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Poetry assignment Fall 2012


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Poetry assignment Fall 2012

  1. 1. Poetry AssignmentOur Public Speaking Class will host a POETRY JAM ! In order to prepare for the event, you arerequired to examine the following: Research and then select a poetof a different ethnic background other than yourself So how do you “self-identify” ? If you are African-American—you will examine a poet who is German, Scottish, Native American, Cuban….etc…but not African-American Once you have researched a Poet of a different ethnic background pick a poem (from his/her collection of work) that is of interest to you Once you pick the poem…ASK YOURSELF….Why am I inspired by this poet and poem? Your inspiration is then translated on paper and it becomes your Introduction to the Poem In your Introduction you are required to have the following (BUT NOT IN THIS ORDER): Your name and Ethnicity Attention getter(s) Title of the Poem Why the Poem and/or Poet inspires you Your Poet’s Name and Ethnicity Introduction should be NO MORE THAN a paragraph (5 to 7 sentences)Please make sure that your introduction is creative and original-keeping in mind that you arerequired to have attention getter(s) within the introduction. Make TWO COPIES OF THE POEM ANDTWO COPIES OF YOUR INTRODUCTION/DUE: NEXT CLASS Next, select a picture of the poet and create ONE slide/power point. You will show this slide while you are delivering the speech. Please make sure that the slide remains the entire time that you are speaking (set the timer on the power point). DUE: NEXT CLASS.
  2. 2. Locating PoetsTo aid you in your search for poets by ethnicity, go to the library website, use Literature Resource Center to find poets by ethnicity: 1. Click the tab “Databases/Articles”. 2. Click “Databases A to Z”. 3. Click tab “L”. 4. Click “Literature Resource Center”. 5. At the top of the page, click “Person Search”. 6. In Gender, you may choose the poet’s gender by highlighting your choice. 7. In Nationality, you may choose a poet’s nationality by highlighting your choice. 8. In Ethnicity, if you are choosing an American poet, you may choose the poet’s ethnicity by highlighting your choice. 9. In Occupation, click on Browse, type “Poet” in the search box. Select the term “Poet” by checking the box and click “Select”. Then click “Submit”. 10. In Genre, click on Browse, type “Poetry” in the search box. Select the term “Poetry” by checking the box and click “Select’. Then click “Submit”. 11. There are other options you may choose. Please consult with your instructor before narrowing your search any further. 12. Click “Search”. 13. A list of poets that fit the criteria you entered will now be shown.Then LitFinder can be used to find poems written by your chosen poet: 1. Click the tab “Databases/Articles”. 2. Click “Databases A to Z”. 3. Click tab “L”. 4. Click “LitFinder”. 5. In the Basic Search box, enter the name of your poet (last name, first name). 6. Click “Person – By or About”. 7. Click “Search”. 8. Click tab “Primary Sources & Literary Works”. 9. Check “full-text” box under tabs. 10. A list of poems by your selected poets will appear. Click on the name of the poem to access it.Here are two additional links, see below.