Migrating to Cloud – A Journey of Excellence


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Presentation for Pakistan CIO Summit: Migrating to Cloud – A Journey of Excellence

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Migrating to Cloud – A Journey of Excellence

  1. 1. Ahmed AamerBusiness and Technology Evangelistlinkedin.com/in/ahmedaamer @SkyComputingMigrating to Cloud – A Journey of ExcellenceInfo@SkyComputing.infofacebook.com/SkyComputing.infoAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputingA CIO’s Perspective on the Emerging Technologies
  2. 2. o Explore & Analyze Information Controlled Worldo IT & Business Excellence & Perspectiveso Nexus of Forces - 3rd Platform (IDC Prediction 2013)o Transformation of Roles- Role of Playerso Cloud Maturity Modelo Adopt Nin-Jaw© Frameworko Cloud Service Challengeso Cloud Service Challenges – CSLA and CSBMigrating to Cloud – A Journey of ExcellenceA CIO’s Perspective on the Emerging TechnologiesAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  3. 3. Big Theme Information Controlled WorldKnowledgeWorldIntelligentStructuredDataOutputTransformValueInformationRealWorldUniversalDataObjectsInputCompute&ControlActionableDataControlledTools & TechDigitalWorldProcessAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  4. 4. IT & Business Excellenceo IT Perspective :o Value Center, Hardworking, Intelligent Groupo Diligently solving problemo ITaaS (Brokerage Service, Internal & External)o Enable Agility, Provide Tools, Knowledge Partnero Provides Transparent IT Ecosystemo Web API’s / Services: Platform, Framework, Protocols & Languages,Rest, Ruby, Semantic Web, etc.o Data Centers: Building, Floor, Room, Cabinets  Powerful & Efficiento Business Partner, Enabler, Transformer, Custodian & FacilitatorBusiness Perspective :o Cost Centero Disagree what IT thinkso IT as a road blockero Difficult, Slow and PainfulAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  5. 5. Nexus of Forces - 3rd Platform (IDC Prediction 2013)Information (Big Data)SocialMobileCloudBuzzword Resonanceo Every Budget is an IT Budgeto “Global Technology $4 trillion mark in 2016”o Technology is embedded in every producto 4.4M Jobs will be Created within 4 yearso Usage based Billing “Pay as you Go”o HPC, Grid Computing,, Pay as you Goo Time to market, Business Agilityo Notion of IT Ecosystemo On Demand Self Serviceo Broad Network Accesso Resource Poolingo Rapid Elasticityo Measured Service & Metered BillingAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  6. 6. Transformation Of RolesCIO (Chief Information/Innovations/Integration/Interface Officer)CMO (Chief Mobility Officer)CDO (Chief Digital Officer)CCO (Chief Cost Cutting Officer)CSO (Chief Security Officer)Operating Experience, Management Skills, Strategic Mindset andVision to Lead Business in an increasingly Technological future.By 2015, 25 percent of companies will have a Chief Digital Officer.The Role: Digitize the business.Identify Internal & External Business InfluencersAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  7. 7. Cloud Characteristics and ModelsCloud Characteristics:• On demand Self-Services• Broad Network Access• Resource Pooling• Rapid Elasticity & Expandability• Measured & Metered Service• Multi Tenancy• Service Adaptability• Device Independent Accessibility• Dynamic Scalability• Financial Efficiency & Cost Saving• Holistic Security Management• Service Sustainability• Dynamic Computing Infrastructure• Consumption-based billingService Models:SaaSPaaSIaaSDeployment Models:PrivatePublicHybridCommunityBenefits:Cost & Energy savingsRapid deploymentCustomer EmpowermentAgilityPay as you GoCustomer Centric, Business Centric and Value CentricAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  8. 8. MigrationMaturityCloud – Maturity Model – Migration ProcessAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  9. 9. Governance &Compliance• Governance & Compliance of theCloud journey.Business ProcessMapping &Optimization• Mapping the Business Process &Expectation.Risk Realm • Constraints related to Time, Cost andExcellence.Security & Control • Security, Privacy & Control.Performance,Scalability &Elasticity• Performance Optimization, elasticityneed to be integrated with the up-scaling & downsizing..Automation • Automation & Integration.Capacity Planning • Sustainability & Growth.Assessment &Simplification• IT Infrastructure Assessment and itsSimplification.Define Goals • Define Goals & Orchestrate a typicalCloud ready Architecture in alignmentwith Organizational Strategy.Governance&Compliance9Process Mapping& Optimization8Define Goals1InfrastructureAssessment2CapacityPlanning3Automation &Integration4Performance,Scalability &Elasticity5Security &Control6Time & CostConstraints7CloudWheel12345678An approach driven from thebest of breed Methodologies,Frameworks and Industrial bestpractices.Adopt a Framework9Components DescriptionAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing“Nin-Jaw©” - An Open Framework for Cloud
  10. 10. Cloud Service ChallengesSecurity & PrivacyPatterns & Anti PatternsPerception & CharacteristicsChallenges & OpportunitiesExit Strategy & RegulationsIntegration & Democratization of ITAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  11. 11. Cloud Service Challenges: CSLA and CSBCloud Service Level Agreement (CSLA) Response, Report and React General Availability & Downtime Customer lock-in Measurement Characteristics & Attributes Incident Notification & Rectification Penalty Clause & Conditions Bill of Rights  Service Catalogue – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Quality Guarantee & Remuneration Ownership of Data Financial & Risk Management TransparencyCloud Services Brokerage (CSB)Focus on Integration & Customer ExperiencesMaintain Consumption of Cloud services from Different CSP’sAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing
  12. 12. Thank YouAhmed AamerBusiness and Technology Evangelistlinkedin.com/in/ahmedaamer @SkyComputing Info@SkyComputing.infofacebook.com/SkyComputing.infoAll Copyright © Reserved 2013 | SkyComputing