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  1. 1. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ANDL Geofísica is a Brazilian-based seismic company with experience in 2D and 3D Land Seismic Acquisition using both Dynamite and Vibroseis as energy source. ANDL started its activities in 2011 with the necessity to form a good staff of technical personnel and professionals. Mr. Ahmed A. Meguid is one of the best quoted acquisition geophysicist in Brazil, for that reason we invited him to integrate our permanent staff but he preferred, for personal reasons, to act as a consultant eventually for tender/bid price making processes. Mr. Meguid has helped ANDL Geofísica to win the service concession for two large projects: 1) 5000 km of 2D seismic acquisition at Paraná Basin using Vibroseis.. 2) 2100 km of 2D seismic acquisition at Parecis Basin using explosive source. We strongly recommend Mr. Meguid to act in tender making due to his vast experience in Geophysical operations. It is remarkable that I particularly made part of a team with Mr. Meguid during 4 years starting in 2007 and can testify his technical capacity and ability to circumvent the operational difficulties. Regards, _________________________ Technical Director Izaias Martins Junior