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My name is


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my name is

Published in: Technology, Business
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My name is

  1. 1. My Name is:1-Read the text and answer the questions:Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847. He moved toCanada in 1870 and then to United States. Bell worked at BostonUniversity. Bell wanted to find a way people could talk to each otherover a long distance. In 1876 , he invented the first telephone thatworked. The first person he spoke to was a man named Watson. Hesaid:" Watson come here: I want you".1- invention inventor Year of invention2- where did Alexander worked in the united states ?3- what was the first words he said?4- who is the first person he talked to?2-
  2. 2. 3- Matching:Verbs WordsRide a gameBake footballEarn a cakeEat moneyBuy a bikePlay chocolate4-5-
  3. 3. 6-