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W200 powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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W200 powerpoint

  1. 1. Technology In Today’s Classrooms By Amanda Halsted Click the arrow to go to the next slide!
  2. 2. Contents • Embracing Technology in our Classrooms • Embracing Technology in our Classrooms 2 • Why Would I Choose this Article? • iPad in Today’s Classroom • iPad in Today’s Classroom 2 • Why I Chose this iPad Article • Pod Casting in School • Pod Casting in School 2 • Why I Chose this Article • In Conclusion… • Start Reading more into my project! Click Here!
  3. 3. Embracing Classroom Technology by Bridget McCrea • Because this article centered around a teacher’s point of view before and after using technology in her classroom, it really gave a credible point of view on why we need technology in our classrooms today. • This article shows how a determined 1st grade teacher worked her way towards getting what she wanted for her classroom. • She also didn’t stop looking until she got what she was striving for: A classroom full of technology. Click the box to go to the next slide
  4. 4. Embracing Classroom Technology by Bridget McCrea • After switching schools, and sharing her concerns for a classroom full of technology with the principal, Gresser was able to pursue any type of technology she wanted within her budget. • Gresser discovered a chance to apply for a technology grant which made it possible for her to express what she felt the ideal classroom. • She expressed her need for technology and what types of things she would need in her classroom for this dream classroom. • Low and behold she won the grant, which made it possible to fulfill her aspirations for a dream classroom. • Although she stated it was pretty hard getting used to it all, she expressed how thankful she really was for the technology because it allowed her to teach with updated material, which is important. Also, it allowed her to have more hands on interaction with up-to- date material for her students.
  5. 5. Why Would I Choose this Article? • Although we all realize technology is something important in a classroom, I wanted to have an article with an actual teacher’s response to the need of technology. • If I were in her position, I would feel the same way about the need of technology. First of all, technology is needed to educate our students using different types of things they will use in the real world. • Without technology I think that the students are getting cheated out of something that they really need. • Also, I feel that technology creates many more ways that you can create a fun learning atmosphere. Click the box to next slide! view the Article
  6. 6. Today’s LaTesT: appLe ipad • iPad-A tablet computer released by Apple Computer, Inc. in March 2010. The iPad provides multi-touch interaction and multimedia processing. It uses a virtual keyboard for text input and runs most iPhone apps. • Many students and teachers are very impressed with this new innovation. • Easy to use for teachers as well as students and is said to have very much potential in the classroom. • The iPad creates a whole new realm for educators. Next Slide!
  7. 7. What can iPad do for You?! • The iPad has its own software development kit. Making it easier to interact with programs directly on the iPad. • Being so light and portable, teachers are able to carry it around throughout the classroom, and it doesn’t take up too much space. • The iPad keeps the students more in tune with the kinds of technology that is being produced. Thus making their education more in tune with what is going on in the world today. Next Slide Please!
  8. 8. Why Did I Choose this Article? • The iPad is one of the latest inventions that can be used in today’s classroom. • Like the laptop, I feel that this really can innovate the way we teach our students. • I am also very intrigued by the iPad, and am constantly wondering what types of resources I can use in the classroom to make it more interactive for my students and I think this is one way I can do that. • I think it is really neat that as years go on technology gets better and better, making it possible to do so many more things in education. • View this article! Click the box below! Click here to go to the next slide!
  9. 9. Podcasting: Transforming Middle Schoolers Into ‘Middle Scholars’ • Although this article is five years old, podcasting is still a major tool that not every teacher is taking advantage of. • This teacher created the three C’s that she went by when deciding to do podcasting: Creativity, Curiosity, and Confidence. • After highly monitoring her students, she was able to show her students a new form of technology that really teaches you, while you teach the public at the same time as being a lot of fun! Next slide Please!
  10. 10. Podcasting: Transforming Middle Schoolers Into ‘Middle Scholars’ • This middle school teacher was trying to come up with a new innovative approach to teaching. • She wanted a fresh way to help her students learn in a fun, and creative way that would help them have a desire to learn. • After trying to think of other ways to create a learning environment that would integrate her three C’s, she came up with pod casting. • She stated that you retain 90% of what you teach, therefore, through pod casting, her students would retain a lot more because they would essentially be teaching it. Next slide!
  11. 11. What I thought of this Article! • Even though pod casting isn’t as new as say the iPad, I still view it as a form of technology that really helps our students. • There are not very many teachers who use this as a learning tool so I think this is why it still feels new. • I loved the way that they came up with the three C’s. I think this is a great way to come up with ideas on how to teach creatively at the same time as making sure it is important information that the students are learning. View this Article! Next slide Please!
  12. 12. In Conclusion… • I feel that technology is a huge part of today’s classroom. • Every year more and more inventions come out so it is very important for us as teachers to stay up to date to what new technology comes out. • Between iPads, pod casting, or others, they can all influence our classrooms as well as ourselves more and more each year. Reference Page
  13. 13. References! McCrea, B. (2010). Embracing classroom technology. The Journal, Retrieved from Technology.aspx?sc_lang=en&Page=1 McCrea, B. (2010). Measuring the ipad's potential for education. The Journal, Retrieved from Education.aspx?Page=1 Podcasting: transforming middle schoolers into 'middle scholars'. (2005). The Journal, Retrieved from Into-Middle-Scholars.aspx?sc_lang=en&Page=2 Back to Contents Page