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Guiding rules for choosing a reliable Magento development partner


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13 guiding rules for choosing a reliable Magento development partner.

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Guiding rules for choosing a reliable Magento development partner

  1. 1. Guiding  rules  for  choosing  a  reliable   Magento  development  partner   by  Dmitry  Martsinkevich  
  2. 2. Let’s pay once again! Clients with “redevelopment” requests Large & small scale projects
  3. 3. General advice -  do they track the bugs report -  do they use Agile and Scrum technics -  do they use SVN -  do they have continues integration -  do they write unit tests -  do they document the projects -  do they use internal wiki for complicated projects -  what kind of agreement about source code do they use offer -  check if they attend conferences -  do they read programming and management books -  do they comment their source code well -  do they have good customer’s references -  …
  4. 4. Quality triangle Quality Price Time
  5. 5. Quality triangle Quality Choose two Price Time
  6. 6. How does Magento differ?Compared to an averagePHP project on any other platform
  7. 7. -  more sophisticated system-  modern programming technologies used-  e-Commerce system (selling function)-  high competitive market with many “satellites” companies developing platform add-ons
  8. 8. Quality triangleMagento situation Quality Price Time
  9. 9. How to measure quality ? Quality = Experience + Development approach maturity
  10. 10. 1. Compare your Magentoproject to developer’s specialization Here at aheadWorks, we classify Magento projects using the following categories: - Payments - Shipping - Product data - Visual enhancements - Checkout
  11. 11. 2. Check the coding standards You might experience problems when developer rewrites core Magento source code. How to avoid? -  check the extension code??? -  check the extension forums for problems with 3rd party solutions
  12. 12. 3. Check developer’sextensions and templates experience -  Number of products -  If they developed extensions similar to the ones used in your project -  Magento partners network
  13. 13. Additional but not so important -  Extensions and projects on old Magento versions
  14. 14. Additional but not so important -  Number of certified developers
  15. 15. Additional but not so important -  Support’s quality during the pre-sale stage
  16. 16. Thank you!If you have any questions or need help with Magento developer, we would be glad to consult you! Drop me a line: Dmitry Martsinkevich