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  • @SMCSConverse + Hashtag = Converse twitter app = Twitpic/Converse gallery
  • Smcs proposal presenation

    1. 1. Converse Proposal Presentation Done By : Jansen Lien Ching Benjamin
    2. 2. AgendaObjectivesTarget AudiencesSystem Overview SummaryLien Ching‟s ApplicationsJansen‟s ApplicationsBenjamin‟s ApplicationsTask DistributionTimelineQ&A
    3. 3. ObjectivesTo use social media to interact withcustomersBeneficial Relationship to bothcustomers and Converse throughinteractive social media platformsLeave an memorable imprint forcustomers
    4. 4. Target AudiencesYouthsYoung AdultsAdults
    5. 5. System Overview SummaryStamp-GaloreTwitteriaSchool OutweetQR-CrazeConverse For LifeGoing The Extra Mile
    6. 6. Lien Ching‟s Applications
    7. 7. System Overview (Stamp-Galore) Online Stamp CollectionCreate a greater awareness forHelp out the needyIncrease revenue growth
    8. 8. Functional Description (Stamp-Galore)Online Stamp Collection: Must like app to take part Register an account to take part in this stamp collection A verification code to be keyed in by customers Total 8 stamps to collect Invite 10 people to like Spend Donate Spend $50 & our Minimum $30 a pair of get a $20 app shoes voucher Spend Purchase any Get any shoes Get a free Minimum $50 Converse at 30% off! pair of shoes Shoes
    9. 9. Success Metrics (Stamp-Galore)Total Number of „Likes‟Total Number of FansInfluence of fans Using Klout to measure online influenceTotal Number of registered accounts Retrieve total number from database
    10. 10. System Overview (Twitteria)Facebook ‘Around-The-World’ photo gallerythrough TwitterCreate a greater awareness forUpload interesting photos of Converse aroundthe world
    11. 11. Functional Description (Twitteria)Functional Description: Participants will use Twitter and tweet their picture as show in the example below Facebook will retrieved all the tweets related to #conversegallery and post the tweet as well as the picture in Converse facebook wall Monthly winner selected by Converse Team
    12. 12. Success Metrics (Twitteria)Total number of TwitpicTotal influence of followers Tweet Counter Using Klout to measure online influenceTotal number of people taking action on the tweets Using HootSuite to track the number of people taking action on the tweets
    13. 13. Jansen‟s Applications
    14. 14. System Overview (School Outweet)Do you want a pair of converse shoe just like yourfriends has?Using twitter to let secondary school students knowthat they are able to get converse shoes for aspecial low priceExchange your old pair of converse shoes for a newpair (T&Cs apply)Let students compete using tweet to see whereconverse will go to their school next.
    15. 15. Functional Description (School Outweet)Follow us on Twitter (@SMCSConverse)Start tweeting about your school.Start trending #trend (#ConverseSchoolOutweet)ReTweet and let your friends know!Converse will go to your school!
    16. 16. Social Media Channels & Success Metrics (School Outweet)Social Media Channel: TwitterSuccess Metrics: Number of old shoes exchanged Number of Students who came and attend the event The increase number of Followers Number of ReTweets made by students
    17. 17. System Overview (QR-Craze)Want to win vouchers for converseproducts?Like our page and win E-Vouchersimmediately!
    18. 18. Functional Description (QR- Craze)Go to any shop that have converse productsLook for the poster with QR code embeddedScan the code and it will directly bring you to FBconverse our FB page and receive a E-voucher worth $5Present this E-voucher at any outlets for purchase.
    19. 19. Social Media Channels & Success Metrics (QR-Craze)Social Media Channels: Facebook Mobile ApplicationsSuccess Metrics: Number of E-vouchers shown Number of people who „Like‟ our Facebook Page Number of people who were directed to FB page from QR Applications
    20. 20. Benjamin‟s Applications
    21. 21. System Overview (Converse For Life) Would you purchase another pair ofConverse as your next pair of shoes? Purpose is to know Customer‟sLoyalty. Benefits for Customer‟s Loyalty?
    22. 22. Functional Description (Converse For Life) Gain as ‘Like’Facebook ‘Like’ Allow Upload much Page Application Access Picture/s ‘Likes’ for the Picture
    23. 23. Social Media Channels & Success Metrics (Converse For Life)Social Media Channel: FacebookSuccess Metrics: Number of People who liked our Facebook Page Number of people who liked the application Number of people who uploaded their photos Number of photos uploaded Number of people who like the photos
    24. 24. System Overview (Going The Extra Mile)Would people go the extra mile just to winsomething from Converse?Purpose is to see our standing in themarket.Benefits for “Going The Extra Mile”
    25. 25. Functional Description (Going The Extra Mile) Tweet to us your Follow us on Start trending location and the Twitter #trend picture of your(@SMCSConverse) (#ConverseGTEM) Converse product.
    26. 26. Social Media Channels & Success Metrics (Going The Extra Mile)Social Media Channel: Twitter FoursquareSuccess Metrics: The increased number of Followers The amount of Mentioned Tweets.
    27. 27. Task DistributionTo Summarize: Lien Ching  Stamp-Galore  Twitteria Jansen  School Outweet  QR-Craze Benjamin  Converse For Life  Going The Extra Mile
    28. 28. Timeline
    29. 29. Timeline Time span Months Application Name Results March 2012 – May 2012 School Outweet May 2012 (Jansen‟s App) May 2012 – July 2012 Stamp-Galore July 2012 (Lien Ching‟s App) June 2012 – August 2012 Going The Extra Mile August 2012 (Benjamin‟s App)September 2012 – October 2012 QR- Craze October 2012 (Jansen‟s App)November 2012 – December 2012 Converse For Life December 2012 (Benjamin‟s App) January 2013 – June 2013 Twitteria June 2013 (Lien Ching‟s App)
    30. 30. Q&A
    31. 31.  Thank You For Your Time 