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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Company Name presents Instructions for creating this presentation are included on the notes page of each slide. On the View SAMPLE menu, click Notes Page. PRESENTATION To view the slide show, on the Slide Show menu, click View Show. Then PowerPoint Basics click to continue viewing the effects of each slide in the presentation.
  2. 2. CREATE A PRESENTATI ON Use the Bulleted List slide layout. • Choose a template. • Add the slides. • Write the bulleted text. • Insert objects from source files. • Save and present!
  3. 3. CHOOSE BULLET STYL ES Use the Formatting Palette to change fonts and bullet styles. • Bulleted text is easy to read. • Change the look of the text. ¬ Select another bullet type. – Indent the line.
  4. 4. CREATE AN ORG CHART Use the Organization Chart slide layout. Chart title Kari General manager Fernando Vidur Hotel manager Activities director Restaurant staff Housekeeping staff Ski school Workout gym
  5. 5. EMBED AN EXCEL CHART • We embedded Use the Text & Chart slide layout. an existing Excel chart. • We changed the width of the columns to better display the chart.
  6. 6. Change the design λ Check out the new designs under Presentation on the Formatting Palette. λ Change the design for the presentation or for just one slide. This slide is based on the Northern Lights design template.
  7. 7. PREPARE FOR DELIVERY • Create notes and handouts. • Preview the slide show. • Set up the show. • And away we go! Use the new presenter tools to show your presentation on a second monitor.