Permitting for Local Government


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Local agencies across the county have been looking for ways to reduce frustration and automate the permitting process as the permit moves between different government agencies and individuals. In this webinar we will look at and talk about how using the web as your interface communities will be able to streamline their workflows and customers will be able to track their permits 24/7, eliminating the need to guess where their permit stands in the permitting process. This process also allow each local office to know where in the workflow each permit sits and the next actions needed.

Topics to be covered include:
• Control each step of the permit workflow• Automatically generate email notifications when a permit request is made to all affected offices• Share and pull information from local customer, CAMA and tax roll datasets• Allow multiple user types to track and input data about permits• Integration with existing data and GIS services• Track the permitting progress 24/7 internally and externally• Make payments online• Accelerate the permitting process

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Permitting for Local Government

  1. 1. for Local Government  Introduction  Product Demo  How to Get Started  What to Expect Andrew Harrison, GISP 317-690-1513866.973.7100
  2. 2. for Local Government Help me better understand your communities current permitting process  What system is your current permitting in? » Paper » Access  About how many different permits does your community have?  Do you have inspectors?  How are your regulations / ordnances enforced?866.973.7100
  3. 3. The Schneider Corporation • Founded over 50 years ago • Hosting public access, local government solutions in 11 states • Supported ½ billion request for information in the last six years • Over 100 professionals ready to support your needs “Schneider is our absolute favorite company to work with and the reason is because everyone we work with is absolutely wonderful.” Lisha Christman, Blackford County, IN866.973.7100
  4. 4.  Apply and track permitting progress 24/7  No additional hardware or software needed  Automated workflow management  Automated email notifications  Online payment collection  Better Information Tracking and Access  Increased Time Savings  Better Customer Service (no more office to office trips)866.973.7100
  5. 5.  Beacon™ Integration  GIS Integration and Interactive Mapping  Custom Workflows for Your Organization866.973.7100
  6. 6. Online Permitting866.973.7100
  7. 7. User Accounts Supported866.973.7100
  8. 8. Many Permit or Enforcement Types866.973.7100
  9. 9. Ability to Search Existing Data866.973.7100
  10. 10. Interfaces with Beacon866.973.7100
  11. 11. QR Code Integration Customizable Workflows866.973.7100
  12. 12. Interfaces with GIS866.973.7100
  13. 13. User Shopping Chart Supported866.973.7100
  14. 14. 866.973.7100 Online Payments
  15. 15. Automated Workflow Notifications866.973.7100
  16. 16. Office Task List / Dashboard866.973.7100
  17. 17. Reporting Tools866.973.7100
  18. 18. Complete Permit Design Customization Tools866.973.7100
  19. 19. Complete Workflow Customization Tools866.973.7100
  20. 20. How to Get Started 1) Garner interest / buy-in from departments 2) Assess current situation and needs 3) Identify initial permit types and workflows needed 4) If needed schedule additional demonstrations 5) Budget 6) The Schneider Corporation’s “Professional Services Agreement”866.973.7100
  21. 21. How to Get Started 1. Workflow Analysis and Research 2. Merchant account setup for fee collection 3. Develops an interface workflow 4. Configure the workflow into the system 5. Your organization tests the workflow 6. Application is deployed for production use866.973.7100
  22. 22. Questions?866.973.7100
  23. 23. You Since 1962, The Schneider Corporation has been providing creative solutions for Thank land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk and we can do the same for you. Please contact a business development manager for more information. C ontact: Andrew Harrison, GISP 317-690-1513866.973.7100