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Ahassanein 1-10-2011 pdf


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Ahassanein 1-10-2011 pdf

  1. 1. Name : Ahmed Hassanein Awad HassaneinPhone:+966594312265Email : ahmed_dbase_fci@hotmail.comProfileI have about 7 years of experience in Configuration, Implementation, Maintenance, andsupport of production databases in 24X7 data centre operations. Mission critical databasesadministration and support. Experience in database Backup and Recovery, PerformanceTuning, Real Application Clusters (RAC) in Linux/UNIX environments. Seeking aprofessional and challenging opportunity where my database administration passion andtechnical skills can be used to contribute company’s objective.EducationBS c. Computer sciences, Major of information systems and technologyZagazig University, Faculty of Computers and information.Graduation year: 2003. Grade: Very good.Certifications  Oracle Certified Professional DBA 9i  Oracle Certified Professional DBA 10g  Sun certified Unix Admin ( SCSA - Solaris 10)  Oracle Certified Professional Developer 9i  Oracle Certified 10G RAC expertTechnical Training  SQL server 2005 tuning workshop – Microsoft KSA  SQL server 2008 administration workshop – Microsoft KSA  SQL server 2008 clustering and failover workshop – Microsoft KSA  Oracle developer 6i - - Egypt  Oracle DBA 10g – oracle university – (EMAK academy – Egypt)  Oracle RAC 10G R2 course – oracle university (egabi – Egypt)  Sun Solaris10 administration 1&2(private course)Technical skillsProgramming: Developer 6i to 10g, Java, , C++ , Visual basic , Oracle PL-SQL.Operating Systems: Solaris UNIX 10, Windows (2000 to 2008) and (Redhat 4 , 5 , Suse)Databases: Oracle10g RAC, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g ,MS SQL Server 2005, 2008. -1-
  2. 2. Work experience:  04/2006 to present : - Currently as Senior Oracle DBA at (TVTC : Technical & Vocational Training Corporation- IT Directorate – KSA) - TVTC is a governmental corporation responsible for technical education & vocational training across KSA. - TVTC -IT Directorate has a stuff of more than 50 programmers, analysts and project managers that implemented major IT initiatives in TVTC like their e-services portal and various e-learning programs that won a lot of national awards and IT certifications (Saudi e-government achievement award, ISO-270001 IT security) as well as outsourcing its IT ERP systems to many Governmental facilities such as Saudi ministry of labor Responsibilities:  Supporting more than 45 technical & vocational collages with oracle 9i databases geographically distributed over all KSA.  Supporting TVTC headquarter oracle 10g databases in TVTC datacenter including databases on sun SPARC , sun x64 bit , oracle Linux 5 , windows 2003 as well as handling oracle designer 10g and Oracle10gAS Administration (Production/development /testing environments both internet and intranet).  Database backup & disaster recovery Using RMAN, logical backups, EMC Networker solutions backup integration using Virtual TL, physical TL.  Administration of Sun Solaris SPARC servers including Solaris installation, patching, maintenance. Installing and configuring SAN disks over Solaris and EMC clarion disk arrays.  Administration of VERITAS HA Cluster solution for oracle and VERITAS volume management over Sun Solaris SPARC servers.  Administration, maintenance and patching of Oracle RAC 10g and Oracle Data Guard 10g over Linux.  SQL server Administration on an active – active windows cluster (2005 SQL server on 2003 cluster – upgraded to 2008 SQL server on win 2008 cluster)  Interfacing with a stuff of more than 50 programmers, analysts and project managers to support different development teams in different projects. Projects : 1- Oracle management server grid control 10g (  Description: Consolidating oracle environment s monitoring and management using oracle grid control -2-
  3. 3.  Contribution : Installation, management and support for the grid control server on Oracle Linux version 5. Installation, management and support for oracle grid control agents on various database servers (production – test – development). Support for OMS repository and troubleshooting communication problems between the OMS server and various agents and plugins.2- Oracle audit server 10g – ISO 270001 for " information security" Description: securing oracle production environment and Consolidating oracle audit management using oracle audit server 10g. Contribution : Designing the security requirements, Hardening and securing production databases according to ISO 270001 standards which we are maintaining. Installation, management and support for the oracle audit server 10g on Oracle Linux version 5 and planning for audit data retention and backup. Installation, management and maintenance for oracle audit agents on various database production servers. Responding to deferent security threats by issuing security audit reports to management and conduct a regular security checks for users , roles , system privileges and audit settings to address new security issues Managing change in the production databases and assessing the security impacts to any new developed codes for publish on our database servers.3- Automation of financial statements of TVTC across KSA Description: Consolidating the management of financial statements in TVTC headquarter so that each college will send its financial statement s automatically to TVTC to be managed , reviewed and sent to the bank with the minimal human touch though the build of an integrated , secured electronic transportation mechanism which is effective across whole KSA . contribution : Development of Ftp package to automate sending and receiving files over ftp servers using database stored packages (WIN – UNIX). Using java classes , java stored procedures over database to run host commands from PL-SQL independently regardless of the server type (UNIX – WINDOWS) and to send mails with large attachments using JAVA mail standard library. Developing PL-code to validate logins between oracle application server and Microsoft active directory http & https using active directory certificate. -3-
  4. 4. Using PL-SQL code to communicate with SMS server to send SMS messages to students through HTTP protocol.  10/2005 to 04 /2006: Fulltime as Oracle Developer – DBA Omega soft projects : Software House Contributions: Analysis and development of oracle developer 6i system for (the in-out system , student affairs module) of TIBA University in Al-Madinah – KSA. Assisting our senior DBA in implementing the solution testing and Handling bottle nicks and suggesting changes in the schema design of the modules to tune it.  12/2004 to 10/2005 : Fulltime as Oracle Developer – DBA MSA University - IT department Contributions: Oracle Database administrator for MSA database management system including database management , advanced replication, backup and recovery, designing and tuning oracle database over windows 2000 environment Application of multi master replication for dokki and October campuses. Linking oracle and SQL server2000 through oracle generic connectivity and transparent gateways to publish results of students. Development in university student admission system using developer 6i Teacher assistant for system analysis and advanced database courses and database concepts & instructing oracle developer, supervising oracle-native graduation projectsPersonal Data: Date of Birth: 09/01/1983. Marital Status: single. Military Status: Completed. Address: Egypt - Suez Governorate, al arbaeen district, Tabea Street. I can relocate if necessary. Current Location: KSA - Riyadh Languages Arabic: Mother Tongue. English: Very Good. French: Fair. -4-