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  • The key elements that came together in our coaching initiative
  • Key elements that have helped to establish our culture at Hampton. We will focus on the elements of Coaching, how this supports our Technology use and the significance of Best Practice in our building along with several examples of these in all curricular areas.
  • Turn and talk: How does coaching play a role in your districts?Coaching in our building has evolved over the past five years from the CFF grant, mostly technology support, to an instructional coach that still emphasizes technology, but also has expanded to be more versatile in supporting district goals.
  • The TPACK model captures the essence and ultimate goals of my role as a coach…helping teachers to move toward excellence, especially in areas of Technology and Pedagogy. Teachers and coach work together to identify areas of collaboration.
  • Rigor and relevance has become a framework for measuring effectiveness of our assessments
  • How coaching is promoted in our building: Soliciting support and differentiated, consistent PD. PLN to reinforce literacy based coaching
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    1. 1. * Andrew Halter, Instructional Coach Hampton Township School District
    2. 2. HTSD Digital Coaching
    3. 3. Fluid Curriculum Focus onTechnology Assessment Best Practices Coaching
    4. 4. Day to day Embedded support PD Long range district goals
    5. 5. Creating Collaborative Partnerships
    6. 6. Source: www.tpack.org
    7. 7. A Building Focus on Assessment
    8. 8. Andrew HalterHTSD Instructional Coach
    9. 9. *
    10. 10. * *…get students to take more ownership of their learning?” *…get students to find relevance?” *…help students be more digitally literate?” *…I get my students more engaged AND increase rigor?”
    11. 11. Students role play air traffic controllers andRed Cross pilots to apply their knowledge ofpolar coordinates and other pre-calculus skills inreal world crisis situations.
    12. 12. *A tsunami warning is issued forSanta Catalina, California. Oceanswells are approximately 10 feethigh from crest to trough, withwavelengths of 250 feet. Find anequation that models these swellsbefore you drown.
    13. 13. As an end of the year review. students create videos todemonstrate real-world applications and a thorough understandingof algebraic concepts.
    14. 14. Student resource Example
    15. 15. As an end of the year activity. students create videos todemonstrate real world applications and a thoroughunderstanding of chemistry concepts. These are used thefollowing year as introductions to the units.
    16. 16. * AP Chem Teaching Videos *
    17. 17. Example 2 Resource WikiAt an end of a unit on plan life, students create websites Thatare targeted at a 3rd grade audience. Emphasis is ontransforming information to make it educational and engaging.The best of these get to teach with a 3rd grade teacher.
    18. 18. To cover PA geography curriculum and make relevantconnections to the five geographical themes, students act astravel agents to create and sell a family trip package todestinations across PA.
    19. 19. GooglePlanning Google Presentation
    20. 20. At the end of a civil war unit, students read letters fromsoldiers, write one of their own from a fictional perspective,and create a dramatic reading with music and primary sourceimages using Ipads and Imovie.
    21. 21. Students participated in non-fiction literature circles enhancedby ipads, wikis, Google Docs, and other web 2.0 technologies.
    22. 22. This ninth grade lesson on effective research was co-designedand co-taught with all ninth grade teachers. It integrates ipads,wikis, and Google Forms to create an engaging model for lessondesign.
    23. 23. Tenth grade English students work together on acampaign team to support an election for MarcAntony or Brutus in Shakespeare’s JuliusCaesar. This project incorporates argumentativewriting, creativity with multiple technologies,and a very relevant setting.
    24. 24. * * Professional Learning Networks * Professional Development Committees * Extended days/departmental time * Teacher led PD * Interns from local universities * Co-Teaching * Utilizing department chairs
    25. 25. Resources:www.thedigitalshift.wikispaces.com