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R-Style Lab Mobile Portfolio


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R-Style Lab Mobile Portfolio

  1. 1. R-Style Lab Mobile Portfolio
  2. 2. Mobile development department R-Style Lab mobile development department was opened in October 2012 with the aim to extend the existent technical competence to the popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Currently, the mobile department numbers more than 25 specialists. They perform the whole cycle of mobile solutions development – from analyzing initial requirements and ending with solutions deployment: both to the standard stores (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Market) and intended only for enterprise distribution. Our mobile team Competences at snapshot: • Development of commercial solutions for protected devices • Development of business solutions with integration into existent infrastructure • Development of typical solutions for mobile platforms • Development of administration web-panels • Designing mobile SaaS solutions • Development of own libraries and drivers • Game development • Design and UI Technologies • Objective-C (iOS/OS X) • Java (Android/J2SE/J2EE) • C/C++ • С# • PHP/MySQL/Java Script 20+developers 2project managers 3test engineers 3designers
  3. 3. Fleet Management App Industry Supply Logistics Customer The main provider of asset tracking and fleet management solutions, including satellite tracking and corresponding communication systems for a range of industries such as oil & gas, forestry, mining, emergency relief, etc. App description The app is meant for drivers, pilots, crew of cargo vehicles and logistics specialists, who track and monitor the cargo fleet. The task faced by our team was to deliver a web-in- terface system to the mobile devices of the iOS platform for tracking land, aviation and marine assets at an iPhone or an iPad anywhere anytime. The core functionality encompasses: • Uninterrupted vehicle tracking even in the most remote regions • Global GPS coverage • Tracking vehicles and the main events such as departure or arrival with the chosen frequency rate, receiving GPS position reports • Displaying vehicle routes, main events or incidents on the map • Instant notifications and alerts of the vehicle operation after-hours or in unsafe zones • Adding, compiling, checking and approving of the necessary documents by app users • Constant messaging and alerts, that ensure communication in the emergency situations and helps stay in touch with the crew or the driver. Technologies and tools applied Objective C, DB: SQLite Platform: iOS
  4. 4. Industry Government Customer Governmental structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan. App description R-Style Lab specialists have developed a rather complicated solution – an application that provides access for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan to all govermental services offered by the web site using digital signature and personal certificates. Here are just some of the services listed in the portal: • Paying for various kinds of taxes and penalties • Paying bills for public facilities • Searching for the needed drugs in the nearest pharmacies • Paying the state fee for various public services • Possibility of calling to support desk • Looking through the history of payments etc. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: J2EE, IBM Websphere, DB: IBM DB2 Platforms: iOS/Android
  5. 5. Radiation Meterage App Industry Law enforcement Customer U.S. law enforcement agencies needed a reliable tool for handling the data received from radiation detection devices at a crime scene. App description The customer was provided with a reliable solution that became an everyday tool for specialists, who investigate crime scenes. The app significantly facilitates their working routine. It connects to a variety of radiation detection and radiation monitoring devices. Upon receiving the data, the application generates certain types of reports. The solution ensures safe data transfering to the server storage. The app functionalities enable users to: • Connect to radiation detection devices via Bluetooth or WiFi • Generate reports specifying all the available data: type of radioactive isotopes, detec tion devices and all the other details (date and time, geographic location, etc.), which could become evidence of the primary importance for the future investigation • Support text files, pictures and video data • Securely send reports to server for the further storage. Technologies and tools applied Objective-C, Cocoa Touch Framework Platform: iOS Links N/A Only enterprise distribution
  6. 6. Construction Projects Manager Industry Construction Customer A large construction company in the U.S that needed a web and mobile app for managing their projects. App description The app is intended for managing the construction projects of the company. It integrates the communication between the participants of the process in a single platform, that is available through a web browser and a mobile application from any terrestrial. The core functionality includes: • Separation of user access rights based on their project roles (administrators and managers) • Management of the project general properties – descriptions, maps, specifications and work plans • Sending notifications, when an individual subcontractor has fulfilled a milestone or finished all the required works on the project • Tracking the percentage of the fulfilled project works • The system of parametric search on projects and properties and saving the search results as reports. Technologies and tools applied Xcode, UIKit, Storyboard, CoreData, CocoaPods, RestKit, GoogleAnalytics, MessageUI Platforms: iOS Links N/A Only enterprise distribution
  7. 7. Mobile Office Industry Government Customer Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. App description The application presents a fully equipped virtual office for the representatives of Pension Fund of the Russian federation. The system completely integrates into existing company’s structure, provides access to software modules to existing users. The platform also implements full-featured administration console, and provides access to all of the system’s parameters. The functionality of the application encompasses: • Automated export and sorting of BI Reports • A task management system providing access to task and report workflows • Report visualization with charts • SSO for various services • Secure instant messaging with private conference rooms • Aggregation and management of calendar events • Feed-based news aggregation. Technologies and tools applied The system is designed as a 3-layer platform: Server components and business logic: J2EE, Tomcat, DB: PostgreSQL Platforms: iOS/Android
  8. 8. Rewards App Industry Restaurants, entertainment Customer A food service industry, namely a popular restaurant chain with the locations across four states in the U.S. App description The app provides a fabulous marketing opportunity by promoting eating locations of the given network, advertising their dishes, drinks and additional services. Visitors can share true information on the advantages and disadvantages of the network and get a reward for their effort. The core functionality includes: • Tracking the current user location and providing a list of the nearest eating locations where it is possible to get bonus points • Delivering information on the available discount and reward programs at the partner restaurants, cafes and bars • Social media integration, support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr • Making photos and sharing them with friends at a social network, providing additional comments and funny captions • A bonus delivery system: when getting enough bonus points, a user receives a QR-code or e-mail notification which can be used at a restaurant or a bar to be serviced free of charge. Technologies and tools applied PHP 5.3, Yii Framework DB: MySQL Platforms: iOS/Android
  9. 9. Mothercare Industry Commerce Customer Official representative of the shop network for future Moms and their babies in Belarus. App description R-Style Lab mobile team developed an application, which contains useful information for Moms and their babies, news and special offers of Mothercare network, funny babies quotes etc. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: PHP 5.3, DB: MySQL Platforms iOS/Android
  10. 10. Photo Collage App Industry Entertainment Customer A tile-vending shop that stands at the forefront of the Do-It-Yourself industry and inspires people to realize their own design ideas. App description Mobile app users can choose photos from their Сamera Roll or Instagram stream, create own photo collage and send the ready layout to be printed. Their mobile gadget and the app are the only things they need. The app provides basic picture editing options and none of them is too complicated or too techie. The application meets iOS Human Interface Guidelines standards and ensures flawless performance. Mobile users can swiftly get to the end-result and proceed with the printing order or get back and tweak the pictures again. The application supports the following features: • Photo editing (cropping & scaling, resizing) • Changing background color and size of tiles used • Sending the processed layout to be printed • Quick payment transactions • Providing shipping info • Intuitive interface and easy controls. Technologies and tools applied Objective-C, iOS CoreGraphics Framework Platform: iOS
  11. 11. Photoradar Industry Road police Customer Private legal entity, firstly the application was intended for personal use only. App description R-Style Lab specialists have developed an application, which later turned out to be useful for Belarusian car drivers. Here is just some part of the app functionality: • Allowing users to monitor speed violation fines they receive via road cameras • Notifying users about an approaching radar, radars map • Application server monitors user’s fines and sends push notification when penalty is issued • Auto news • Legal information etc. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: PHP 5.3, DB: MySQL Platforms: iOS/Android
  12. 12. R-Style Lab’s Own Products RS-Patrol App description R-Style Lab specialists developed RS-Patrol - a hardware and software solution developed specifically for road police for use in extreme conditions. It is running on a custom Android tablet (IPW67 certified) and integrated with several hardware accessories along with digital signature authorization technologies. The second version of the application runs on a protected Android smartphone designed by R-Style team as well. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: J2EE, Tomcat, DB: PostgreSQL Platform: Android Links N/A Only enterprise distribution
  13. 13. Shopping Mall Platform App description SaaS platform that allows for deploying a complete shopping mall infrastructure. It informs consumers about available services, discounts and special offers. The solution consists of mobile applications and server, which integrates into the shopping mall information system. Mobile applications are distributed either through open channels (App Store, Google Play) or the terminals that are permanently installed in the shopping malls. The features of the application encompass: • Information about available shopping mall services • Information about discounts and special offers • Paying for goods and making P2P transfers with the mobile app • Information about shopping mall movie schedule • Buying movie tickets with the mobile app (integration with popular services) • Exploring the shopping mall map • Indoor navigation • Ordering a taxi. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: PHP 5.3, DB: MySQL Platforms: iOS/Android
  14. 14. Event Platform App description The platform is designed for rapid mobile application development to support a particular event (conference, ceremony, workshop etc.) The app provides mobile users with an easy access to information about the event. The features of the application encompass: • Information about sponsors • Event timetable • Personal timetable • Notifications • Event news • Map of the conference rooms • Information about the speakers • Information about partners of the conference. Technologies and tools applied Server components and business logic: PHP 5.3, DB: MySQL Platforms iOS/Android Links With the help of the platform we’ve optimized the time needed, hence, costs for develop- ing the following apps so far:
  15. 15. Contact US We will be happy to respond to your questions and discuss your needs on the phone or by e-mail. All enquiries are processed and responded to within 24 hours. Please, use the following contact details to reach out to us: E-mail: Tel.: +375 17 306 48 56 Fax: +375 17 306 48 42 Mob: +375 29 368 55 55 Postal address: R-Style Lab Minsk, 76A Masherova av. ZIP 220 035