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Iu 20 admin conf 2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Iu 20 admin conf 2

  1. 1. Three R’s For Digital Coachingand Assessment Jeff Finch and Andrew Halter Hampton Township School District
  2. 2. Fluid Curriculum Focus onTechnology Assessment Best Coaching Practices
  3. 3. Turn and Talk• How is coaching utilized in your district?
  4. 4. CoachingDay to day Embedded support PD Long range district goals
  5. 5. Collaborative Partnerships
  6. 6. TPACK model Source:
  7. 7. Turn and TalkThink about a teacher in your district whosestrength lies heavily in one of these areas.What support do you have in place to helpthem acquire strengths in the other areas?
  8. 8. TechnologyWeb-supported learningTechnology infused assessmentBYOD supportIpod and Ipad implementation
  9. 9. PedagogyFormative assessment strategiesLiteracy based strategiesLesson design for student engagementData collectionSummative assessments project based learning/inquiry increased rigor and relevance
  10. 10. ContentConduit of best practicesObjective, non-evaluative observationsBalance and articulation of curriculumContent specific PD
  11. 11. Components of Quad D Rigor RelevanceUnpredictable OUTCOME Authentic AUDIENCETRANSFORMS Shows OWNERSHIPInformation ContextualHigher Order Thinking CONNECTIONS
  12. 12. Turn and TalkHave you seen Quad D Teaching? Describe an example
  13. 13. Assessment portfoliosTransparencyAccountability
  14. 14. Coaching
  15. 15. Technology Integration
  16. 16. “But How Do I Assess That?”
  17. 17. Rubric Evolution
  18. 18. R&R Applications: Math Mission: Disaster ReliefStudents role play air traffic controllers andRed Cross pilots to apply their knowledge ofpolar coordinates and other pre-calc skills in realworld crisis situations.
  19. 19. R&R Applications: Math
  20. 20. R&R Applications: MathHome BuyingExpenses• Students calculate costs involved in buying a homeArea Webquest• Students calculate various areas in a home renovation project
  21. 21. R&R Applications: Science Objective: Show a deep understanding of a specific content area and illustrate specific, relevant applications. Audience: Next year’s AP students Purpose: To introduce specific AP content in an engaging manner.
  22. 22. R&R Applications: English Objective: To synthesize elements of Julius Caesar and apply rhetorical devices. Purpose: To create a political ad promoting Marc Antony as the next Roman ruler. Audience: Citizens of Rome and peers
  23. 23. R&R Applications: History Voices from the Civil War Objective: Write and record a dramatic reading of a fictional Civil War letter that incorporates factual detail and utilizes image and music. Purpose: Bring historical details to life through a fictional perspective.
  24. 24. Beyond CoachingProfessional Learning NetworksProfessional Development CommitteesExtended days/departmental timeTeacher led PDInterns from local universitiesCo-TeachingUtilizing department chairs
  25. 25. More Examples and