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Miracles of Islam - DNA genetic engineering translates some of the Qur'an scripts that are associated to DNA replication and creation of the embryo in the womb, it is considered a highly advanced science in terms of recognizing the existence and the role of the DNA 1400 years ago

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  1. 1. MIRACLES OF ISLAMTHE HUMAN DNA GENETIC ENGINEERING Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  2. 2. DNAThe DNA in Humans represents the Gnome of which the human genetic code is based on. As astarting point The DNA is initiated by the union of 46 chromosomes (23 from the male sideand 23 from the female side), forming the Double Helix or the so called twisted ladder thatwill replicate into a 3 Billion strand of base pairing in the form of triplets.Once the 46 chromosomes unites, the union will be recognized in embryology as ZYGOTEwhich is actually made of two type of chromosomes known as The autosome individualChromosomes (#1-#22) and the Sex Chromosome (#23) that will continue to replicate forminga twisted ladder of genetic codeIn general, a summary to issues representing the human’s genetic engineering code could becategorized as three in number 1. 46 Chromosomes 2. DNA 3. Triplets of base pairingPut the 3 points (1-3) together and you will end up having a twisted ladder which will begin toreplicated in order to form the human GenomeBefore we continue forward in discussing this ISLAMIC MIRACLE that has to do with ISLAMrecognizing in description of the genetic engineering process for humans we need to shedsome light about the Qur’an script and the Authentic Hadith otherwise such authenticationmight not make sense to you as an English reader. BEAR WITH ME AND READ PLEASE Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  3. 3. QUR’AN SCRIPT and AUTHENTIC HADITH – BASIC FACTS:1400 Years ago at the time the Qur’an was revealed there was no such word “DNA” or "RNA".In fact the words CHROMOSOMES, DNA, RNA, all are new definitions representing newscientific discoveries.My Question is, if ISLAM RECOGNIZED THE PRESENCE OF DNA 1400 YEARS AGO, OR IF ISLAMRECOGNIZED THE PRESENCE OF CHROMOSOMES 1400 YEARS AGO THEN WHAT ARE THE MEANSOF DELIVERING OR DESCRIBING THE DETAILS OF SUCH KNOWLEDGE? AND THE ANSWER WAS TO USE COMPARATIVE STATEMENTSThe Use of Comparative statements when discussing a topic related to futuristic discoveries orevents presents the case in illustrative form and such is the case in the Quran and in theHadith when speaking or referring to science of the future.ISLAM has several direct references to genetic engineering and all these references arerevealed in verses that are related to the need of Genetic engineering in order to engineerthe recreation process1 - THE 46 CHROMOSOMESEach human genetic code is based on the 46 inherited chromosomes and in the case ofprophets their genes are the same like us (forty-six) in number but genetically modified inorder to fulfill the prophecyIn has been narrated that the prophet said the following:Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allahs Apostle said, "A good dream (that comes true) of arighteous man is one of forty-six parts of prophetism.", "Hadith – Bukhari"2 – DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)The best illustration about how the DNA looks like is by calling it thedouble-helix or the twisted ladder and in the Quran there is a directreference about the DNA genetic engineering usage. Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  4. 4. DIRECT DESCRIPTION OF THE DNA DOUBLE HELIX Al-Qiyamah | 40 verses | The Resurrection | Sura# 75 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL26. But When (The Soul) reaches the collar bone27. And it is said, Who is a healing chanter?28. And When he things it is the time of departure29. And when the leg is intertwined with leg30. Upon that day the driving shall be to your lordThe Above 5 Verses (26-30) in Sura# 40 ("The resurrection") speaks of the dying soul asit reached the collar bone (#26) then the dying human will recognize the happening(#28), then followed by the resurrection represented with the rebuilding of the DNAsequence using the words "Intertwined legs" as a comparative statement to thewinding of the Double Helix) followed by sign that it is time to meet Allah (30)The above revealed verses are referring to the resurrection in the Resurrection SURA#75. In The above Sura, Allah (SWT) is not referring to people sitting crossing legsrather the use of intertwined legs statement was more of a comparative statement inorder to illustrate the double helix ladder ("Resurrecting the human body using hiscaptured DNA sequence") INDIRECT DESCRIPTION OF THE DNA JOB Al-Infitar | 19 verses | The Cleaving | Sura# 82 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL6. O human! What has deceived you concerning your Generous Lord7. Who created you, formed you and proportioned you?8. In whatever picture he could surely have constructed you.In the above verse I used precise translation as word to word specially regarding theword PICTURE ("SHAPE") and the word CONSTRUCTED in verse 8 as some of theexisting translations never used such one to one translation but in this case, I say yesit has to be one to one.In the above Verse Allah is telling the Mankind that what he looks like "His picture,How he/she looks like" is not a result of a drawing action rather it is an output relatedto genetic engineering action that could be modified based on Allahs will. Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  5. 5. All Arab readers knows that pictures are not constructed rather they are eitherpainted or say drawn and the same implies for English readers but in Sura 19 ("Al-Infitar – Verse 3") Allah is telling the mankind that what they look like is an output asa result of a constructed input that he "Allah" could easily alter ("Referring to thecoding in the DNA").In Verse 3 Allah used the Arabic word RAKKABA which by converting the meaning toEnglish will literally mean "CONSTRUCTED IN A VERTCIAL FORM ONE ABOVE ANOTHER"Both revelations about the direct and the none-direct DNA description are revealed inQuranic Suras that are related to dooms day event ("Resurrecting the death") whichrequired the use of DNA Gnome sequence of which Allah (SWT) has kept a copy of it.3 – TRIPLETS OF BASE PAIRING The letters of the genetic alphabet are the nucleotides A, T, G, & C of DNA. The unit of information is CODON = Genetic word. A Triplet sequence of nucleotides CAT in a polynucleotide, 3 nucleotides = 1 CODON (word) = 1 amino acid in a polypeptide. The definition of (CODON) word = amino acid. The Size of Human Genome: 3,000,000,000 base pairs or 1.5b in single strand of DNA genes made of a series of triplets. The human genome is equal to 588,000 pages or 490 copies of bio text bookThe Quran has a direct reference to the use of triplets in construction the humangenome of the resurrection day Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  6. 6. Al-Waqia | 96 verses | The Event, The Inevitable | Sura# 56 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL7. And you became Triplet of Pairs.If you browse through the Quranic translation from different sources you will find outthe following translation instead of the above Al-Waqia | 96 verses | The Event, The Inevitable | Sura# 56 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL7. And ye shall be sorted out in three classes. And literally both translations are correct with each serving one side of the story.The First is Scientific and the Translation in 100% accurate when translated one to one(Triplet of Pairs is the actual direct translation)The Second is Literal and it covers mostly a the complete scene omitting the wordTriplet "Which is actually there (ARABIC = SALASA)" and omitting the word Pairs"Which is also there (ARABIC = AZAWAJAN)"Verse 7 is also in Sura# 56 ("The inevitable") which refers to the dooms day event withthis we have 3 references to the use of genetic engineering in reconstruction thehuman gnome and all these references are distributed is dooms day related verses READ NEXT MORE ON GENETIC ENGINEERING RELATED REVELATIONS Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  7. 7. FINGER PRINTS:Although this article is not part of the process in genetic engineering but Ive decidedto add it her because it is related to it and because it is revealed in Sura# 75 which isthe ResurrectionMODERN SCIENCE: tell us that the patterns of ridges on our finger pads are unique:no two individuals—even identical twins—have fingerprints that are exactly alike. Al-Qiyamah | 40 verses | The Resurrection | Sura# 75 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL4. Indeed yes, we are able to shape his finger tips yet again READ NEXTFETAL DEVELOPMENT DURING THE FIRST 40 DAYS OF PREGNANCY Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  8. 8. MIRACLES OF ISLAM FETAL DEVELOPMENT DURING PREGNANCYAlthough Ive previously uploaded this article into a separate file, I really feel that attachingit along with the above article will add to your knowledge about Islam. This article representsa stamp which leaves the reader without a single doubt about the authenticity of the Islamicmessage.The facts in this document are collected from both the Holy Quran and the authentic hadithand these facts were revealed 1400 years among a community of none-literate population, acommunity of desert people included the revealer him self who was an none-literate person. AND GOD SAID IN THE HOLY-QURAN QURAN - AL-MUMENOON (11-14) If you cant read Arabic then you will not understand what the upper Quranic verses are referring to?The Quranic verses are referring that the First phase of creation is (“1-NUTFA”) which waskept in place that is described in Arabic as (“QARAR MAKIN”); The Second Phase of Creationis (“2-ALAKA”), The Third Phase of Creation is (“3-MUDGHA”). The Subject is Referring to Fetaldevelopment during Pregnancy. The Above Phases of Creation are Equivalent in Embryology To “ZYGOTE”, “BLASTULA”, “GASTRULA” Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  9. 9. You might ask what the above established relation is Authentic?The Answer comes in the following pages Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  10. 10. THE FIRST PHASE OF CREATION “ZYGOTE IN ENGLISH = NUTFA IN ARABIC”In The Arabic-Dictionary the Arabic word “QARAR “Refer to Thinksand Matters that has settled down in a meaning that it has reachedto an end and settled. ALSO the word “QARAR” Refer to a circularbottom of an object which seizes water in it In the Arabic-Dictionary the word “MAKIN” means “SOLID”In the Arabic Dictionary the Word “NUTFA” has Several Meaning Depends on its place inthe Phrase so the Word NUTFA Means “Male & Female Sperm” and the Word NUTFAmeans “A Tiny Drop of Water in a Bottom of a Bucket” It Exists In an Enclosed Bucket looking OVARIES Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  11. 11. THE SECOND PHASE OF CREATION “BLASTULA IN ENGLISH = ALAKA IN ARABIC” The Second Phase is the “ALAKA”. The “ALAKA” Word has several meanings in the Arabic language and one of the most important meaning of it that “IT STICKS TO SOMETHING” similar to the mud in someone hands when building a mud house and that is scientifically true because the ZYGOTE migrate through the fallopian tube to become a BLASTULA that implants it self to the Uterine Lining in the Mother Uterus in a STICKING act. Also in Arabic the word “ALAKA” has a dual meaning and the second meaning refers to something that is sucking blood which is also scientifically true because the “BLASTULA” begins feeding by sucking blood as it implant it self or stick it self to the wall of the UTERUS. Scientific Article (Blastula)Human Development: Blastula (Sixth Day):5 to 6 days after fertilization, the zygote has divided several times andthe embryo is composed of a 100 cells in the shape of a ball with a fluid-filled cavity (Inside); at this stage the embryo will be called blastula. Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  12. 12. THE THIRD PHASE OF CREATION “GASTRULA IN ENGLISH = MUDGHA IN ARABIC” The Third phase in creation is the “MUDGHA” and in the Arabic dictionary the word MUDGHA refers to something that starts of being chewed and Divides such as a piece of meat being crushed by a pair of tooth and normally when something starts to be chewed it changes in shape and starts moving apart and that is how the GASTRULA behaves as the first sign of visible movement becomes active with the GASTRULA. The picture above illustrates to you how the Gastrula spreads to form the 3 PrincipalLocations for creating the fetus Organs this is clearly stated in the following Quranic Verse Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  13. 13. The Above verse translation says the following Az-Zumar | 75 verses | The Troops | Sura# 39 | Makkah BY THE NAME OF GOD MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL6. He Created you from a single soul, then from it he created its spouse. And he sent down toyou eight pairs of the cattle. He creates you in your mothers womb, creating aftercreation, in three stages of darkness. Such then is ALLAH, your Lord. For Him is theKingdom. There is no god expect Him. How, then, can you turn away?In this second revealed Verse Allah is referring to THREE (3) Different Creation Locations“TRIMESTERS OF DARKNESS” Which Defers From The first Chapter which is Referring tophases of development “ZYGOTE, BLASTULA and GASTRULA” Because the “zygote, blastula,and gastrula” are PHASES "NOT LOCATIONS".THE TRIMESTERS OF DARKNESS LOCATIONS AS MENTIONED IN THE QURAN IS SCIENTIFICALLY KNOWN AS ECTODERM, MESODERM, ENDODERM Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  14. 14. As a fertilized egg goes through its first divisions, the daughter cells become progressively smaller. Scientific Article (Gastrula)First Cell Divisions:As a fertilized egg goes through its first divisions, the daughtercells become progressively smaller. When there are a hundredor more cells, they form a hollow ball of cells, called a blastulawhich will stick it self to the uterine lining then expand to forma gastrula that at will produce the three layers of cells –endoderm (inner), Mesoderm (middle), and ectoderm (outer).All the FETUS ORGANS creation is completed within the 3 Primary Germ Layers and thesecond striking issue about this scientific discovery that the creation of the organs was not aone moment stage rather it was a creation that occurred over a gradual process before it’sentirely completed within 40 days and the last organ to be created are the reproductiveorgans ("everything happens in pregnancy after 40days becomes development not creation").During gastrulating, three major cell lineages are being established. They are the Ectoderm,Mesoderm and Endoderm. Following gastrulating, various cell lineages are derived from thesethree primary cell types. For example, the Ectoderm gives rise to the epidermis and itsderivatives such as nails, hair and teeth. On the other hand, the Ectoderm also gives rise tothe Central Nervous System”In the case of the ZYGOTE, BLASTULA and GASTRULA God used the word Creation (Single) butdid not speak of locationsIn The case of the TRIMESTERS OF DARKNESS God spoke about specified locations which iswithin TRIMESTERS OF DARKNESS "Referring to creating the complete fetus organs" Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  15. 15. Narrated `Abdullah bin Musud: Allahs Apostle, the true and truly inspired said, "(Thematter of the Creation of) a human being is put together in the womb of the mother inforty days, and then he becomes a clot of thick blood for a similar period, and then a pieceof flesh for a similar period. Then Allah sends an angel who is ordered to write four things. Heis ordered to write down his (i.e. the new creatures) deeds, his livelihood, his (date of)death, and whether he will be blessed or wretched (in religion). Then the soul is breathedinto him. So, a man amongst you may do (good deeds till there is only a cubit between himand Paradise and then what has been written for him decides his behavior and he starts doing(evil) deeds characteristic of the people of the (Hell) Fire. And similarly a man amongst youmay do (evil) deeds till there is only a cubit between him and the (Hell) Fire, and then whathas been written for him decides his behavior, and he starts doing deeds characteristic of thepeople of Paradise.(Hadith – Bukhari)" Scientific Article (Embryo Development)Developing embryos First Month:Thirty hours after conception, the fertilized egg undergoes itsfirst cell division. The embryo continues to divide as it travelsdown the fallopian tube. It implants in the uterine liningapproximately six days after fertilization, a ball of cells with adisc-shaped embryonic mass. In the second week, the placentabegins to form, nourishing an embryo now composed of thethree primary types of tissue: endoderm, ectoderm andmesoderm. The third week sees the formation of the neuraltube, precursor of the central nervous system. Blocks of muscletissue called somites, from which major organs and glands willarise, form along the embryos dorsal surface. Blood vessels andthe beginnings of the digestive cavity appear by the end of theweek at the close of the first month; all major organs havebegun their development. The eyes are visible, the arms andlegs begin to but, the four-chambered heart beats for the firsttime. Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  16. 16. DETERMINING THE FETUS SEX THE FINAL-FIXA continued Explanation to the Above subject and to confirm that what god is referring aboutin terms of the 3 layers creation occurs within the first 40 days Here comes from the Propheta revelation that shakes the hearts, he has told his people “After the creation of the embryomight have been completed at 40 to 50 days The Sex of the Embryo is decided by God”and that is scientifically true because after the creation is completed, the embryo hascomplete organs in place with the exception of the Sex Organs that are Neutral by then andTheir Scientific name is called GONADS so at that stage they are not TESTICALS nor OVARIESbut at 40 to 42 days the GONADS are converted to either TESTICALS or OVARIES and the fetusgender is decided.Hudhaifa b. Usaid reported directly from Allahs Messenger (may peace be upon him) thatsaid: When the drop of (semen) remains in the womb for forty or fifty (days) or forty nights,the angel comes and says: My Lord, will he be good or evil? And both these things would bewritten. Then the angel says: My Lord, would he be MALE or FEMALE? And both these thingsare written. And his deeds and actions, his death, his livelihood; these are also recorded.Then his document of destiny is rolled and there is no, addition to and subtraction from it."Hadith – Muslim" The following scientific Text explains how after 6 weeks Gonads are directed to be either Testes or Ovaries! Scientific Article (Sexual Development)PRENATAL SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT:From fertilization through about the first six weeks ofdevelopment, male and female embryos differ only in the pairof sex chromosomes they have in each cell-two X chromosome(XX) in females and one X and one Y chromosome (XY) in males.At this stage, both male and female embryos haveundifferentiated gonads (ovaries or testes), two sets of ducts(one set capable of developing into male internal organs and theother into female organs), and undifferentiated external genitalfolds and swellings. See Embryology. Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com
  17. 17. A Prenatal Sexual DevelopmentAbout six weeks after conception, if a Y chromosome is presentin the embryos cells (as it is in normal males), a gene on thechromosome directs the undifferentiated gonads to becometestes. If a Y chromosome is not present (as in normal females),the undifferentiated gonads will become ovaries. AS A RESULT THE FOLLOWING SCIENTIFIC SUMMARY-DIAGRAM IS DECODED Compiled by Ahmad KAJ. Mailto ahmad.kaj@hotmail.com