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patient right

  1. 1. Patient and Family RightManaging Patient &Family Rights andResponsibilities
  2. 2. O b j e c t i v e1- to fulfill the ethical commitment ofHMG to the rights andresponsibilities of its community andpatients/ families.2- to achieve both total customersatisfaction and compliance with thehighest international standards ofhealth care
  3. 3. H o w t o a c h i e v eo u r t a r g e t all staff must follow the HMG Policy. each and every staff shall be aware ofpatients Bill of Rights and responsibilities. working cooperatively . believe in our capabilities. Pateint care is the optimum goal
  4. 4. P a t i e n t s &F a m i l y B i l l o fR i g h t sThis Bill of Rights includes but is not limited to Privacy for all examinations, procedures, andtreatment. Identification and respect of Patient value and beliefs. Confidentiality of Patient information. Patient’s Right to access of care
  5. 5. G e n e r a l M a n a g e r &M e d i c a l D i r e c t o rR o l e Allocate all resources required to implement HMGPolicy throughout the hospital. Address the approved Patient & Family Bill of Right& Responsibilities to all the coordinators of thedepartments / Units
  6. 6. O P DR e c e p t i o n i s t /A d m i s s i o n O f f i c eR o l e All shall hand a copy of HMG (Bill of Patient &Family Right & Responsibilities) to each and everypatient on registration or admission respectively . Concern Healthcare Worker shall ensure thatpatients are informed about their rights andresponsibilities in a manner they can understand .
  7. 7. Quality Improvement Role• Shall send a copy of the Billof Patient Rights &Responsibilities to all thestaff on their internal E-MailHR Role• Shall include the Bill ofPatient Rights &Responsibilities in thegeneral orientation programfor all newly assignedemployee
  8. 8. Patient Service Role• Shall ensure that the Bill ofPatient Rights &Responsibilities areavailable to patients andfamilies at all times.Education Department Role• Shall provide all stafftraining and education onthe Bill of Patient Rights &Responsibilities
  9. 9. A l l H M G S t a f fR o l e• Shall read and understand their responsibilities inprotecting patients and family rights.• Shall be able to explain their responsibilities.• Shall implement general principles of patients rightswhich include and not limited to : Respect All patients. Respecting patient’s Cultural, Psychosocial,Spiritual, Religion, Race, Sex, Nationality andpersonal Values and Believes .
  10. 10. A l l H M G S t a f fR o l e Respecting the Privacy of the patient, and notexpose any unnecessarily parts of body duringprocedures or treatment. Providing correct information about the treateddoctors regarding the identity and professional status. Respecting Patient’s Right for pain assessment andmanagement. Keep Patient information confidential from public. Respect the Patient Complain, do not neglect thepatient demand.
  11. 11. A l l H M G S t a f fR o l e Allow patient to submit verbal or written complainwith no effect of the quality of the provided care. Allow patient refuse to talk to any individual thathas no relation with the care provided. protect the patient from any verbal abuse byPhysicians, Nurses, or any other staff. Provide the patient with complete medical reportwith accurate check up results.
  12. 12. HMG Policy(HMG/RYN/PFR/002)