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An Introduction to LinkedIn Hiring Solutions platform. We help business source and attract talent.

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  • LinkedIn is the best global talent pool, with a rapidly growing member base[RMs may remove this slide if context has already been set]
  • Our most important core value is that members come first. We develop products across three dimensions to deliver value to our members: 1. Professional Identity, which helps professionals connect, find, and be found;LinkedIn is the most powerful, professionally-oriented search engine on the planet. In becoming a member, you are carving out a piece of digital real estate and creating your professional profile of record. When you need to find someone, connect with someone, do a business deal or tap professional knowledge, LinkedIn is the place to go. 2. Insights, which help people get the information and knowledge they need to be great at what they do; A fire hose of unique and valuable information, knowledge, data and insight flow through the LinkedIn network as a result of our members connecting and sharing.Our job is to build products that derive information and insights from that data for our members to help them be better at what they do every day. Examples of some of these products are LI Today, Groups, Homepage, Signal3. And Everywhere, which ensures that our platform works wherever our members work, regardless of where they are, on the Web or off. We live in an age where we can no longer expect our members to be tethered to their desks. We live in a mobile, ubiquitous computer age. LinkedIn is focused on providing members with access to their professional identity and insights wherever they may be -- whether it is on and off the desktop or on and off We know our members will still visit other sites, and we want to continue to scale our API offerings to provide value to our members no matter where they are.If you’re taking time to build your professional identity, network and knowledge..the sum total of our value proposition is that LinkedIn will enable our members to find dream jobs and be great at jobs they’re already in.
  • Recruiter empowers your teams to identify and contact the absolute best candidates for any role.Recruit the best passive candidates with powerful, unlimited search of LinkedIn[Note: You can use this as a jumping off point for your Recruiter Demo, or your preferred Recruiter pitch]Access LinkedIn's entire network Expand your reach far beyond your personal network to reach qualified passive candidates Master even the toughest searches with powerful search refinement filters Target candidates precisely based on company, location, industry, skill set, keywords and full user profiles Contact candidates directly Contact candidates directly through InMail ® – LinkedIn’s trusted messaging environment Get response rates far higher than cold calling and emailing Speed communications with InMail templates and one-to-many InMailsManage your pipeline Organize your workflow with project folders and reminders Synchronize team activities with shared folders, searches, profiles, and candidate notes Track sourcing activity for insights and to support OFCCP compliance
  • Members distribute your Jobs: The avg job on LinkedIn gets forwarded 11 times!The major difference between posting a job on a traditional job board and LinkedIn is that jobs posted on a professional network are NOT static.Instead of sitting on a web page just waiting to be found, the community of professionals starts forwarding them, helping connect the right talent with the right opportunity.Your jobs even reach passive candidates.when someone forwards: they do that because they know that the recipient is a good fit, is likely to be interested or is likely to know someone who is.We Reveal the Best Matches: Our algorithm shows you the best candidates. You discover the best matches out of more than 70MM professionals seconds after posting. It is another way to identify and go after passive candidates that would not apply to your openings.Flexibility of Slots: Own 1 slot, update the job as often as you likeThink of Jobs Slots as your annual parking spot in which you can switch the car as often as you like.
  • LinkedIn Hiring Solutions

    1. 1. Corporate Hiring Solutions Recruiting Solutions Hiring Solutions 1
    2. 2. Asia Pacific 25M+LinkedIn: A global pool of talent Indonesia India 1.2M+ 14M+ ANZA 3M+161 M+ +2 new 100 M+ Singapore 750K+ Malaysia 760K+ Thailand 330K+Members worldwide Members per second Monthly unique visitors Vietnam 310K+ Philippines 1.1M+ China 2M+ Hong Kong 440K+ Japan 550K+ North America: 65M+ Korea 300K+ Asia Pacific: Europe, Middle East 25M+ Latin America and and Africa: Caribbean: 44M+ 14M+ Monthly uniques source: Comscore Hiring Solutions 2
    3. 3. Why members come to LinkedIn? Identity Rolodex, Resume, Connect, find and be found Business Card LinkedIn Profile, Address Book, Search Insights Newspapers, Be great at what you do Trade Magazines, Events Homepage, LinkedIn Today, Groups Everywhere Work wherever our members work Desktop Mobile, APIs, Plug-Ins Opportunities that will transform the trajectory of your career Hiring Solutions 3
    4. 4. Leverage the LinkedIn Solution To Achieve Your Priorities Talent Acquisition ‘Outbound’Access the Right Talent LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn RecruiterPool: Reach the best passive • Virally target and • Search the entire distribute your jobs network ~160M membersand active candidates • Let LinkedIn reveal your • Communicate with best profile matches candidates directlyTarget Your Ideal Audience:Create the right opportunityfor the right candidate in theright context Career Page • Communicates your Employer BrandAchieve Better Results: • Features your open jobsPromote team collaboration Work with us!and make more great hireswith less effort Brand & Media ‘Inbound’ Hiring Solutions 4
    5. 5. Results:More quality hires in less time Hiring Solutions 5
    6. 6. LinkedIn Recruiter:VIP access to the world’s best passive talent Gain full access to the entire LinkedIn network – all 161 million members Contact any candidate directly via InMail Manage your pipeline and collaborate on projects with your team Increase your team’s sourcing productivity: find the best, much faster Hiring Solutions 6
    7. 7. LinkedIn Jobs Network:Let our jobs do your job Automatically discover the best candidates when LinkedIn reveals the best matches Gain maximum flexibility and efficiency with Job Slots – refresh your job posting as needed With LinkedIn Career Page, ensure your jobs are highlighted first with your targeted audience Hiring Solutions 7
    8. 8. Your LinkedIn Contact(s) Atul Harkisanka Corporate Sales, Hiring Solutions LinkedIn | Internet | Singapore +65.8322.6144 (m) Connections: 500+ | Recommendations: 4 8 Hiring Solutions 8