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Brainovation® Cartoons


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Making fun of some serious things.

Published in: Business, Education

Brainovation® Cartoons

  1. 1. © 2014 Anders Hemre
  2. 2. © Anders Hemre Creative Accounting
  3. 3. © Anders Hemre Can we put this project in the portfolio? In the afternoon. I’ve got my lunch sandwich in it now Portfolio Management
  4. 4. © Anders Hemre Management Support
  5. 5. © Anders Hemre Employee Engagement
  6. 6. We’re suffering from information overload That’s weird. I thought we had outsourced IT © Anders Hemre Information Overload
  7. 7. © Anders Hemre Returns on Technology What was the return on the new tool? 100%. It didn’t work, so we returned everything back to the vendor
  8. 8. Can’t it wait until it’s too late? There is a much better way of doing this! © Anders Hemre Sharing Best Practice
  9. 9. I don’t get it. We still do the wrong things © Anders Hemre Yes, but we have learned to do them very well The Learning Organization
  10. 10. Your position is being eliminated. Thank you for your service and good luck becoming someone else’s greatest asset © Anders Hemre Human Capital
  11. 11. © Anders Hemre Management suggests we should form a community to share knowledge and improve productivity OK, this morning I’ll share and you’ll be productive. We’ll switch in the afternoon Communities of Practice
  12. 12. © Anders Hemre Developing Strategy Well, we are pursuing a growth strategy ?
  13. 13. How did the idea campaign go? We got three good and three bad ideas. That evened it out, so we don’t need to do anything Idea Campaigns © Anders Hemre
  14. 14. Brainovation® is a registered trademark Anders Hemre is an innovation analyst, strategy advisor and creative thinker with an international background in telecom and management consulting. He currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and can be reached at He is the author of The Creative Company – turning good ideas into good business, available from