Impacted, oblique, spiral fractures


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Impacted, oblique, spiral fractures

  2. 2. What is a bone fracture?• Means breaking of ones continuity of their bone.• These fractures can be very painful• Indicators that a bone is broken is one can not function on the extremity that is broken, swelling also begins to take place
  3. 3. IMPACTED FRACTURE• Fracture which ones bone fragment push into each other.• Also known as a Buckle Fracture• The compression of the bone can cause swelling of ones skin and one will experience pain.
  4. 4. • Most commonly happens in the arm, children experience this fracture the most.Lower picture (Teenager fell )
  5. 5. OBLIQUE FRACTURE• Bone breaks at an angel.• One can follow the line down the broken bones axis, runs diagonal along ones shaft.
  6. 6. OBLIQUE FRACTURE• Tend to happen in longer bones such as the tibia• A good way to remember this fracture is to think about breaking in a diagonal form
  7. 7. SPIRAL FRACTURE• The fracture line breaks into a spiral which either goes up or down the bone.• A great way to remember this fracture is to think of TWISTING FORCE• Treatment: cast and or surgery
  8. 8. SPIRAL FRACTURE• Tend to occur:Older patientsAbused victimsSkiersDeemed as the most difficult to heal
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