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E Voting


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I present Pret A Voter (E-Voting) System

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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E Voting

  1. 1. E-Voting MISPresented By: Ahmed Taha S
  2. 2. Lets E-Vote
  3. 3. Pret A VoterS Incepted in 2004S Advantage of E-Voting S More Accurate S Faster tallying S Cost Saving S Encourage voter participation
  4. 4. Pret A VoterS Roles in Electronic voting system S Voters S Election authority S Auditors S Help Organizations
  5. 5. System AdvantageS Integrity (Cast , Record, Count)S Privacy (Voter and Vote) S Coercion resistanceS Verifiable (individual , public)S Robustness
  6. 6. System AssumptionS Electoral Roll S Eligible Voters are allowed to vote S Prevent voters from casting multiple votesS Chain of custodyS Privacy of voting Booth
  7. 7. System ThreadsS Authority Knowledge AttackS Discard receipt attackS Chain voting attack (ballot Custody)