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VisitPA Foursquare Case Study

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F spodcampphilly2010

  1. 1. Pennsylvania Tourism and Foursquare
  2. 2. The Situation. No, not that guy. This is PA, not Jersey.
  3. 3. During one of the deepest economic downturns on record, we needed to develop an integrated campaign to renew interest in travel to PA and increase visitation throughout the state.
  4. 4. The Idea.
  5. 5. The Fantastic Roadtrip-a- Matic
  6. 6. Create a unique roadtrip experience that lives online, is creatively packaged and perfectly turnkey for visitors. Leave room for spontaneity and unique travel preferences. Keep it close: within driving range and a tank or two of gas.
  7. 7. …add a social gaming level to the experience that is totally unique and exclusive to the state of PA.
  8. 8. In May of 2010, the PA Tourism Office launched an extensive partnership with Foursquare to make the state more discoverable to travelers, increase awareness for history, shopping and dining attractions across the state and lead to visitation.
  9. 9. The PA Tourism Office was the first state to partner with Foursquare and created three special PA “badges”
  10. 10. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  12. 12. KEY COMPONENTS Pitch FS to partner with visitPA and secure an agreement. Feature venues across entire state. Encourage businesses to participate. Educate PA regions/CVB’s about Foursquare & its value to tourism. Offer a great experience/provide value to FS users. Create themed badges that were fun & promoted PA’s ownable assets Integrate seemlessly into the traditional campaign components. Drive traffic to visitPA.com. Support existing visitPA SM channels. Create elements that made it stand out from other FS partners.
  13. 13. The Numbers.
  14. 14. In less than 50-days we picked up 9,000 followers that unlocked 1,532 badges and ‘checked-in’ at 4,596 Pennsylvania Foursquare locations.
  15. 15. Today, we have over 17,000 friends that have unlocked 4,663 badges and 13,000 ‘check-in’s’ at 180 (and growing) locations throughout Pennsylvania.
  16. 16. Marketing Support
  17. 17. Online Ad Buy Facebook Ad Buy Facebook Contest PR visitPA SM accounts DMO Partners QR Codes visitPA.com
  18. 18. Adweek Brandweek Cincinnati Enquirer Online CNBC Online Jaunted Mashable Orlando Sentinel Online Boston Globe Online Los Angeles Times Online The New York Times … and many more 78. Million impression totaling $770,000 in ad equivalency PRESS HIGHLIGHTS
  19. 19. WOM in Social Networks
  20. 20. Google Analytics May 10 - September 30 28,517 Pageviews 23,040 Unique Pageviews 2:25 Avg. Time on Site 55.85% Bounce Rate
  21. 21. http://redtettemer.com/PAFoursquare/
  22. 22. This slide left intentionally blank.