Netherlands 2010


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Netherlands 2010

  1. 1. Netherlands By: Alexis Hinman Take a tour of the Netherlands!!!
  2. 2. Where do you want to go? Geography 3 money Natural resources and Crops name people2 Geo 2 Name Climate sport Geography Major disasters numbers people holidays inventions flag religion government Current Economy issues alphabet Click Here To Exit
  3. 3. Geography • Total land area- 16,033sq. Or 41,526Km • Land area- 13,082sq. Mi, or 333,883 km • Location- in NW Europe on the North Sea • . Back
  4. 4. Geography 2 The Netherlands are located in Europe The Capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam Cities- Rotterdam- 11,005,000Where do youBack want to go?
  5. 5. back Geography 3 • The Netherlands (Holland) is a small European country NW of Germany • The country can be split into two areas- • The low and flat land in the west and north • Then there is the higher land that has minor hills in the east and south
  6. 6. People Ethnic groups- Dutch 80%, and other 20%. Jacob Van Heemskerk, who was a Dutch explorer People population is- 16,491,461 Back
  7. 7. People 2 Population growth rate- 49% Birth rate- 10.9/ 1,000 population The Dutch people are dominate ethnic group of the Netherlands Back
  8. 8. Religion There are many religions in the Netherlands, the main religions are Roman Catholic, and Prostate  about 25% of the inhabitations don’t profess a religion Currently roman catholic is the largest single religion in the Netherlands Back
  9. 9. Economy Industries- agro industries, metal, and engineering products, electrical machinery, equipment, chemicals, oil, microelectronics, fishing Chief industries- are food processing, petroleum refining, and manufacture of chemicals, The major crops are- truck- farm commodities, sugar beets, potatoes and grains. back
  10. 10. Netherlands Name! • The name of the Netherlands refers to the low laying creature of the country, nether means low. • The name Holland is usually used instead of the Netherlands • Holland only refers to 2 provinces in the Netherlands back
  11. 11. Alphabet • A- aM- • B- be • C- ce • D- de • E- e • F-ef • g- ge • H- ha • i- i • J- je • K- ka • L- el • M- em • N- en • O- o back • P- pe • Q- ku • R- er • S- es • T- te • U- u • V- ve • W- we • X- iks
  12. 12. Numbers! • 1- Een • 2- twee • 3- Drie • 4- Vier • 5- Vijf • 6- Zes • 7- Zeven back • 8- Acht • 9- Negen • 10- Tien
  13. 13. Netherlands Money! The people of the Netherlands use a Euro for their money 1 Euro= 1.2699 U.S. dollars back
  14. 14. Major Disasters One major disaster of the Netherlands is when the North Sea Flood came. The North Sea Flood affected the coastlines of the Netherlands and England. Belgium, Denmark, and France were also affected by the flooding and the storm damage . back
  15. 15. Current Issues • Environment- water pollution in the form of heavy metals, organic compounds, and nutrients such as nitrites and phosphates • The pollution is contaminated of a healthy environment by man- made waste • The air is also getting polluted by vehicles back
  16. 16. Netherlands flag! • The Netherlands flag is a horizontal tricolor of red, white and blue. • It was introduced in 1572, it is one of the first tricolors and the oldest tricolor still used today. • Since 1937, the flag has officially been the national flag of the Netherlands and the kingdom of the Netherlands. back
  17. 17. Netherlands main sport! • Volleyball is the 3 most participated sport in the country. • Some of the sports that the Netherlands play are: football, field hockey, volleyball, baseball, rugby, and cricket. • But those are only some of the sports that the Netherland people play. back
  18. 18. Netherlands climate! •The Netherlands has a maritime climate, with cool summers and mild Winter wind. •The average temperature is 2 degrees c., ( 26 degrees F). •The average annual rain fall is 76.5cm ( 30 inches) back
  19. 19. Netherlands Holidays!! • The Netherlands has 9 main holidays and then a couple other holidays • The holidays are: New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter, Remembrance of the Dead, Liberation Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Christmas, and Queen Day. • Some other holidays are Saint Nickolas Eve, and Kingdoms Day. back
  20. 20. Natural Resources and Crops! • Some of the Netherlands natural resources are: Natural gas, oil, peat, limestone, salt, sand, and gravel. • Some chief crops are: grains, potatoes, sugar, beets, fruits, and vegetables. • Some foods that the people like to eat also are- the Dutch cuisine, bread, and cheese. back
  21. 21. Greatest inventions! •1608- Hans Lippershy invented the optical telescope. •1620- Cornelius Drebbel invented the submarine. •1656- Christian Huygens invented the pendulum Where do you want to go clock.
  22. 22. Government •Head of government- Prime minster Jan Peter Balkenende •Head of state- Queen Beatrix •They are a parliamentary democracy , under a constitutional monarch back
  23. 23. Biography • Wikipedia • World • •