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Linux in cloud (Indonesian)


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Linux in Cloud Computing era, presented at GNOMEASIA 2015 Fast Track

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Linux in cloud (Indonesian)

  2. 2. IntroduksiIntroduksi ● Linux sebagai sistem operasi modular, efficient, scalable dan terbuka secara natural adalah enabling cloud computing operating system ● Tahun 2008, OpenNebula adalah OSS pertama yang digunakan untuk membangun infrastuktur cloud computing* * "The Reservoir model and architecture for open federated cloud computing". IBM Journal of Research and Development
  3. 3. FLEKSIBILITASFLEKSIBILITAS ● No vendor lockingNo vendor locking ● No idea limitationNo idea limitation ● No BSNo BS
  4. 4. BIAYA RENDAH ● Didukung tenaga dan riset yang memadai, penyedia layanan dapat menekan biaya lisensi sehingga berdampak terhadap harga layanan yang ditawarkan ● Selain biaya penggunaan Cloud Server rendah, Linux menawarkan banyak pilihan OS, development software, aplikasi terbuka yang dapat mereka gunakan
  5. 5. ● Semua pemain besar public cloud dunia, terkecuali Azure menggunakan Linux sebagai sistem operasi. Indonesia? CloudKilat, TelkomCloud, CBNCloud, dll, same story! ● Semua pemain besar public cloud dunia, termasuk Azure, menyediakan Linux sebagai sistem operasi virtual mesinnya
  6. 6. ● Linux was the core component powering the first generation of web businesses. These businesses could not have been built without a low-cost, flexible software solution as the foundation. Windows, meanwhile, was not a major player for reasons ranging from licensing costs to technology limitations. Amanda McPherson VP of Developer Programs, Linux Foundation
  7. 7. ANJAR HARDIENA ● CloudKilat Chief Operating Officer ● InfinysCloud Chief Linux ● Koordinator IGOS Center Bekasi ● Pembina KPLI Bekasi
  8. 8. ReferenceReference ● Image based on Google Image, labeled with reused with modification license ● IBM Journal of Research and Development ● Linux Foundation Whitepaper ● Various source