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An overview of our full-service advertising agency. We have expertise in marketing strategy, brand development, and design.

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  1. 1. A full-service advertising agency with expertise inmarketing strategy, brand development, and design.
  2. 2. AGENDA1.  Who We Are2.  What We Do3.  Process a.  The Team b.  The Extended Team4.  Brand We’ve Impacted5.  Work Samples6.  Recognition
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE FOCUSED     FULL  SERVICE       Our  philosophy  is  simple.  First,  we  work  hard  to   AMOS  is  a  full-­‐service  adver?sing  agency  with   understand  your  business.  Then,  we  stay   exper?se  in  marke?ng  strategy,  brand   sharply  focused  on  your  company’s    needs.   development,  and  design.  Our  clients  range   Your  customers  are  our  customers.  We  strive  to   from  start-­‐ups  to  Fortune  100  companies,  in   speak  directly  to  them,  with  marke?ng  and   industries  from  health  care  to  I.T.  to  finance.   adver?sing  that  persuades  as  it  communicates.   GROWTH     Our  clients  count  on  us  to  increase  sales,     AMOS is driven by your business.   raise  brand  awareness,  and  generate     revenue  for  top  line  growth.    
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO CONTENT   DEVELOPMENT   Copywri?ng   Ad  Development   STRATEGY DESIGN Marketing Logo Advertising Print Collateral Campaign Direct Mail SEO BRANDING Packaging Logos & Identity Messaging   Positioning MULTIMEDIA   ADVERTISING   Web     Print  /  Online   Radio  /  Outdoor   Banner  Ads     SEM     Landing  Pages     Microsites      
  5. 5. PROCESS OVERVIEW A.  Definition – define project goals, objectives, success factors   B.  Planning – E. Completion detail – deliver on execution completed plans, project   The AMOS schedule, resources   project life cycle D.  Quality Assurance – C.  Execution – ensure project deliver the meets goals service   and objectives  
  6. 6. PROCESS OVERVIEW A   •  Projects are delivered on time   D   B   •  Projects Our •  Projects are meet quality within requirement Assurance allocated and client budget   satisfaction   C   •  Projects are within scope  
  7. 7. THE CORE TEAM: ACCOUNTSREG AMOS – FounderReg Amos combines the vision of a fine artist with remarkable businessacumen and outspoken honesty. He is an award winning designer with morethan 20 years of experience. His clients have included Sony, IBM, SiebelSystems, Xerox and Nissan. His media work has been exhibited in galleriesand museums in the United States and Europe.ANNIE HEADLEY – Director, Marketing StrategyAnnie Headley has over 15 years of marketing experience in high tech –integrating marketing strategy, brand management, marketingcommunications, lead generation, event marketing, advertising, webmarketing and new media. At Cisco, she led the strategic marketing effortsto develop the award-winning Cisco corporate news website.
  8. 8. THE CORE TEAM: CREATIVEDAVE DUMANIS – Creative Director/Copy WriterDave Dumanis has over 20 years of experience helping ad agencies andmarketers stay creative, strategic, and sharp. As a Creative Director andcopywriter, Dave has worked for agencies including Foote, Cone andBelding, Organic, Razorfish and Carat to name a few. His experienceincludes work with brands including Google, Smirnoff, HP, Kodak, Siemens,and Cisco.JANMARIE WRIGHT – Sr. DesignerJanmarie Wright earned a BFA from the Academy of Art University in SanFrancisco. She has 8 years of agency experience and specializes in print,brand identity and environmental design. Janmarie has designed for avariety of industries – from semiconductor and healthcare IT to finance andgaming.
  9. 9. THE EXTENDED TEAM: PARTNERSHIPSIn addition to the core team, AMOS has established strategicpartnerships with key talents to provide specialized services such asweb implementation, media planning and technical writing.Members of our extended team have worked on a wide variety ofB2B and B2C brands including:
  11. 11. WORK: CISCOSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)Media planning strategies
  12. 12. WORK: AXOLOTLWebsite – Before
  13. 13. WORK: AXOLOTL – REBRANDWebsite – After
  14. 14. WORK: AXOLOTL – LEADERSHIP Campaign web banner, print ads, outdoor signage, taxi topper
  15. 15. WORK: AXOLOTL – VISIONARYA Human ExchangeCampaign
  16. 16. WORK: AXOLOTL – VISIONARY Homepage Flash Animation
  17. 17. WORK: AXOLOTL – VISIONARYHIMSS: Online Marketing
  18. 18. WORK: HEDGE TRACKERS Old Logo New LogoLogo Refresh
  19. 19. WORK: HEDGE TRACKERSCorporate Brochure
  20. 20. WORK: HEDGE TRACKERSWebsite – Before
  21. 21. WORK: HEDGE TRACKERSWebsite Homepage – After
  22. 22. WORK: HEDGE TRACKERSWebsite Homepage: Flash Rollover
  23. 23. WORK: PMG ILLNESS WAIT FO DOESN’T That’s w R OFFIC hy every ho your PMG doctor E Children ur of ever y day an is always just a ph HOURS ge food poiso t very sick very qu d night. ickly. So one call away — you need ning or an allerg can adul to talk to ic reactio ts, when your doct n hits. W the flu, henever Postcard Series or right it happen now. s,
  24. 24. WORK: PMGCorporate Brochure
  25. 25. WORK: PMGPrint Advertisements
  26. 26. WORK: PMGFlu Clinic Leave Behind
  27. 27. WORK: PMGPatient Resource Guide
  28. 28. RECOGNITION - AWARD WINNING TEAMAmerican Design Award•  Marketing Collateral Kit and Customer Event Invitation –Axolotl•  Marketing Kit –AMOSIDSA Award•  Gold –SONY Playstation•  Bronze –Titanic ExhibitMedical Marketing Association•  In-Awe Award –Oral BInternational CLIO Awards•  Regional Campaign –Chevron OrthoSilicon Valley ADDY Awards•  Best of Show –Mercury Interactive
  29. 29. CONTACT US 1735 North First St. #103 San Jose, CA 95112 | | 408.451.9085 x 4510 |
  30. 30. THANK YOU 1735 North First St. #103 San Jose, CA 95112 | | 408.451.9085 |