Andre' Harrell CCV selling model


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This document provides a brief overview of each “Creating Customer Value” skill, for the complete rollout training and facilitation contact Andre’ Harrell at 267-221-8529 or by

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Andre' Harrell CCV selling model

  1. 1. 0 CREATING CUSTOMER VALUE through “Selling Skills Excellence” By Andre’ Harrell
  2. 2. Introducing “Creating Customer Value” In today’s competitive and dynamic global marketplace, you as sales professionals face significant challenges to accomplishing your sales goals. These challenges include:  Differentiating your chief products in a highly competitive market  Succeeding in an environment where it is sometimes difficult to gain meaningful access to customers  Winning in an increasingly crowded market, against a growing number of skilled competitor sales professionals  Selling not only to busy customers, but to their counterparts/team  Getting past restrictive “gate keepers” One thing is clear: to succeed in this current environment you must maximize the results of every interaction with every customer. That’s what the Creating Customer Value workshop is all about… The next 2 pages provide a brief overview of each “Creating Customer Value” skill, for the complete rollout training and facilitation contact Andre’ Harrell at 267-221-8529 or by e-mail:
  3. 3. Available Time Available Time Available Time Available Time Alternate Objective Alternate Objective Primary Objective Alternate Objective Alternate Objective CREATING CUSTOMER VALUE (“Selling Skills” that get RESULTS!) Quick Reference Card Principle: Expect the Unexpected What will my objective be if things turn out differently than I anticipate? Tool: Alternate Objectives Is my objective Behavioral, Observable, and Clear? More Than Expected Doctor's Receptivity Principle: UncoverMotivation Understand the customer’s needs and what she/he values. Tool: Stage 2 Questions Prioritizing: Could you rank order for me… Comparative: Could you compare and contrast… Hypothetical: Suppose I were to… Tool: Less Than Expected Available Time More Than Expected Emotive: How did you feel… Provocative: Position the Meeting • Concise and direct • Overlaps their agenda • Moves you closer to your objective I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on… Principle: Accelerate Closure What commitment can I gain during the next interaction? Tool: Expectations What clear, assertive statements can I make to motivate action? • I want… • I need… • I would like… • I expect… Principle: Shape the Value Describe the situation/“value-add” to maximize its perceived value. Tool: Framing • What’s important to the other party? • Appeal of product/”value-add” • Pick the best combination of both Tool: Commitment Drivers ❒ Scarcity ❒ Friendship ❒ Deadline ❒ Bargain ❒ Authority ❒ Competition ❒ Conformity
  4. 4. CREATING CUSTOMER VALUE Self-coaching Checklist Principle: Expect the Unexpected Tools: Alternate Objectives ● Is there a long-term business goal for this account? ● Is there a primary objective for this call? ● Is that primary call objective consistent with the long-term business goal for this account? ● HaveyoucreatedAlternateObjectives forthiscall? Position the Meeting ● Can you briefly describe the purpose of this meeting in a manner likely to capture the doctor’s attention? ● Have you considered alternate ways to Position this meeting if it’s necessary to switch to an alternate objective? Principle: Uncover Motivation Tool: Stage 2 Questions ● Have you crafted Stage 2 Questions that are likely to be effective with this customer? Why? ● Where will the answers to these Stage 2 Questions lead the conversation? ● Are you prepared with good questions and the necessary knowledge to follow up effectively? ● If there is only a limited time with this customer, can you ask a Stage 2 Question that will create an opportunity to discuss the answer at a later date? Principle: Shape the Value Tools: Framing ● Have you thought through how to best frame “value-adds” for this customer? Commitment Drivers ● Have you thought through how to use one or more Commitment Drivers to create even more motivation for this customer to take action? Principle: Accelerate Closure Tool: Expectations ● Are you communicating clear Expectations to the customer? ● Do your words and non-verbals (i.e., tone, posture and facial expression, etc.) reflect an appropriate level of confidence and assertiveness?
  5. 5. Checkout my presentation on “Developing a Global Sales Team for EXCELLENCE” You can also checkout my background/work by clicking on the following links: Management-Consulting/267898536570725 Andre’ Harrell AH2 & Beyond Consulting 267-221-8529