Anthony Jones's Creative & Interactive Design Mini Portfolio


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2011 Q4 mini portfolio featuring just a few key larger-scale projects.

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Anthony Jones's Creative & Interactive Design Mini Portfolio

  1. 1. I have worked as a designer, producer, art director and a creative leader exclusively inthe digital arena for over ten years as part of top UK-based agencies.Here you will find work that I have designed & produced personally, as well as projects that I haveart directed, concepted and strategized. Working in multi-disciplined and specialist agencies alikeI have experience across the gamut of branding, design & marketing disciplines. Anthony Jones Creative direction, concepts & design
  2. 2. 2 | August 2011 Anthony Jones - Digital Direction, Design & Creative August 2011 | 3 Brother UK internal There’s always time for play personnel presentation Involvement: Creative concepts, design, motion graphics, development. Sometimes you find yourself in the inevitable position where you have something you like, but can’t really verbalise why, or you have been ‘noodling’ around and have struck upon something that you will keep in your bottom drawer in case a suitable project comes around. Regardless, these things have inherant value and I love to throw them about and get a reaction. What the hell eh? It’s just for fun. This was commissioned as a introduction to an internal personnel motivational speech for brother employees. Inspiration was taken from the simple, but beautiful, typographic direction by Why Not Associates for those First Direct TV ads. A nice piece to work on. It might have had a bit more finesse created as a movie using After Effects, but we couldn’t rely on the target computer to be able to handle a full screen video. Nice nevertheless.
  3. 3. 4 | August 2011 Anthony Jones - Digital Direction, Design & Creative August 2011 | 5 Global EA Games Hallmark’s Forever E-CRM account Involvement: Content planning, strategy, creative concepts, design, & art direction. Friends brand website Involvement: Positioning, content planning, information architecture, creative concepts, design & art direction. While at TBWA Manchester we won the global E-CRM business for EA Games (Electronic Arts) and their current games roster. We were invited to pitch for the flagship website for Forever Friends. This is a global greetings and stuffed toy brand of Hallmark. The invite Production is now well under way and at this point There is some was a result of the great work and reviews for the Chicago Town nice design work to show off. These titles range from Spore, Need Pizzas campaign website called ‘Humdrum Idol’. For Speed: Undercover, Burnout Paradise, FIFA 09 and SIMS2 to the complete roster moving forward. We also handle the template driven Our pitch collateral was quite extensive because it was a complete general newsletters and online store newsletters. digital strategy instead of just a website. The proposal included and e-commerce enabled website which would include similar Not only do we create the English-speaking masters, but we also functionality to The site would also function on a have each email design and build/dispatch translated into up-to 15 rich, interactive level by dynamically creating controllable bear avatars languages. This is a long-term relationship so, as time goes on I’ll add for guests as soon as they arrive which then could be controlled to choice email designs. explore an extensive horizontal landscape and converse with other user’s avatars in real time. These could be customised and saved by I can’t begin to express how great it is to be working for a client like creating an account. this. It just makes life that little bit more special. Every new title is a new creative freedom. Awesome. Accounts would also give you access to many other rich features which includes a rewards scheme device called ‘BearBucks’. We also included a complete, yearly E-CRM strategy tying in with all possible events and holidays, on-site incentives and promotional limited editions as the brand has massive collectors appeal. Among other facets like Mobile marketing, we proposed a nice little web-enabled desktop calendar which would tie in to the back-end of the website’s event- linking and E-CRM triggers and would be a useful tool as well as a data capture/marketing vehicle for brand enthusiasts. This was a great job and a breath of fresh air. Regardless of the result of the pitch I am really proud of the strategy, creative and design.
  4. 4. 6 | August 2011 Anthony Jones - Digital Direction, Design & Creative August 2011 | 7 The ghd global brand online Involvement: Positioning, strategy, content planning, information architecture, creative concepts, design, art direction, flash development, motion graphics, video editing & online brand guidelines. After a massive amount of work from the entire team I manage and e-commerce, global variations, link strategies, content, strategies, There were certainly a lot of stakeholders, every one with a valid point work with, I was extremely proud to win the account to create the development cycles, creative guidelines, promotional accommodation, of view. The road is often shaped by compromise, but all said and new global, multi-lingual, e-commerce enabled brand site for ghd hair Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate done it has withstood it’s greatest tests in tact and has won a host of stylers, Marketing, considered Information Architecture, wireframing, E-CRM awards from the creative end right through to the effectiveness stakes and much, much more. proving it to be a success in many ways. ghd are the premium brand in their hair styling category and are synonymous with fashion, quality and style. We have stuck with the As soon as this behemoth went live it grew at a massive rate and Someone once said to me “There are brand websites and there are theme of elegance and simplicity throughout and tried to show these changed constantly, especially with the country territories able to e-commerce websites and never the twain shall meet”. beautiful products in the most seductive way we could. cherry pick their own changes, offers and content all centrally created and managed by our team, This presented a great many challenges, I do love a challenge. The project encompassed a huge amount of work including; but the groundwork proved to be able to handle this constant flux.
  5. 5. 8 | August 2011 Anthony Jones - Digital Direction, Design & Creative August 2011 | 9 Original Source sponsors Mountain Mayhem Involvement: Creative concepts, design & strategy. The PZ Cussons brand Original Source has been involved with sponsoring extreme sports for a year or two now, which is proving very successful. Original Source are proud to be sponsoring this year’s Mountain Mayhem event for the second year running, but this The Likeaballs: year they are headline sponsor. We pitched for the online work surrounding this sponsorship. However, knowing the brand as we do, we opened out the brief to Original Sources entire sponsorship calendar and attacked the brief as a extensible, versatile platform which can speak as an enthusiast, A Children’s BBC animation to an enthusiast and aim for long-term consumer recognition of the validity of the sponsorship. Basically to make people really believe the truth that Original source are really passionate fans of the sports they are involved with. We pitched an online periodical-style magazine, which has the editorial feel of the quarterlies and the ethos of quality throughout. No hard sell. Just content delivered enthusiastically by the brand. Involvement: Creative concepts, design, & development. This platform, attack and ethos would then be extensible to the other activities and sports and the marketing and link strategy would be that the magazines would be discreet in terms of marketing but contained I’ve had the pleasure of concepting, designing and building ‘The in an umbrella brand-related URL. Likeaballs‘ website. This is a CBBC animated chilldren’s series, in which we won a pitch for online work for through the makers AAP. The series was produced through the animation house Cosgrove Hall who are behind many, many classics like ‘Danger Mouse’ and ‘Count Duckula’ which I was lucky enough to go down and see in person the studio where they were made. It’s was an amazing project and such a breath of fresh air from the the highly corporate stuff that I work on. Here’s to more work of this kind… hopefully.
  6. 6. 10 | August 2011 Anthony Jones - Digital Direction, Design & Creative August 2011 | 11 Elsevier. A roster of VIP Computers. scientific research brands Involvement: Strategy, content planning, information architecture, creative concepts, design, art direction, flash development, motion graphics, video editing & online brand guidelines. A brave new brand Involvement: Branding, positioning, strategy, information architecture, creative concepts, design, art direction & motion graphics. As the world’s leading provider of science and health information, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health VIP COMPUTERS and information professionals worldwide. VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS They help their customers, researchers, librarians, scientists and developers, advance science and health by providing world-class information and innovative tools that help them make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes. I helped design, strategise and develop marketing collateral, both on and offline, for their roster of products and services across the full VIP COMPUTERS spectrum of media. VIP COMPUTERS Being involved in marketing these types of conceptual serveice VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS and products really expanded my understanding of how to handle VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS VIP COMPUTERS complicated, esoteric intellectual properties and also how to effectively split communications and messages to targeted personas in terms of B2B marketing. VIP Computers deal in computer supplies. They I developed two brand marks based on a common supply everything from complete systems to proposition of ‘One Step Ahead’. internal components, supplying these to outlets, businesses, and specialists. Based on these, I developed the respective graphic languages downward through the various The technical landscape forecasts spell a change levels of marketing assets a product-centric in the market, moving the market toward whole business like this requires; brand advertising, mobile devices, notebooks and tablets and away channel communications and product-specific from separate components. offers and communications. VIP have seized this opportunity to fundamentally Demonstrating how this would drive the evolution progress their proposition, product strategy, and of their e-commerce solution I developed top-line brand as a whole to evolve through this market visuals consistent with these assets. change and emerge the other side evolved.
  7. 7. About Me I have worked as a designer, producer, art director and a creative leader exclusively in the digital arena for over eleven years as part of top UK-based agencies. Working in multi-disciplined and specialist agencies alike I have experience across the gamut of branding, design & Contact Details: Anthony Jones / 07834376980 / / marketing disciplines.ABSTRACT AWARDS PAST CLIENTS & BRANDSCurrently I work for Marketecture as the Head of Creative. • 2011 B2B Marketing Awards Shortlist as Art Director - AKZO Nobel, ghd, RAC, MBNA, Umbro, Royal Bank of Scotland, BP, Parasol: Recruiting the Recruiters Bupa, Brother UK & Europe, The Co-operative, EA Games, OTTOIn this role I act as Lead Creative across all media, art directing and • 2009 Roses award for best website as Art Director – ghd Group, Extreme, Natwest, Elsever, Mitel, LexisNexis, Tolley, Parasol,guiding the entire creative team alongside the Creative Director. global brand website ClearSky, NetNames, NetBenefit, Airwave, NetFlights, TalkSport, • 2009 Big Chip Awards nominee under best website as Michelin, Morrisons, Nissan, Barclaycard, Redrow Homes, CITII also maintain specialist and direct control over all interactive Design, Art Director Financial Europe, Confetti, Cafe Met, Chicago Town Pizza, Pataks,Creative, Strategy and Development within Marketecture. • 2009 Cannes Awards nominee under best website as Imperia Leather, Original Source, Morning Fresh, Freemans, Grattan, Art Director Kaleidoscope, Look Again, Solvite, Kasp, Avit Tools, UniBond Loctite,As head of strong, multi-disciplined creative and development • 2009 IPA effectiveness award under best e-commerce Pritt, Likeaballs, Money Expert, TalkTalk, Westland, Wickes, Tizer,departments this role encompasses team & line management, website as Art Director ATS, Crown, Focus DIY, Hoover, LG, Morphy Richards, Warburtons.operations, creative direction, strategy, art direction, process and I still • 2009-2010 Multiple Webby Award Honourschip in with design and production where I can to keep my hands dirty. • Multiple website reviews in Web Designer Magazine CAREER • Multiple appearances in The Drum Advertising MagazineBefore this I had worked in and through many incarnations of the Full TimeManchester TBWA network under; BDHTBWA, Digerati, Tequila SKILLS AND ABILITIES • BDHTBWA: Interactive Designer (2000-2003)Manchester and of course TBWA Manchester where, as the Creative • Digerati: Creative Manager/Graphic & Interactive DesignerHead of Digital, I achieved some awards for both mine, and my team’s Knowledge (2003-2006)creative work on behalf of global B2C top-100 brands. • Fully conversant in design fundamentals such as; Layout, • Tequila Manchester: Creative Manager/Graphic & Interactive Typography, Hierarchy, Semiotics, Grid Systems e.t.c Designer (2006-2007)I cut my creative teeth practicing graphic design & creative • Commercial knowledge of print design, repro’, printing • TBWA: Creative Partner - Digital (2007-2008)communication for a period of 7 years before I decided to specialize in techniques & technologies • TBWA Manchester: Creative Guardian – Digitalinteractive design. Since 2002 I have been responsible for overseeing • Well versed in delivering across many media, including 3D, (2008-Present)the creative output of interactive teams employing a hands-on video and motion graphics. • Consultant Digital Creative/Art Direction & Strategyapproach and encouraging constant refinement of communication, • Fully capable using all major computer platforms and standard (2009-Present)design principles, usability and creativity across the gamut of ubiquitous software packages • Marketecture: Head of Creative (2010-Present)digital channels. • Expertly versed in contemporary online/interactive technologies, practices, standards and methodologies FreelanceI believe that to it is fundamental to understand the technicalities of • A practicing knowledge and understanding of the benefits, • Corporem Globalthe medium to create effective communication. As a result, I maintain roles and opportunities though social media marketing • Splinter Designa high technical knowledge and ability, comfortably creating web • Interactive Evangelist versed in the psychologies of interaction • The Raftapplications and communication which are to best practice, standards and the effectiveness of simplicity and creativitycompliant using the latest technologies & techniques as well as rich, • Highly competent in areas of brand thinking, creative planning Short-Term Placementsimmersive Flash pieces. and strategy • Non-Conform Design • High level of experience in Creative & Art Direction, • Splinter DesignI also enjoy an active life out of work hours practicing martial arts, team leading, creative briefing, creative facilitation andScuba diving & photography, although rarely at the same time. people management EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONSI enjoy playing with my twin son & daughter and my myriad of games Technical Skillset Undergraduateconsoles. When I find time away from these vices, I also play guitar • Print software: Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, • BA (HONS) in Graphic Designand write music. InDesign, Acrobat • Web software / technologies: Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, CollegeSpecialities XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, Actionscript, AJAX, MySQL, Web • HND in Graphics DesignCreative Direction, Design, creative concepts & idea generation, Standards & Accessibility • HNC in Computer Aided DesignSocial Media, brand development, through-the-line thinking, • Video Software: After Effects, Final Cut Studio Pro, DVD • BTEC ND In Graphic Designplanning, strategy, management, process, creativity, typography, Studio Pro, PremierSemiotics, Internet Advertising, Social Media, e-commerce, e-CRM, • Other software: Cinema 4D, Pro Tools, Cleaner, FontLab GCSE (Grades C and above)User Experience, information architecture, Accessibility, HTML, CSS, Studio, Keynote, Microsoft Office suite Graphic Design, Design & Communication, German, EnglishJavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, B2C, B2B Language, English Literature, Maths, History, Chemistry