Twitter as professional development


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Presentation slides from April 29, 2013 Atkins Library's Professional Activities Committee workshop at UNC Charlotte

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  • NCLA congratulated me via Twitter when it was announced that I was one of the ALA emerging leadersSocial Sciences Librarian at UNCG congratulated me via Twitter
  • Learned about call for chapter through Twitter that I then sent to Stephanie, and she wrote a chapter for the bookLearned about Judy’s award through Twitter the day it was officially announced – from NCLA Twitter feedOften when people e-mail or post an article through a listserv I have already read it via Twitter
  • Twitter as professional development

    1. 1. Twitter asProfessionalDevelopmentPresented by Professional Activities Committee
    2. 2. Why use twitter? Networking Promotion of the library and your work Keeping up with news/trends Raise issues/start conversations Communicate with vendors Keep up with the university and your peers
    3. 3. Networking Building your network is beneficial to your owncareer, and to the reputation of the library Building your network on Twitter is easy Follow those that interest you – they may followyou back Follow those you work with at the university tokeep in touch Use hash-tags to build a following
    4. 4. Promotion Promote your work, accomplishments, etc. Promote the work of your colleagues and friends Promote the work of the library and the university
    5. 5. Keeping up Learn about opportunities – conferences,workshops, calls for chapters, articles,presentations, etc. News travels fast through Twitter and will reachyou before it hits a magazine, listserv or othertraditional source
    6. 6. Start conversations Re-tweet posts to start a conversation Post questions to your followers and beyond Engage in live Twitter chats Engage in tweet-ups
    7. 7. Chat communitiesFollow and/or join in live conversations on Twitter#libchat (Wednesday evenings, 8-9:30 PM ET)#edchat#tlchat#engchat#FYCchatLearn more at
    8. 8. Conferences Follow conference Twitter accounts Follow conference hash tags Use conference hash tags to connect with others Create hash tags for conference presentations Schedule tweets (using hash tag) to accompanyyour conference presentations Have a friend or co-presenter Tweet for youduring your presention
    9. 9. Tweetups Real life meetings of people that haveconnected through Twitter Can be based on geography (#CLTtweetup),theme (technologists in Chicago), or conference Just another tool for bringing people together
    10. 10. Communicate w/vendors All library vendorshave twitteraccounts and someeven have supporttwitter accounts Twitter demandspublicaccountability
    11. 11. Twitter management tools TweetDeck and Hootsuite Allow you to more easily follow certainpeople/organizations/lists/trends Allow you to schedule tweets #highered#ebooks#libraries#edtech#infolit#DH#UNCC#ClubAtkins#UNCCproblems#ala13
    12. 12. Campus/Library Tweeters Find your faculty or other units to follow: Jim Hathaway also started a list of UNCC facultyand staff: you can subscribe to or ask to be added to Library Staff on Twitter: Heather McCullough,Stanley Wilder, Lareese Hall, Donna LanclosSee
    13. 13. Questions?Amanda Binder@ahbinderAtkins LibraryUNC Charlotte