You cannot win a fight with your Boss


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You Can't Win a Fight with Your Boss: & 55 Other Rules for Success

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  • Hoda Mansour and Atef’sdaugter
  • You cannot win a fight with your Boss

    1. 1. Learning Right & LightYou Can’t Win a Fightwith your BossAnd 55 other Rules for SUCCESSAhmad Mohamed Kamal
    2. 2. • Never believe in “Get rich quick”!!!• To make money, you have to work.Rule 1: Work Hard and Smart
    3. 3. • Business has nothing to do with entitlement• Business is about achievementsRule 2: No one is Entitled to anything!• Promotion• More money• Big office
    4. 4. • Companies pay for both talent and performance• Your Ego can drive in you the need to achieve results and ablinding fear of failureRule 3: Be Motivated
    5. 5. • If you don’t put the hours, someone just as smart and clever as you will• Work up to 60+ hours a week, but “Preserve the weekend”• Sometimes the person who gets promoted is the least objectionable candidateRule 4: Put in the hours
    6. 6. • It doesn’t mean beingdishonest or false, butfinding a legitimateway to achieve yourgoals• Don’t compromiseyour values, but find away to win.Rule 5: Do whatever it takes
    7. 7. • In Business you are always selling:• Sometimes to external customers• Sometimes to internal employees• Successful people sell themselves every minute of every dayRule 6: Be Charming
    8. 8. • There were great teachers and ordinary ones• Good bosses are hard to find, but they do make a huge difference.Rule 7: Find Good BossesMy Good Boss:• Made me feelconfident• Always Positive• Always there whenI need him• Care about myfamily• Find the way tomotivate me• I have neverworked harder andnever been happier
    9. 9. • Any outward sign of disrespectwill look to others in thecorporation like mutiny.• Always the boss wins and themutinous employee loses.• Offer advice to your boss in apolite and respectable manner• The quickest way to get aheadis to get your boss promoted.• Make your boss look good atevery opportunity.• A couple of words from yourboss can push you forward orstop you dead in your tracksRule 8: Respect your Boss
    10. 10. • A very quick way to destroyyour career is to pick a fightwith your boss• Debate all you want, butdon’t let the debate escalateinto a fight• Learn to compromise or alignwith your boss’s decision• Learn the “emotionalelasticity” of your boss• Moved into another manageras a “damaged goods”Rule 9: You cant win a fight with your Boss
    11. 11. • Every boss is unique• First rule for communicatingeffectively with your boss is:“Give it to them the way theywant it”• Two important questions:• How much do you knowabout your boss?• Are you making your boss’slife easier?Rule 10: Know Your Boss
    12. 12. • Never underestimate its importanceRule 11: Stay on the Right side of the Bosss Spouse
    13. 13. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you look like a CEO. Ifyour answer is “No”, “I’m notsure” or “I don’t care becauseyou don’t get a head based onlooks” you have an immediateproblem.Rule 12: Look the Part
    14. 14. • Good managers smile all the time!• Smile whenever you can! Smiling is infectiousRule 13: Smile, its infectious
    15. 15. Food is fuel. Fuel is an element of performance. Bad fuel means lowperformance.Rule 14: Stay Healthy
    16. 16. The senior people feed the tribe, and you need to treat them like goldRule 15: Become an Expert
    17. 17. • Reading five books in a topic makes you Expert in it.• Visit the book store twice a month, it will open your mind tosomething different• Business-oriented best seller list are the recommendedRule 16: Read Books
    18. 18. Rule 17: Get an MBA
    19. 19. Rule 18: Write Well
    20. 20. Rule 19: Know your numbers
    21. 21. Rule 20: Find a Mentor
    22. 22. Rule 21: Start and End meetings on time
    23. 23. Rule 22: Answer your own phone
    24. 24. Rule 23: Dont Pad your expense reports
    25. 25. Rule 24: Prepare for Plane Trips
    26. 26. Rule 25: You are on your own, Baby!
    27. 27. Rule 26: Take the best Job
    28. 28. Rule 27: Choose your employer carefully
    29. 29. Rule 28: Ask for a Performance Review
    30. 30. Honesty, integrity and ethics are vital part of business and lifeRule 29: Do it by the Book
    31. 31. Never fear changeIf you don’t change, you will not growStart marketing your next job at the 18 months markIt needs persistence and patienceDon’t sit back and wait. You snooze you lose!Rule 30: Embrace Change
    32. 32. The world is a small place, you want to find welcome signs on all doorsRule 31: Resign the right way
    33. 33. Rule 32: One Kick at the can
    34. 34. Rule 33: Befriend your legal Counsel
    35. 35. Rule 35: Surround Yourself with Talent
    36. 36. Rule 36: Listen to What you Dont Hear
    37. 37. Rule 37: Coach your team
    38. 38. 38) Take Care of Your Best People
    39. 39. Praise the team , talk abouteveryone’s contributions anddownplay your own role.39) You can’t say “ Thank You” Enough
    40. 40. • Take 5 mins walk outside• Remind yourself that the situationwill calm down• Attack the problem• Write down everything that iscausing you stress• Smile• Visit a comedy club40) Beat Stress Back
    41. 41. Be normal guy who pitches in to help41) Don’t Get Too Full of Yourself
    42. 42. The better you understand peopleand their differences , the better youwill be able to motivate themeffectively42) Understand People Differences
    43. 43. People are the lifeblood of anyorganizationInvest time in the hiring process43) Hire Right, Fire Fast
    44. 44. Getting ready for the future,preparing for the inevitable44) Succession Planning: Do It
    45. 45. Grandstands are people who makemore out of a topic than it deserves ,always for personal gain.45) Never Grandstand
    46. 46. Spin doctors is the person explainingaway poor resultsYou won’t score points by trying tomask a difficult situation46) Skip the Spin, Tell the Truth
    47. 47. For every one good idea, there arehundreds of fail usesAdmit failure, you will appear strong& self-confident47) Take Intelligent Risks and Admit When You Fail
    48. 48. Get mad as you want, but never ever, write a note that assassinateanother employee48) Never Write an E-mail Out of Anger
    49. 49. Don’t be fooled by appearances andnever underestimate a competitor49) Know Your Opponent
    50. 50. “ Can I Challenge that ? ”51) Disarm Your Opponent
    51. 51. Office politics are fact of corporatelife51) Accept Politics
    52. 52. You are there to work, and you needto be focusedIf you’re not 100% , stay home.52) Leave Your Emotional Baggage at the Door
    53. 53. Make an effort to attend companygatherings53) Party, But Know Your Limits
    54. 54. The right decision is not always popularAlways make the right decision, no matter how unpopular it may be.If you’re aiming for the top, it’s best if you don’t expect to be popular54) You Won’t Win Popularity Contests
    55. 55. Be smart about what you say andwhom you say it to55) Be Discreet
    56. 56. Don’t get to a point where you thinkyou are more important than thecorporation56) It’s Not All About You !
    57. 57. What’s Your Message?Thank YOU