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  1. 1. C.V Personal Information Name: Ahmed Rabie Abd EL-Meged Emara. Date of Birth: 27 / 10 / 1987 Mailing Address: Meet khalaf – Sheben El-Kom –Menofia- Egypt. E-mail Address: Mobile Phone: 01094846088 / 002-0482170451. Passport #: A11294779 Marital Status: Married. Military Service: exempted. Driving License: Available. Education Record Faculty of Engineering Menofia University department of Electrical Power & Machine. Graduation Year: July 2009. Graduation Project: Design and Analysis of a single phase voltage source inverter (VSI) and its application on Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS). Degree of Graduation Project: Excellent Courses taken included: Digital Integrated Circuits Machine Design A-C Power Systems Utilization Installation Digital Protection Renewable Energy Power Electronics Training courses  Training in Cairo underground metro (Tora station).  Training in Khalda Petroleum Company (generating power by turbines in Salam base.)  Training in north Cairo generation power station.  Training in World Engineering Company in Low voltage Circuit Breakers. Employment Experience • From 2010 to present , assigned as Electrical Maintenance Engineer at EEA “Egyptian Electrical Authority" dealing with MV distribution substation for SCEDC "South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company"
  2. 2. • Job description :  Maintenance and testing of 11 KV switchgear including MV bus bars, MV breakers.  Maintenance and testing of 11 KV SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers.  Doing the power plant and power distribution projects for supplying the MV & LV power supply to various domestic locations and industrial factories. These projects comprise supply, installation, commissioning and energizing various electrical equipment such as switchgears, power transformers, power cables, ring main units, dealing with over head transmission lines feeders, fixing troubles, etc. The experience is covering the following: • Maintenance and testing of 11 KV switchgear including MV bus bars, MV breakers. • Maintenance and testing of 11 KV SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers. • Maintenance of power transformers. • Preparation of general specification and electrical equipment specifications • Electrical distribution, electrical power system calculations, studies and analysis. • Preparation of electrical key drawings (single line diagrams). • Design and issue electrical power and control design basis. • Review of job specifications in accordance with the contractual requirements. • Review of all drawings prior to release to ensure that they are complete and comply with project instructions, requirements, applicable codes and standards. • Attended meetings with project management, contractors and vendors in accordance with company procedures. • Other activities: • Management activities : • Assist in project schedule. • Prepare electrical progress report. • Co-ordination with other disciplines. • Overall quality assurance and quality control of all the electrical activities. • Construction supervision, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities: -Construction supervision of all electrical equipment installations such as main power modules, Power transformer, 1kV, 6.6kV 3.3kV and 0.4 kV switchgear and motor control centers, emergency generators. -Pre-commission, commissioning activities and start-up covering all the electrical systems, including high voltage cables and low voltage cables, functional testing of all electrical equipment.
  3. 3. Additional skills •Operating Systems: Windows (98-me-2000-XP) •Microsoft Office Package: MS Word : MS Excel Languages Arabic: Mother tongue English: Good (Written & spoken) French: Fair (Written & spoken) Any missing data upon request

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