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Final speech inspiration 2013


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Final speech inspiration 2013

  1. 1. Public Speaking “Celebrating My Inspiration”Special occasion speeches are prepared for a very special event. Special occasion speeches areinformative and/or persuasive. Additionally, special occasion speeches create the following: • Entertainment • Celebrate an event • Commemorate • Inspire • Set social agenda Here is the format: • Outline • You have to write a speech on the most inspirational person in your life • Focus on ONE MAIN REASON of why he/she inspires you (for example, my mother inspires me because she is a caring person) • Written Speech/NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES) • No more than 8 words per slide • Share a meaningful story (or stories) • Pick words that are going to draw audience members into your speech • Add Humor • Create a toast at the end of your speech (see attachment for toast) • Create a slide show presentation on your inspiration (NO MORE THAN 5 SLIDES)/use pictures or symbols that are visually clear to your audience • Create a 10 second timer for your slide show presentation • Professional Dress Code (no jeans, shorts, hats, flip flops, sneakers…etc)
  2. 2. Please review the power point and example speech for more detail “Catchy” phrases for your concluding paragraph “Your Toast”Here‘s to you………………...I salute you…………………..To my greatest inspiration ………I honor you……………………..I celebrate you………………Here’s a toast to you………
  3. 3. Inspirational SpeechesInspirational speeches are similar to motivational speeches in that both aim to build confidence. Inspirationalspeeches, however, have specific differences in terms of delivery and method; and under certain circumstances mayprove to be more effective.Inspirational speeches are conveyed by telling stories: In order to inspire the appropriate feelings within theaudience, inspirational speeches rely on telling stories. To be effective these stories should have a specific moral orset of morals which are conveyed, while simultaneously making the audience think and empathize. Playing upon theempathy of the audience is an extremely effective method for inspiring a certain feeling or way of thinking, which isthe aim of an inspirational speech.Tone and pace may vary: Many speeches which aspire to inspire certain feelings in people tend to be loud and fast-paced, and this is especially true for motivational speeches. Inspirational speeches, however, can have an array ofdifferent tones and paces. For the purposes of an inspirational speech, it is best to aim for a moderate tone and pace,fluctuating very subtly at key climactic moments throughout the speech. The tone and pace also depends vastly onthe type of inspiration intended; trying to inspire people to stay away from drugs may require a story of howsomeone’s life was ruined by drugs and this may require a moderately fast-paced delivery, while a more heart-feltinspirational speech may require a slower pace and tone, which allows the audience to absorb the important moralsthroughout the story and grants them enough time to think about and understand the key concepts. The tone andpace is incredibly important in this regard, as the incorrect usage will disrupt the process of inspirational stimulation.Personal and heart-warming: It is common for inspirational speeches to be personal and heart-warming, so as toplay upon the sympathies and empathy of the audience. In order for this to happen, the stories told should createbelievable characters which the audience will care about. This is done by building up a character background in aconcise and fluent delivery so that the audience believes that they are real people with real lives, feelings, aspirationsand motivations. Thus, when something horrific happens to them as a result of bad choices, the audience will feel theconsequences as if it is their own and extract the important morals from it. This also makes the story believable andpersonal, which is exactly the right mood needed to inspire.Good story-telling is crucial to delivering thoughtful inspirational speeches, and knowing how to play on the feelings ofthe audience is the best way to motivate and inspire.