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Emerg codes 1

  1. 1. EmergencyEmergency CodesCodes Nursing Educat ion Depart ment
  2. 2. Objectives
  3. 3. • Hospital Emergency Codes are used in hospitals worldwide to alert  staff to various emergencies.  • The use of codes is intended to convey essential information quickly  and with minimal misunderstanding to staff, while preventing stress  and panic among visitors to the hospital.  • These codes may be posted on placards throughout the hospital, or  printed on employee identification badges for ready reference.
  4. 4. Emergency Codes CardEmergency Codes Card Code Blue Cardiac arrest Code Yellow External Disaster Code Pink Child Abduction / Kidnapping Code Purple Physical Assault Code Black Bomb Threat, Internal Disaster  Code Red Fire  Code Orange Evacuation
  5. 5. How To Activate the Emergency Codes?How To Activate the Emergency Codes?  Define and clarify the emergency situation.  Confirm the code color.  Call 111.   Inform and determine the emergency code.  Specify the location of the emergency, e.g. 4th  Floor; Department and  room 305   Give your name and your ID.  Repeat to confirm a clear message 
  6. 6. ExampleExample:: A cardiac arrest happened in MMSW … Nurse X, will activate as following: 1- confirm the emergency code. 2- call 111. 3- nurse X, will say: Code Blue, 4th  Floor MMSW, Room 504. 4- My Name: Nurse X, my ID : 123456
  7. 7. CODE BLUE  Code Blue is generally used to indicate a patient requiring resuscitation, most often as the result of a Respiratory Arrest or Cardiac Arrest.  Start following the basic life support guidelines until the code blue team arrive.  Code blue team must arrive within 5 minutes.
  8. 8. CODE BLUE Code Blue Team: ICU Specialist or Consultant as Team Leader. Anesthesiologist. Respiratory Therapist. ICU Head Nurse or Charge Nurse, or Team Leader. ER Head Nurse or Charge Nurse or Team Leader. Nursing Supervisor. Security
  9. 9. CODE YELLOW Code Yellow will be used in case of external disaster like earthquake, bomb exploration or multiple road traffic accident
  10. 10. CODE YELLOW - EOP When and how to Activate? After receiving 10 cases from external disaster, code yellow will be activated. Head of ER will inform the manager on duty who will inform the high management, then approval for activation will confirmed. Every body will follow the emergency operational plan.
  11. 11. CODE YELLOW The objective of the Emergency Operational Plan is to effectively prepare for, manage a disaster or emergency and restore the facility to the same operational capabilities as pre-disaster levels.
  12. 12. CODE PURPLE Code Purple for all physical Assault in the hospital either with patients or visitors or HMG Staff. Purpose:Purpose: To establish a process to protect patients from assault in the hospital. To establish a process to protect Hospital staff from assault. To establish standardized guidelines and procedures in the event of an assault occurred within the hospital premisis.
  13. 13. CODE BLACK Anyone with a quarter to make a telephone call can disrupt the operations of a business. The use of explosives or the threat to use explosives is becoming more prevalent. Bomb threats may be received by mail, message or in person, they are usually made by telephone. If a bomb threat is received, two options •exist: to evacuate the building immediately and/or to search the premises. No threat should be ignoredNo threat should be ignored
  14. 14. CODE PINK Code Pink for an infant or child abduction in the hospital. STORK S: Search the unit for infant/child and Secure the scene. T: Telephone notification by calling the emergency number 111, and give the important information. O: Obtain pertinent information and protect the potential crime scene until Safety & Security Manager Arrives R: Report and Reassign the mother/family to a different room for security purposes. K: Keep all staff and visitors on the unit until Police arrives. Police authorities will release staff and visitors at their discretion.
  15. 15. CODE RED Code Red: it is alarm for Fire inside the hospital. Purpose of fire safety plan to protect patients, visitors, contractors and employees. to minimize property damage.
  16. 16. CODE RED RACE
  17. 17. CODE RED PASS
  18. 18. CODE RED Fire Prevention and protection: Training all of the hospital’s staff. preparing and distributing the plan in the hospital. applying fire drill in each department. applying hospital wide fire drill.
  19. 19. CODE ORANGE Code Orange is for purpose of evacuation from the hospital Hospital Evacuation Steps. Code Orange – Standby. Code Orange – in effect. Code Orange – clear
  20. 20. CODE ORANGE Hospital Evacuation types Horizontal Evacuation. Vertical Evacuation. All staff and visitors and patient will go to assembly point by using the fire exit and stairs … Don’t use elevators for evacuation
  21. 21. CODE ORANGE
  22. 22. CODE ORANGE
  23. 23. Assembly Point
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