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Managing Patient & Family Rights and Responsibilities


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Managing Patient & Family Rights and Responsibilities

  1. 1. Patient & FamilyRightMaintaining Patient’s Rights to receiverelevant information and participate incare process
  2. 2. Objective To fulfill the ethical commitment of HMG to patientsand community. To respect patients rights to participate in their careprocess.
  3. 3. DefinitionAre those authorized by the conscious, mentally sound adultpatient to receive information about his/her health status and toparticipate in his/her care decision.In case patient is unconscious, infant, or mentally retarded, ornot adultfather, mother, adult son and daughters, adult brother andsister.Husband, wife.Grandfather.Sponsor, Guardian, court
  4. 4. Once the provisional diagnosis is reached/ confirmed orbefore admissionThe conscious patient or significant others have the rightto know nature of illness and initial diagnosis and patient’scondition. proposed care or treatment plan. the identity of the physicians who will be involved in thetreatment care plan potential benefits. expected complication with possibility of surgery ifneeded. Possible alternatives and expected percentage ofsuccess. expected the length of admission, cost of treatment.
  5. 5. The Treating Doctor Responsibility all mentioned above. treated doctor shall ensure that all of the aboveinformed and understood by the patients or the next kin . Patient Relations Department must informed toreassure that all of the above are understood correctly incase there was lack of communication . documentation in patient teaching record .In case patient refuse the treatment, treated doctor mustinform the patient / significant others, about theconsequences and the responsibilities of the decisiontaken. discharge medical advice must be signed by all andkept in the patient file (DAMA).
  6. 6.  in case Patient or the Guardian iswelling to seek for second opinionfrom inside or outside the hospitalThe concern staff shouldrespond appropriately to requests of asecond consultation for opinion ifnecessary
  7. 7. All Clinical Staff Responsibility Allow patient and their families to fully participate indecisions about their care, treatment , and services. Patients shall be informed about their diagnosis,options for care, treatment and services in simple words(Layman’s Term), and how they can participate . supporting and urging the patients to discus thetreatment plan with the physician who will answer allquestions in understood way. respecting the preferences and choices of the patients. all involving staff should work as union to achieve theoptimum target of the treatment care plan. respect the patient believes and protect the patientprivacy all the time
  8. 8. The patient shallidentify his/herdesignee anddecision maker uponadmission .
  9. 9. Patients Services ResponsibilityPatients shall be informed of their responsibilities by a“Patient Information Handbook” which include and notlimited to : Patients Rights and Responsibilities. Visiting Hours. No Smoking Policy. Use of electrical appliances. Home Medication. Safety of Belongings.
  10. 10. The hospital leaders shallprovide the emergency medicalcare in the emergencydepartment for all lifethreatening cases based onSaudi MOH Policy regardless oftheir ability to pay in the privatehospitals
  11. 11. Summary – HMG Policy(HMG/RYN/PFR/003) It is the policy of Dr. Sulaiman Al-HabibHospital that all Physicians and nursesshould involve the patient, the patientsdesignee or the patients family asappropriate, to assist the patient in makinginformed decisions about treatment offered,by giving them accurate and honestinformation .as long as to promote the patient’s right to participate in
  12. 12. Thank YouPresented ByAhmad Thanin