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Build your "Skills": Getting your Content Ready for Voice and Chatbots


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What’s coming next in content marketing? Voice-activated search! Semantic search is the future for search engines, and people search for topics using questions. In this presentation, you’ll learn voice basics and the specific things you need to do to get your content ready to drive more patients to your website and your services using voice-activated search.

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Build your "Skills": Getting your Content Ready for Voice and Chatbots

  1. 1. Build your “Skills”: Getting your Content Ready for Voice and Chatbots Ahava Leibtag, President Aha Media Group 2018 #MCSMN Annual Conference November 15, 2018
  2. 2. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  3. 3. Issues 1. Intent: What is the piece of information the person really wants to know? 2. Context: What are they doing? 3. Assumptions: What does the VAD think we know? 4. Prosody: How many different pronunciations, rhythms and tonality does the VAD need to anticipate? 5. Visual: There’s a complete lack of GUI
  4. 4. The Why & When of Voice • Accuracy: Google’s voice recognition has reached 95% accuracy, the same as a human listener. • Frequency: More than 40% of adults use voice search at least once per day. • Some bad news: According to Voice Labs: Once a user enables a voice app, there’s only a 3% change that they’ll be an active user by the second week @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  5. 5. TSRL: Typing, Speaking, Reading, Listening Type: 40 WPM Speak: 150 WPM Read: 250 WPM Listen: 130 WPM INPUT OUTPUT @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  6. 6. Capital One Alexa Skill
  7. 7. Web MobileSearch Social Voice/ Conversational AI 20 years, 5 waves of digital disruption @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  8. 8. Source: Google @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  9. 9. What problems could we solve? { APIs } User Needs Device Limitations Available DataContext
  10. 10. Voice 101
  11. 11. Vocabulary • Virtual assistant: A cloud-based service that understands voice commands and completes tasks • Apps: Third-party applications called “skills” or “actions” that help virtual assistants
  12. 12. The Big 4 Assistants and Their Search Engines @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  13. 13. Voice 201
  14. 14. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  15. 15. Front end/Back end Content/SEO considerations Keyword research Questions and answers Featured snippets Context Conversational tones Dialects Length Back-end considerations Structured data ( Speed and security (HTTPHTTPS) Mobile optimization Best practices for SEO @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  16. 16. SEO
  17. 17. Content that ranks highly in desktop search is also very likely to be used as a voice search answer. 75% of voice search results are from the top 3 desktop results. Source:
  18. 18. Entity Authority: Authoritative domains tend to produce more voice search results Source: @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  19. 19. Where do answers come from? Google: Uses answers from featured snippets at top of search results @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  20. 20. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  21. 21. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  22. 22. Keyword Research 1. Long tail keywords are very important 2. Look at competitors whose content is inside of featured snippets 3. Think about keywords in terms of: • When? • How? • What? • Who?
  23. 23. Questions and Answers
  24. 24. Answer questions with your content Source: Google @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  25. 25. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  26. 26. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  27. 27. Context
  28. 28. A linguistic lesson All language is contextual. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  29. 29. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  30. 30. Conversational
  31. 31. Managing Utterances Skill Building “Alexa, ask Northwell for the wait time at Huntington Hospital.”
  32. 32. Speech pattern recognition • Regional accents • Phrasing • Prosody • Pronunciation @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  33. 33. Length
  34. 34. The average voice search result is written at a 9th grade level Source: @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  35. 35. Voice search prefers concise answers, the average response is 29 words long Source: @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  36. 36. Your content considerations • SEO: You must focus on structured content that communicates meta data to the search engines • Write the way people talk: Think conversationally but still on-point for your brand (for your answers, not their questions) • Formulation: Context needs to be paramount • Length: It has to be short and quick, or it won’t work in a voice world • Elocution: Need to think about how people actually speak • Information satisfaction: Did the user get the information they wanted? Source: voice-search-2e35f0c3d290 @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  37. 37. Voice 301
  38. 38. Schema and Markup
  39. 39. Schema helps search engines know when to serve your answers Source: @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  40. 40. Why structured data? 1. Hello. It’s the future. 2. Communicate key information with search engines 3. Boost content visibility 4. Reach target audiences 5. Use can also now use the markup “speakable” Source: Search Engine Land, Why does structured data matter for SEO? 10/19/18 @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  41. 41. Follow accessibility guidelines
  42. 42. Final checklist for voice Content/SEO considerations Questions and answers Featured snippet Write conversationally Consider the way people speak regionally Keep it short Think context Back-end technical considerations Structured data ( Speed and security (HTTPHTTPS) Mobile optimization Follow best practices for SEO @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  43. 43. Chatbots
  44. 44. Chatbot Flows • The Golden Path (The Happy Path): the designed intent or the main purposes of your product • Error Paths: Can the bot recover when it doesn’t understand or receive input? • Escalate to Customer support: Should a human agent take over? • Linking to Accounts and Other Platforms: How do you need to integrate with other services? Examples include purchase, add to shopping list, message someone, call someone @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  45. 45. @ahavaL | #MCSMN What do I want? Error Paths Other services Human?
  46. 46. Other Chatbot Considerations • Use chunking to aid comprehension • Use shorter responses • You don’t want to ask a question where someone can say no • Quick replies: buttons at the end that anticipate what the user may want • Take advantage of web links @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  47. 47. Business considerations 1. Is our audience typically made up of early adopters? 2. Do we make our content experience valuable and contextually relevant to users? 3. Do we know what to expect from our efforts and how will we evaluate those successes? Source:
  48. 48. EXAMPLES
  49. 49. Health Guidance by VOICE Video Link: | #MCSMN
  50. 50. Health Guidance by CHAT BOT MEET MOLLY… Molly is a nurse avatar developed by Sensely ― an empathy-first patient engagement platform. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  51. 51. More About Molly Molly leverages Mayo Clinic content to assess patients and then direct them to the most appropriate level of care such as: – Self care – Clinical advice – Scheduling an appointment – Nurse line (telephonic) – ER direction @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  52. 52. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  53. 53. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  54. 54. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  55. 55. @ahavaL | #MCSMN
  56. 56. Thank you Ahava Leibtag Founder & President Alexa, are there any questions for me?