ENG 101 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Responding to a Text                                  Important Dates and Requirements...
6.) Follow MLA format, which means you will have a Works Cited page with the text and the       additional source listed. ...
Student Name: _________________________                                   PeerMark Grade: ___/20                         E...
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Essay 2 (responding to a text)


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Essay 2 (responding to a text)

  1. 1. ENG 101 – BoltonEssay Assignment 2: Responding to a Text Important Dates and RequirementsPre-Writing Due: March 4 (at class time)Outline Due: March 6 (at class time)Draft Due to TurnitIn for PeerMark: March 6 (by 11:59 p.m.)Peer Review Must be Completed By: Friday, March 8 (by 11:59 pm)Paper Due to Instructor: March 11 (by 5:00 pm)Length: 900-1300 words*Sources Required: Two—the text you are responding to and one additional source from the library databases*Submission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitIn * Essays that are too short, too long, or don’t meet the source requirements (see below for information on the additional source) will receive half credit.Your first essay responded to a film; your second essay will respond to a text—this is an individualassignment. Here are your essay guidelines—if any are not met, your grade may be penalized: 1.) Choose ONE of the following texts to respond to (some are in your Norton Field Guide and some are on D2L–any essay written on a text that is not on this list will receive a zero): ―What’s the Matter with Kids Today?‖ – Amy Goldwasser (NFG, pgs. 666-669) ―Whodunit – The Media?‖ – Maggie Cutler (NFG, pgs. 684-690) ―Facebook in a Crowd‖ – Hal Niedzviecki (NFG, pgs. 958-960) ―2b or Not 2b?‖ – David Crystal (D2L, pgs. 335-346) ―Is Google Making Us Stupid?‖ – Nicholas Carr (NFG, pgs. 961-973) 2.) Identify the text’s primary claim(s)—this is what you will respond to. If there are multiple claims, choose which will be the focus of your essay. Remember, the body of your essay should move back and forth between the text’s ideas and your own. 3.) Decide whether you agree, disagree, or both simultaneously with the author’s claim(s)—and remember, you must be able to add to the conversation. 4.) Locate one (and only one) additional source to support your claim—this source must come from either SIRSIssues Researcher or Academic OneFile, two of the HGTC library’s databases. 5.) Quote from each source (the text and the additional article) at least once in your essay; you may paraphrase and summarize additionally if you wish.
  2. 2. 6.) Follow MLA format, which means you will have a Works Cited page with the text and the additional source listed. Hint: #7 on pg. 443 of your Norton textbook will help you cite the text; #34 on pg. 456 (and the full-page example on pg. 457) will help with your additional source. 7.) Follow the additional guidelines listed on the rubric (included on the last page here)—this lists the expectations of each component of the essay. Helpful Textbook Chapters for This Assignment They Say I Say : Chapter 2 (summarizing), Chapter 3 (quoting), Chapter 4 (responding—thesis statement), Chapter 5 (voice markers), Chapter 8 (transitions) Norton Field Guide: Chapters 1-5 (rhetorical situation), Chapter 46 (quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing), Chapter 32 (arguing), Chapter 9 (arguing), Chapter 30 (thesis, title, topic sentences, etc.)If necessary and/or helpful, there are additional handouts and sample essays available on D2L—we will discuss some in class, but use the resources on D2L to help you complete this essay.Additional Assignments Required:Due dates for these assignments are listed above and on the course syllabus. Remember, they are due in class on the date listed and are accepted via hard (printed) copy only; in the event you are absent on one of the due dates, you need to contact me by the end of that day to discuss submission and late penalties. The point value for each item is listed here and on the rubric; points may be deducted if all requirements are not met. You will also turn these items back in with the final copy of your essay.Pre-writing (15 points):On D2L, there is a ―Pre-writing Worksheet‖ for this (Essay 2) assignment.Print and complete this worksheet, answering all questions. (You may handwrite your answers.) This worksheet also requires you to annotate a copy of your chosen text and turn it in to me—details on worksheet.Outline (10 points):On D2L, there is an ―Outline: Worksheet‖ for this (Essay 2) assignment. Print andcomplete this worksheet, answering all questions. (You may handwrite your answers.)Reminder of “Annotated” Definition:We discussed and practiced annotating in class, and there is adescription (and example) of it in your textbook as well. You need to annotate both the text you areanalyzing as well as the additional source (from the library database) you are using. For the text itself,you can copy it from your textbook or find the full text online; as long as it’s the same article, the pagenumbers and format do not have to match (but make sure you cite from the textbook version in youractual essay!) The article can simply be printed from the database. In terms of annotating, there is no―length requirement‖ or ―required number of annotations‖ as long as it’s evident that you have carefullyconsidered the text and your reactions and/or response(s) to it.
  3. 3. Student Name: _________________________ PeerMark Grade: ___/20 Essay 2: Responding to a Text (100 points) Scale: 10 = perfect/excellent, 8 = good, 6 = fair, 0 = poor or missing 10 8 6 0Introduction summarizes text fairly, accurately, and relevantly, states text’sclaim,interests reader, and is helpful in building to thesis statementThesis statement is clearly responds to the text’s claim by agreeing,disagreeing (or both), and is the last sentence of the introductionEach body paragraph includes a topic sentence that outlines that paragraphand connects to the thesisBody paragraphs are appropriate, concrete, and well-developed; reasons foragreeing/disagreeing are clearly stated and logicalQuotes(from both the text and the additional source) are formatted correctly,properly framed (introduced and discussed), and effective in supporting thesisConclusion avoids introducing new ideas, adequately summarizes essay, andleaves readers with a final thoughtParagraphs and sentences are properly ―connected‖ by transitions, pointingwords, and/or repeated key terms/phrasesVocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriateNote: You should avoid second-person (―you‖)!!Grammar, spelling, and mechanics demonstrate correct use of Standard EditedAmerican EnglishMLA Format is followed throughout essay (including Works Cited page) * Please consult your essay for details; if you do not understand a comment I made, please don’t hesitate to come see me during office hours to discuss your essay. Additional Assignments In addition to turning these items in on the due dates listed on the course outline, you must also return them with the final hard copy of your essay—put everything in your Essay Grade =_____/100 folder. Your may lose points for any items missing. Pre-Writing = _____/15 Outline = _____/10 Other Items You Must Turn In: These items are also due with the final copy of your essay; for each missing (or incomplete), your essay may be penalized up to 20 points. □ Copy of this rubric (print and turn in) □ Additional source used for support that has been annotated (print and turn in)