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Blood transfusion


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Blood transfusion

  1. 1. Blood TransfusionAhmad Thanin
  2. 2. Objectives
  3. 3. DefinitionBlood Transfusion: is the process oftransferring blood or blood products into thecirculatory system.Blood Transfusion is a treatment arranged bydoctor which involves giving blood or anyblood products to the vein.
  4. 4. Where does Blood come from• In Saudi Arabia, Blood is obtained only fromunpaid and voluntary donors, mainly fromGovernmental Hospitals• Blood is collected with sterile equipment thatis used only once.
  5. 5. Blood ProductsRed CellPlateletGranulocyteFresh Frozen plasmaCryoprecipitateCryopoor plasmaStored plasmaAlbuminImmunoglobulinCoagulation FactorsPlasma DerivativesPlasma ComponentsCellular ComponentsBlood
  6. 6. Blood GroupsRhNegativeABABO RhPositiveABABO
  7. 7. What tests are done on blood beforeTransfusion?HepatitisBHepatitisCHIV/AIDS Syphlis
  8. 8. Cross MatchForm Prepared within 1-2 daysbefore surgery. Complete all the blanks. Time of extracting theblood is very important. Who extract the bloodmust written. Status of the cross matchas hold, urgent or standby. Name of the physician andsignature or stamp. Date of the surgery iffound. Telephone ExtensionNumber.
  9. 9. Blood DonationForm In elective cases, theSurgeon has to fill theform and give it to thefamily for Blood donationin any MOH Blood Bank,Surgery will not happenbefore that. In urgent cases, BloodBank Will give the bloodto OR and anydepartment, but thefamily of the patient theyhave to donate as almostas the patient will takecontinuously blood
  10. 10. Computability Tag
  11. 11. Blood Transfusion Equipment• Blood Unit.• Blood Unit Administer Set.• Normal Saline 0.9 %.• Multi Lead Tubing• Three Way Stopcock.• Clean disposable gloves or sterile.• Pressure Bag.• Blood Warmer if needed.• Vital Signs Materials.• Gauze, Syringes
  12. 12. Preparation verify the physician order for type and cross match inorder sheet or the system. Each transfusion event, each order shall includecomplete name of the product, Volume (Number ofunit), administration time, pre medication orders ifindicated, or any special process. Assess the patient to set in a suitable position and fixthe extended arm for transfusion. Assess the patient to stay in bed rest while bloodadministered. Patient Education about the steps of the procedures. Vital Signs before initiating the transfusion.
  13. 13. Preparation Observe the patient level of consciousness, LastUrination, skin turgor and appearance.Review the last recent Lab Result of CBC (HgB &HCT).If the patient already has an IV running check thetype of the solution that infusing, because onlyNaCL 0.9% is compatible with blood products.Assess patient history of allergy or any previousreaction for blood.Consent Form must signed before transfusion.
  14. 14. Procedure Steps• E:Blood TransfusionBlood Transfusion.mp4
  15. 15. HMG/QAS/GEN 037 Policy• A physician Order is required to administer blood or bloodproducts.• Clinician must obtain and document consent forblood/blood products prior administration.• Inspect the blood prior administer for any changing incolor, cloudiness, clots, and excess air.• Check the expiration date of blood unit.• 2 staff nurses or 1 nurse with 1 doctor will apply theprocedure.• Patient should monitored for any adverse affect whichshould managed properly.• Utilizing the universal precautions.