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A.Elakkad Portfolio2017


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A.Elakkad Portfolio2017

  1. 1. Bara’a Company for scientific toys (March 2011 – November 2012) It was a startup company won in Egypt's Young Entrepreneurs Competition at AUC 2011. I developed the company’s idea which based on converting scientific theories in physics, chemical and math to physical models which can help students in middle and high school to imagine well the scientific theories and how it works in all applications around us by enjoyable way. I have worked as R&D and production team leader, and my role was leading the team to select the scientific ideas and developing the physical models which explain it. Here some of the product we develop it: 1-Hydrauilc digger version 1 2-Hydrauilc digger version 2 3-Electrical motor prototype
  2. 2. Some Shots in maker fair Africa at AUC October 2011 My Graduation Project June 2013 (Design & manufacturing of UAV quad-copter) My role in this project was how to select the right power system which give the right thrust and the right hovering time mathematically.
  3. 3. Nova Planta Projects Desktop set Palestine Puzzle & Costers:
  4. 4. Educational Puzzles: Owl Money Box: 3D Scales 3d Printed Projects USBs
  5. 5. Keychains Holders
  6. 6. Sun Glasses Islamic pattern sun glasses Bubbly sun glasses Old fashion motorcycle glasses
  7. 7. Vases
  8. 8. Custom for Customers:
  9. 9. Illuminated I phone holder for dentist (Dr.Ara Project) Thank You