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Smart bin


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presentation of the final project for internet of things course at La Sapienza 2019

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Smart bin

  1. 1. Smart Bin INTERNET OF THINGS Ahmed Osman Fabio Di Spazio Damir Mukametkarim
  2. 2. PROPOSAL OUTLINE KEY DISCUSSION POINTS Our Idea Persona User Evaluation Overview How it works Implementation Hardware Components Flow-chart Code Snippet Demo
  3. 3. THE IDEA It's sometimes difficult to know where to put the different types of aste (metal, plastic, paper ,etc....). Our idea is to build an smart recycling bin to address the before-mentioned problem. We will start only with sorting metal and in future we will expand it.
  4. 4. PERSONA 30 years old In relationship Rome MA Architecturer Angela Goals Reduce waste and recycle as much as possible Make the world a better place by doing her part
  5. 5. Frustrations Struggles with how to recycle some materials Her partner is not into recycling Balancing her work and relax time Bio Angela is a conscious woman who lives with her boyfriend in the center of Rome. They live in a small apartment. She is an architecture and she use the bicycle every morning to go to her office . She cares about the environment, so she always reuses things before throwing them away. She feels mad and helpless when she sees people don’t care about recycling in public spaces, mixing rubbish and damaging the surrounding environment. protecting the nature is an important to her and she expects the same attitude from people.
  6. 6. USER EVALUATION After testing the prototype with two users, their input were to add a feature. the feature was to alert the cleaning staff in public places like Malls, universities and parks, that the bin is full.
  7. 7. HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW STEP 1 The User puts the item in the bin STEP 2 The system checks the Item, if it is metal or not STEP 3 The user collect the credit using his smartphone How it works
  8. 8. How it was made Implementation
  10. 10. FLOW-CHART
  11. 11. CODE SNIPPET Ultrasonic Distance Detection
  12. 12. CODE SNIPPET Writing Tag
  13. 13. CODE SNIPPET Writing Tag & NFC
  14. 14. CODE SNIPPET Android App
  15. 15. Techincal diffculties To start the board we have to physically press the reset button The sensor has a very small detection distance range 4 to 7 mm The NFC Board„Heschen inductive sensor
  16. 16. DEMO
  17. 17. THANK YOU