years in the formally of UniversityofJuba and complete the programme inthe University ofBahri and gained the gained the Bachelor ofScience (Honors) degree in Geology and Mining by the degree; class two division two Date ofGraduate:5Dec2012 AldangaAcademy For Computer Sciences AndLanguages (Diploma – Computer Applications) Related field trip Sabalokaring complex region, Bangadeed,Siltat, Jebelawlia Areas and Duredeb Area(Sudan). DissertationTitle Geological, Hydro-geophysicalinvestigationinDuredeb areaRedSeaHills Sudan Experience Completedatraining course in Ministry ofScience and Communication National Centre for ResearchRemote SensingandSeismology Authority During periodfrom: 28/10/2013_15/2/2014 Soil and asphaltic analysis (Lab geologist) inKhartoum for Road and Bridge Co trainingperiod Activities Member inSudanese AssociationofPetroleum andGeoscientists (SAPEG)
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