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Coalition newsletter fall2010


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Coalition newsletter fall2010

  1. 1. 1211 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201 Phone: 410-539-0872 Fax: 410-727- 5967 Check Up F A L L 2 0 1 0 BOARD OF INSIDE THIS ISSUE:DIRECTORS PREMIERE SCREENING OF A NEW DOCUMENTARY FILM Pregnancy and 2President Audrey Bergin Homicide Northwest Hospital POWER AND CONTROL: Rape Investigations 2 Vice President by PoliceColleen Moore DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN AMERICA Mercy Medical Center DV and Mental 3 Secretary-Treasurer Health Michaele Cohen Health Care and Law Enforcement related supplemental Maryland Network Staff Training 3 Against Domestic Violence films and a Question and Answer Session with Film Director, Peter Cohn Power and Control: 4 Directors Domestic Violence in America Diana Cheng, MD Please register by October 8th! See page 4 for Maryland Dept. of Health event flyer and more information.& Mental Hygiene Lynn Fauerbach Johns Hopkins Bayview Beth Huber Health Care Response to Domestic Violence:Sinai Hospital of Baltimore A Toolkit for Hospitals, Facilities and ProvidersAmy Johnson Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence The 75-page Toolkit is now lease forms for photogra- finalized and trainers are phy, body maps, screeningErin Johnson Center for A available to introduce the questions, and community Healthy Maryland steps required to implement resources. the policies and proceduresGail Reid Turnaround, Inc. outlined in the toolkit. The Toolkit was piloted in August 2010 at Prince Joan Stine Maryland Dept. of Health Several practical models are George’s Hospital CenterThe Maryland Health Care and Mental Hygiene described—from in-house and will be evaluated in theCoalition Against Domestic fully staffed programs to coming months. The SexualViolence has spent several Coordinator partnerships with local pro- Assault Center at Princeyears developing a Toolkit to Betsy Lehmann grams. The hospital may George’s Hospital Center Baltimore County aid hospitals and other health adopt the model that best will be implementing a newMedical Association (retired) care facilities in creating pro- fits its own facility. hospital-based domestic vio-grams to better address do- lence program. Please con-mestic violence with their The Toolkit also contains tact the Coalition for morepatients. numerous aids such as re- information on training and consultation. W W W . H E A L T H Y M A R Y L A N D . O R G / D O M E S T I C - V I O L E N C E - C O A L I T I O N . P H P
  2. 2. P A G E 2 Intimate Partner Homicide and Pregnancy A recent article in the June younger than 25 years of nancy and the least 2010 issue of O bstetrics & age were at the highest risk prevalent during the last Gynecology reconfirmed that for homicide. Firearms three months of postpar- homicide was the leading were the most common tum. It is recommended cause of death among preg- method of death and ac- that screening for domes- nant and recently pregnant counted for 62% of deaths. tic violence should occur women in Maryland. A current or former inti- before pregnancy or early mate partner was the per- on during pregnancy. The authors, Diana Cheng, petrator in 63% of solved MD, and Isabelle Horon, Dr. homicides. P.H., of the Maryland Depart- Intimate-Partner Homicide Among Pregnant and Postpar-ment of Health and MentalResearch finds that intimate tum Women. Cheng, Diana. &“25-45 % of abused Hygiene, reported that un- partner homicides were Horon, Isabelle L. O bstetrics married women who were most prevalent during the and G ynecology. (June 2010).women were African American and first three months of preg- Vol. 115, Issue 6, p.1181-1186. abused while they were pregnant, Concern Over Police Handling of Rape Casesoften causing miscarriages and According to a series of re- it to detectives specializing work group in the process ports in the Baltimore Sun, in sex crimes. of establishing new proto-low birth-weight there is nationwide concern cols for the response of sex- babies. ” about police departments’ After the Sun’s original ual assault victims, based on failure to fully investigate re- story, Baltimore mayor best practices across theUS Dept. of Justice, ported rapes. An audit of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake county. Since the issue be- 1995 2,500 rape cases which began ordered a review of police gan to be addressed, rapes in Philadelphia in 1999 found department policies and investigated by police in Bal- that 2,300 of these cases began a review of rape data. timore are up 20 percent were mishandled. A coalition In cooperation with Turn- this year. of local women’s groups Around, Inc., a Towson- were permitted to review the based agency for victims of National concern about re- cases labeled “unfounded,” a domestic violence and sex- ports of systemic underre- process that continues a dec- ual assault, a hotline was porting of rape crimes led to ade later. established for victims to US Senate Crime and Drugs call to report complaints in subcommittee to schedule a In June, the Sun analyzed four the handling of rape investi- September hearing to exam- years of crime statistics and gations. The investigation ine police handling of rape reported that Baltimore led into the handling of prior cases. Witnesses testifying the nation in the percent of rape cases, however, is before the committee called rape cases which police found hampered by a lack of data for more consistent defini- to be baseless or false; thirty resulting from the failure to tions of sexual assault to percent of reported rapes file reports. However, allow the FBI to better col- were determined to be un- there is an audit team to lect data for its annual Uni- founded. Forty percent of review any complaints. In form Crime Report. calls to 911 reporting rape some cases, detectives and were dismissed at the scene, advocates are working to- Full story featured in the never generated a report, gether to re-interview vic- Baltimore Sun on July 27, 2010. and consequently never made tims. Currently, there is a C H E C K U P
  3. 3. P A G E 3 Decline in Mental Health for Abused Women mothers who results showed that all the in abusive relationships, but lived with the women showed higher levels rather supports the belief that father of their of depression at the end of these women still need a lot child at the end three years, even if they had of support and services even of the first year left a violent relationship. after the abuse ends. The of the three- women are not okay just be- year study. However, the women who cause the abuse has ended. stayed in or left controlling This study demonstrates theData was com- or violent relationships had complexity of domestic vio-piled on the much higher levels of de- lence and the issues that areA new study supported by a mothers, and they were pression and anxiety than faced by women in such rela-grant from the National In- separated into three those women who either tionships. The study did notstitute of Child Health and groups—those who experi- stayed in or left a non- examine women past twoHuman Development found enced no abuse; those who violent relationship. years, and researchers arethat the mental health of were in controlling relation- unsure of long-term outcomesmothers may actually ships in which the fathers The study also showed that for mental health.worsen in the two years af- were extremely critical, in- the women who had the ter leaving a violent or con- sulting and controlled their support of friends and family trolling relationship. actions, and those who ex- did not exhibit as high lev- Ohio State University. (2010, August perienced physical violence. els of depression and anxi- 26). Mothers abused by partners see Researchers used data from ety as those with lower lev- decline in mental health even after the Fragile Families and Child All the women were tested els of support. relationship ends. Science Daily. Well-being study, a project for levels of depression and Retrieved from Princeton and Columbia anxiety, and levels of social The study in no way suggests releases/2010/08/100824110858.htm. universities of about 2400 and religious support. The that women should remain Staff Trainings Available The Maryland lence Against Women Act related indicators of abuse, If you would like to arrange Health Care (VAWA) has allowed us to screening and documenta- a domestic violence training Coalition Against conduct these on-site train- tion, confidentiality and re- for your health care facility, Domestic Vio- ings at hospitals and other porting in Maryland, and re- please contact Amy Johnson lence and the Maryland health care facilities across sources and referral infor- at the Maryland Network Network Against Domestic the state. The Coalition and mation. The trainings can be Against Domestic Violence, Violence are again partner- MNADV have trained at customized based on the 301-352-4574 or Betsy Leh- ing to offer trainings on over 14 hospitals and health needs of a particular hospital mann, Coalition Coordina- domestic violence to health care facilities in 2010. The or facility. tor, 410-592-8693. care professionals. Federal training topics include medi- funding through the Vio- cal, treatment, and injury Coalition Receives Grants Funding for this newsletter and other initiatives of the Maryland Health Care Coalition Against Domestic Violence have been made possible through grants from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Recovery Act (VARA). New brochures and reprinted materials have been funded by a grant from the Herbert Bearman Founda- tion. F A L L 2010
  4. 4. In Recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month The Sexual Assault Center of Prince George’s Hospital Center and The Maryland Health Care Coalition Against Domestic Violence PRESENTS A PREMIERE SCREENING OF Domestic Violence and Health Care: Best Practices in Action & Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement: It Started in Duluth Peter Cohn, Question and Answer Session Director and Producer with Peter Cohn and other domestic violence experts Followed by full length documentary film,FEATURED IN FILM Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Dr. Jackie Campbell, LOCATION Johns Hopkins Hospital Prince George’s Hospital Center Deitz Auditorium (located on 1st floor) 3001 Hospital Drive, Cheverly, MD 20785 Free parking available (please follow signs for designated free parking) Colleen Moore, Event is free and lunch is provided! Mercy Medical Center Please register by October 8th Karalyn Mulligan, 301-618-3154 or Betsy Lehmann, 410-539-0872 or Kim Mosher, Survivor premiered in film