Report on customer service in telecom sector mine


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Report on customer service in telecom sector mine

  1. 1. - A case study on Banglalink -
  2. 2. Report On Customer Service in Telecom Sector A case study on Banglalink Course code: BUS 214 Course Title: Business Communication Submitted to Mr. Tanvir Ahmad Torophder Course Instructor Submitted by Group Name: The LEGENDS of BBAName IDMd. Ahadujjamanrony 1001010131Faglul Karim Raihan 1001010142Abdul Aziz 1001010127Shafkath Tazwar Zaman 1001010139Md. Mowdudur Rahman 1001010122Munna Banik 1001010149 Sec-C, 24th batch Department of Business Administration Leading University, Sylhet 2
  3. 3. Date of Submission: May 5, 2011May 5, 2011The course teacherBusiness CommunicationLeading University, SylhetSubject: Submission of ReportDear Sir.It is an enormous pleasure to submit our report titled “Customer Service in telecommunication:A Study on Banglalink’ assigned as a requirement of our course related.In preparing this report we have acquired many knowledge about Customer service of Banglalinkand other telecom company. We have tried our best to furnish the report with relevant data,which we had to collect from employees of Banglalink and their customer. We hope this report willhelp the telecom sector specially Banglalink to gather some insights on the windows to do furtherstudies in this aspect.I would like to convey our tributes to you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to work onthis topic. Your queries in this aspect will highly be expected.Please find enclosed here with a copy of questionnaire.Thank youSincerely yoursFaglul Karim Raihan Ahadujjaman RonyID: 1001010142 ID: 1001010131Abdul Aziz Shafkath Tazwar ZamanID: 1001010127 ID: 1001010139 3
  4. 4. Md. Mowdudur Rahman Munna BanikID: 1001010122 ID: 1001010149 Table of Contents Chapter Name Page No. Executive Summary viii One Introduction 08-14 1.1 Origin of the Report 09 1.2 Background of the study 09 1.3 Objectives of the study 09 1.4 Scope 010 1.5 Limitations 010 1.6 Literature Review 10-11 1.7 Methodology 12-13 1.7.1 Primary data collection 12-13 Personal Observation 13 Face to face Interviews 13 1.7.2 Secondary data collection 13-13 1.8 Report Overview 13 1.9 Definitions: 14 1.10 Acronyms 14Two Company overview 15-22 2.1 Background of the company 16 2.2 Product & service of the company 17-20 2.2.1 Product 17 2.2.2 service 19-20 2.3 Banglalink Customer Care 20 2.4 Banglalink sales and care centre 21 2.5 Network coverage of Banglalink 20Three Major Findings 23-27 3.1 Major Findings of Banglalink 24 3.1.1 Barriers of Customer care 24 3.1.2 Banglalink prepaid Internet vs other companies 25 prepaid internet 4
  5. 5. 3.2 Other findings 26-27 Four The Ending of The Report 28-30 4.1 Conclusion 29 4.2 Recommendation 30 Five Appendix 31-41 5.1 Appendix 1 32-35 5.2 Appendix 2 36-39 5.3 Appendix 3 40-41 5.3.1 Data table 40 5.3.2 Bibliography 41AcknowledgementFirst of all we pay a special thanks to my almighty God, who made us able to complete thisreport.Then we would like to give thanks to Renowned Philanthropist Mr.Ragib Ali as he establishedLeading University and we got this opportunity to read here.After wards, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. Tufayel Ahmed, Head ofthe Department of Business Administration, Leading University-Sylhet. 5
  6. 6. We would like to thanks our course teacher Mr. Tanvir Ahmad Torophder, respected lecturer ofLeading University for giving us this chance to make a report and spending time from his busyschedule to help us in shaping up this report.I acknowledge with deep gratitude to Banglalink and their employees for giving us their valuabletime to give many information regarding our topic .Our thanks also goes to our family members and many friends who are co-operated with us at anyof the steps of the report and continuously support us without any hesitation and make themselvesan important part of this job.Executive SummeryNowadays the world is very much competitive. So everyone has to be expert in both practicalknowledge and theoretical knowledge. On the whole the study that the customer service ofBanglalink is good. But they have to increase their network coverage.Banglalink is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its products andservices. Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services.Because, the company knows in near future, voice based services will reachto the maturity stage, which will make the business growth constant tosome extents. Hence, the c o mp a n y i s trying to maintain its position in non-voices services as well like SMS, Push-Pull, and Information related services at theearly growing stage. These services are working as a building block to increaseBanglalink’s service value. 6
  7. 7. Banglalink is continuously coming up with new ideas regarding its products andservices. Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services.Also, the c o mp a n y i s trying to maintain its position in non-voices services as welllike SMS, Push-Pull, and Information related services at the early growingstage. These services are working as a building block to increase Banglalink’sservice valueThe r e s u l t s revealed that c u s t o m e r satisfaction is a multidimensionalconstruct. In our study overall service quality refers to the rating of servicequality on a scale of 1 to 10. There were only t w o s i g n i f i c a n tdimensions that w e r e i m p o r t a n t in determining t h e overall service quality ofBanglalink, that i s , reliability, tangibles. Among them reliability has the mostsignificant influence on the overall s e r v i c e q u a l i t y of Banglalink. After r e l i a b i l i t y ,tangibles t h e next important dimension of Banglalink in determining theoverall service quality is empathy.From the overall model summary we can say that, our model is 64 percentcompatible/fit in m e a s u r i n g the o v e r a l l service quality o f Banglalink.Therefore it can be considered as a good modelTherefore we can say that w e are 9 6 percent co n fi d e n t that reliability h a ssignificant influence on t h e o v e r a l l service quality of Banglalink. The literaturereview was full of secondary information about the research. The terminological definition,explanations of the terms and detail of the departments are clearly described in this part of theresearch. Each of the categories are explained and ranked based on their importance afteranalyzing the questionnaire. Activities like TV, outdoor, face to face interviews, press &publications are the most talked about in this research.Finally, this research will encourage further study and useful guidelines for these types ofresearches 7
  8. 8. Chapter 1 Introduction1. Introduction1.1 Origin of the study:This report was assigned by Mr. Tanvir Ahmad Torophder Lecturer, Department of BusinessAdministration, Leading University, Sylhet, as a requirement for the fulfillment of BUS-214Business Communication course. The report was submitted on May 3, 2008.1.2 Background of the Study: 8
  9. 9. Telecommunication’ is a term coming from Greek and meaning ‘communication at distance’through signals of varied nature coming from a transmitter to a receiver. In order to achieveeffective communication, the choice of a proper mean of transport for the signal has played (andstill plays) a fundamental role. The necessity of communication begun as early as the existence ofmankind on this earth . Communication has become the vital tool for mankind to strife prosperouslyin this world.The history of telecommunication began with the use of smoke signals and drums in Africa, theAmericas and parts of Asia. In the 1790s, the first fixed semaphore systems emerged in Europe;however it was not until the 1830s that electrical telecommunication systems started to appear. Thisarticle details the history of telecommunication and the individuals who helped maketelecommunication systems what they are today. The history of telecommunication is an importantpart of the larger history of communication.1.3 Objectives of the Study: The objectives of the study are--- • To know about the customer service of Banglalink • To know the regulation and deregulation regarding Call rates change in Bangladesh. • To know the standard of Banglalink’s customer service • To know the satisfaction of Banglalink’s customer • Performance Analysis of Banglalink • Problems and Challenges of Banglalink • Two know the standard of customer care. • To know the position of Telecom sector in Bangladesh. • To know about the Competition with other operators. • To know the organizations opportunity for the caller. • To know the Barriers of Customer service and different solutions. • To suggest the different suggestion. 9
  10. 10. 1.4 Scope of the Study:The report focuses on customer relationship management in corporate sales. It also determines theloyalty factor of Banglalink. This report covers the present status of corporate sales as well as thecustomer cause and effect relationship analysis of their promotional activities, their tariffs andother issues. This study covers only sylhet city because of possible complexity and difficulty incovering whole country and because of shortage of time and manpower required for the survey.1.5 Limitations:Despite of the researcher’s highest effort the report making is not free from limitations. Some ofthose limitations are mentioned as follows: One of the major limitations faced while conducting the study was to communicate with the selected corporate clients because they were very busy with their regular jobs and there are very limited number of customer center. As we had more dependence on the primary s o u r c e s , so there might be some levels of inaccuracy with those collected information. Confidential information regarding past marketing and sales information was not accurately obtained. Many of the analysis on the obtained data are based upon our sole interpretation. This in result might bring some biases, as lack of knowledge and depth of understanding might hinder me to produce an absolute authentic and meaningful report.1.6 Literature Review:There are lots of literature reviews for Banglalink customer care. Lots of says many thing aboutBanglalink customer service. Some of these are given below. But most of says that Banglalink haspoor network. They suggest that Banglalink should increase their network coverage.Mr. Muhammad Arshad, Head of Customer Care at Banglalink -An Orascom Company saysabout Banglalink: Director Quality Assurance & Customer Retention: 10
  11. 11. The company grew from a subscriber base of 3 million in Oct 2004 to over 20 million in Sep -06Responsible for◊ Implementation a quality customer service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction andestablish Mobilink a truly customer focused company◊ To optimize and standardize Customer Care processes & activities to ensure quality service◊ Conduct in-house/out-sourced mystery survey to measure customer care performance◊ Conduct TNA (Training Need Analysis) through various measures◊ Ensure various training programs to cater all training needs at customer care◊ Employee performance development program to improve employee skills and minimize turn over◊ Comprehensive data analysis and Customer usages behaviour analysis to forecast and minimizethe possible churn through Business Intelligence◊ Various BTL &ATL activities for retention based on Business Intelligence analysis throughproactive as well as reactive approachMr. Deluar Hossain Robin, a customer manager says Create Banglalink mobile remittancetransfer method for Bangladeshi. he also said that At our country the new Banglalink mobileremittance method introduced and it is very easy for us to withdraw money. Banglalink mobilecompany bring it for us to transfer money from several countries. By using this we are able towithdraw money from anywhere at our country.Banglalink use several Bank for this system.At this system a Banglalink mobile user get a sms then he show this sms at Banglalink customercare then customer care representative give him the money. It is very easy.Mr. Saurav Sinha, Dept. of English, DU says the network of Banglalink is so poor. He also said thatBanglalink is in second position as a mobile operator company in Bangladesh and it is increasing itsnetwork coverage day by day. But last couple of days, the network has slowed down and it is reallyhard to get network not only at villages but also in metropolitan city like Dhaka. It is frustratingwhen we cant phone in our emergency times. A few days ago I was going to university and I had tophone my village home. I could not make a call. Recently, it is happening frequently for poor 11
  12. 12. network. I along with other people, request humbly to concerned authority of Banglalink to takeimmediate steps to make a smooth network.1.7 Methodology:In order to fulfill the objectives of the study both Primary and secondary data have beencollected.1.7.1 Primary data collectionWe have used three techniques of Primary Resources for my research and they are as followed: θ Personal Observation. θ Face to Face Interviews. Personal ObservationObservation is the process of recognizing and noting people objects and occurrencesrather than asking for information. Informal observations remove the elements of Bias and effectof reaction from research. Face to face InterviewsAs the field of study is limited within the Banglalink, It was decided that information willbe collected by direct face to face interviews. Face to face Interviews were held with ( Mr. AliAshraf and some other). Business centre Manager of Banglalink Telecom ltd. And we hadcollected customer survey from many corporate clients of different organization. Customersurvey had been conducted by 19 questions location at Sylhet city.1.7.2 Secondary data collection The secondary data were collected from the following sources: • Internal newsletter of the company • Various research journals of different research organizations • Web pages • Annual reports of the company1.8 Report overview: 12
  13. 13. The study is presented in 5 chapters.The First chapter of the study is called “Introduction” where I have given a shortintroduction about the report. This chapter is based on the reason of the report, the objectives,methodology and the significance of study.In Research Methodology we have described how the report has done like I have used bothprimary and secondary data. We have done practical deskwork, interviews and in the report afew things we have given on the basis of personal observation. We have also gone through manyInternet websites, newspaper, and journals to collect data for the report. We described about the objectives of the report and what is the plan regarding the report. The problems that we have faced in doing this report and the limitations of this research project are also described in this chapter.The Second chapter “Company Overview” describes all about the organization where we havedone our report. Also We have tried to describe about the types of services, various productsand their call rate.The Third chapter of the study is called “Major Findings” in this chapter we tried to describe ourall finding.The Fourth chapter is called “Conclusion & Recommendation” which is prepared based onthe results obtained from the previous chapter.The tenth and the last chapter include “Appendix, Data table” and the names of all the booksand resources from which I have collected the information and it is known as “Bibliography”1.9 Definitions:Customer service: is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.According to Turban et al. (2002), “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhancethe level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customerexpectation." 13
  14. 14. Pre-paid: Prepaid is a system where you pay for your phone calls in advance. Prepaid gives youthe freedom to use your mobile within your budget. it is an excellent way to control yourexpenditure.Post-paid: Post-paid customers are those that are billed for their use of a carriers services on amonthly basis, based on either the terms of a contract or on the amount of services they have used.Most mobile subscribers are of the post-paid type1.10Acronyms:1. SIM - Subscriber Identification module2. ITU - International Telecommunication union3. GDP - Gross Domestic Product4. TMIB - Telecommunication Malaysia International Bangladesh5. PBTL - Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited6. SAARC - South Asian Association for Regional Corporation7. GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication8. BTRC - Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission9. BTTB - Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board. CUG - Closed User GroupVAS - Value Added Service 14
  15. 15. Chapter 2 Company Overview2.1 Background of the Company:Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. was granted license in 1989 to operate in the rural areas of 199 upazilas.Later it obtained GSM license in 1996 to extend its business to cellular mobile, radio telephoneservices. It launched operation in the last quarter of 1997 as a Bangladesh-Malaysia joint venture. 15
  16. 16. In July, 2004, it was reported that Egypt based Orascom Telecom is set to purchase the Malaysianstakes in Sheba Telecom through a hush-hush deal, as Sheba had failed to tap the businesspotentials in Bangladesh mainly due to a chronic feud between its Malaysian and Bangladeshipartners. An agreement was reached with Orascom worth US$25 million was finalized in secret.The pact has been kept secret for legal reasons, considering financial fallout and because of thefeud.The main reason for the undercover dealing was the joint venture agreement between theBangladeshi and the Malaysian partners, which dictates that if any party sells its Sheba shares, theother party will enjoy the first right to buy that.Integrated Services Ltd. (ISL), the Bangladeshi partner, was being ‘officially’ shown as purchasingthe shares held by Technology Resources Industries (TRI) of Malaysia for $15 million. ISL thenpaid another $10 million to Standard Chartered Bank to settle Shebas liabilities.In September, 2004, Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom(Pvt.) Limited (“Sheba”). It was acquired for US$60 million. Sheba had a base of 59,000 users, ofwhom 49,000 were regular when it was sold. Afterward it was re-branded and launched its servicesunder the “Banglalink” brand on February 10, 2005. Banglalink’s license is a nationwide 15-yearGSM license and will expire in November, 2011.In March, 2008, Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited changed its name as Orascom Telecom BangladeshLimited, matching its parent company name.2.2 Product & Services of Banglalink:2.2.1 Product:Banglalink offer two types of connection package pre-paid and pos-paid.Pre-paid package:Banglalink offers the following prepaid products: 16
  17. 17. • Banglalink Desh • Banglalink Desh Ek Rate • Banglalink Desh Ekrate Darun • Banglalink Desh Rangdhanu • Banglalink Desh 7fnfPostpaid packages:Banglalink offers following post-paid packagesPersonal package 1 (Post- paid) :  Provides you the lowest call rates Waiver of monthly fee if usage is greater than Tk.500 (without VAT) Duplicating mobile number facility Up to 2 supplementary connections with attractive group talk rate.Personal package 2 (Post- paid) :  Minimum monthly bill of Tk.1,000 at the lowest call rates Monthly 150 FREE News SMS FREE itemized bill FREE golden number upon availability Duplicating mobile number facility Up to 2 supplementary connections with attractive group talk rate.Personal Call & Control (Post- paid) : Usage through recharging scratch card/I ‘top up Lowest monthly fees Helps you keep your usage within your control.Special package: ISD and E-ISD:All Banglalink Sims are ISD and it has opportunity to call only 7.50/= to 55 countries byusing 012 code called economy ISD. Corporate Package:Banglalink has around 40 corporate clients using prepaid or postpaid service. 17
  18. 18. International Roaming:It has roaming facilities in 5 country also. The fortunate matter is that within one month it isgoing to inaugurate roaming service in over 400 operators of 159 country.Price:Pricing is one of the marketing mix tools that a company uses to achieve it marketingobjectives. Banglalink decides its service pricing on the basis of cost based pricing. Theyalways think about the consumer purchase capability. That’s why they try to fix a reasonableprice for the consumer.Pre-paid (Standard) Package : Connection fee : 450.00 Tk. (20 Tk. Talk Time Free) 1st pulse for first 30 sec and 15 sec pulse onwards Any other operator tk - .99/min [9-5 pm] Any other operator, tk- 1.45/min [5-12 pm] Banglalink to Banglalink, tk- .25/min [12-9 pm] Banglalink to Other operator, tk- .25/min [12-9 pm] 20% Incoming bonus. 4 (FnF) facility in any operator ( Banglalink to Banglalink 0.25 Tk or Banglalink to Other operator .79) VAT will be added as usualSME Enterprise Package : Connection Fee, 499.00 Tk (50 Tk. Talk Time Free, 50 Free SMS) 20 % Incoming Bonus. Any other operator, tk - .99/min [9-5 pm] Any other operator, tk- 1.25/min [5-12 pm] Banglalink to Banglalink, tk- .25/min [12-9 pm] Banglalink to Other operator, tk- .25/min [12-9 pm 1 sec pulse banglalink to banglalink & 15 sec pulse other operator Minimum Monthly Bill tk - 100 4 (FnF) facility in any operator ( Banglalink to Banglalink 0.25 Tk or Banglalink to Other operator .79) Vat applicable 18
  19. 19. PCO Package: Connection fee: 600 Tk 1 sec pulse Payment facility in Cash Card Minimum charge 500 Tk . If monthly bill exceeds 2000 tk 5% exempted and if 4000 tk. 10% exempted.2.2.2 Services:Information based services: • Information based services• • Banglalink emergency• • Blood bank• • Healthlink• • Banglalink jigyasha• • Iinfo• • Railway junction• • Yellow pages• • Sms (text, quotes & jokes ...)• • International sms• • Quran ivr• • Namaz alertEntertainment: • Bbc bangla • Banglalink timer sms • Friend finder • Golpo chora gaan • Amar tune • Mig33 • Banglalink messenger • Song dedication • Power menu • Music station • Sms email 19
  20. 20. • Voice adda • Voice portal • Smsadda • Ring tones • logos • Picture messagesData based services:Available data based services are: » banglalink internet » banglalink internet modem » banglalink phonebackup » vehicle tracking: ntrack » stock info » azan alertCall management services:available call management services are: » banglalink easy divert » voice message » call block » callme back » missed call alert » conference call » call waiting » caller line identification presentationMobile financial services:available mobile financial services are: » electronic money order with bpo » mobile trainticket » mobile bill-pay » mobile remittance2.3 Banglalink customer care:Banglalink delivers customer care using its call centers and customer care networks.Currently Banglalink provides customer care services to its clients through: • Banglalink sales & care centres • Banglalink points Are aimed at providing a complete mobile solution, connections, handsets, accessories and provide selected customer services like SIM replacement, reconnection, bill payment etc. They are strategically located at key points 20
  21. 21. around the country. Kallol Group, a local distribution company, had partnered with Banglalink to operate at least forty Banglalink points through out the country. As of March, 2008, the deal with Kallol Group has been called off and Banglalink is focusing on managing its own customer care centers. • Banglalink service points • Banglalink care lines are call centers serving customers 24 hours 7 days a week with instant solutions.2.4 Banglalink Sales & Care Centers:LocationDhaka ccc (Gulshan)rangs arcadeground floor, south side 153/agulshan north avenuegulshan circle – 2Dhaka ccc (Motijheel)humayun courtground floor, 21 motijheel c/aDhaka – 1000Chittagong cccforum central, ground floor787/863, m.m. ali roadgolpahar circlechittagong-4000.Sylhet ccckhairun vabon, 1st floormirboxtolachowhattasylhet -3100Rajshahi ccc19a,cantonment road, ground flooruttara clinic moreuposhaharrajshahiKhulna ccc69, k.d.a. avenue, 1st floorKhulna2.5 Network coverage of Banglalink: 21
  22. 22. Network Coverage, now-a-days, has become most strategic strength for any operator andBanglalink has given the highest priority regarding the coverage. At present, TBL has 668 BTSaround the Bangladesh and the distribution is like in Dhaka City (177), Dhaka Division (134),Chittagong City (71), Chittagong Division (77), Khulna Division (50), Rajshahi Division (86),Barisal Division (35) , Sylhet Division (38). In fact it has network coverage in 61 districts but thetruth is that the weakest part of the TBL is its low network coverage 22
  23. 23. Chapter 3 Major Findings 23
  24. 24. 3.1 Major Findings of Banglalink:3.1.1 Barriers of Customer Care:1. BureaucracyOne important reason why customer service can suffer in organizations is due to bureaucracy. Themore layers and red tape an employee has to go through to service a client, the more difficult it canbe.2. Overworked StaffOverworked staff can be the result of understaffing, layoffs, rapid growth or assigning too manytasks to too few people.3. Underworked StaffThe exact opposite can have a similar effect on customer service. If your staff is underworked, theywill feel less challenged, under-appreciated and unimportant.4. Having a Non-Caring CultureThe workplace culture can have a substantial effect on how customer service cases are handled. Ifthe workplace climate is one where customers are not cared for, where staff doesn’t care about theirwork, or if the environment is not empowering, your staff will under-deliver whenever presentedwith a customer service case.5. Poor AccountabilityIf your staff is not held accountable for customer service, there is no reason for your staff to tryharder to make sure customers are happy.6. Insufficient SystemsIf the systems your staff uses when working with clients perform poorly, are slow, containinsufficient data or doesn’t track your client data appropriately, you are going to run into a problem. 24
  25. 25. 7. Customer Value Hasn’t Been CommunicatedIf your staff has never been taught the value of customers to your organization, they will most likelynot know how to treat them.8. Lack of IncentiveYour staff must be given the appropriate incentive to give clients outstanding service. If they arenot incented, you have given them no reason to go that extra mile for your customers.3.1.2Banglalink pre-paid Internet vs other company’s pre-paid internet:Banglalink Internet, initially it was only present in post paid connection, but, for about one year itspresent both in pre paid and post paid connection.As a pre paid Banglalink subscriber, I use unlimited Banglalink pre paid connection.Other companies are the pioneer in mobile internet in Bangladesh. They provide various typesprepaid internet service.But, now both companies provide average internet service, here I’m comparing between these twomobile internet service providers.Here is the comparison between other company’s prepaid internet & Banglalink prepaid internet: ‘Unlimited internet’:Other company doesn’t have this service, if you are someone who have to go for lots of download,who has a rapid share account – obviously he can’t go for 3GB limited internet.Here, Banglalink has the solution – they provide unlimited internet in prepaid connection. ‘Value’:Where Postpaid grameen phone value is 850tk monthly, there Banglalink provides this service for650tk monthly.Here, using Banglalink is better than other companies. ‘Limited internet service’: 25
  26. 26. If you are some one who doesn’t go for lots of download, but, you have to browse a lot and alwaysneed internet where ever you go and you don’t want to give lots of money for internet. Then, youhave to go for limited internet service.Here is no choice for you, as this service is present only in other company’s prepaid internet. Youcan you 1gb or 3gb according to your need. But, if you use Banglalink, you can not go for that kindof service.Value of 3 GB limited internet is more than Banglalink’s unlimited one! Speed:Hey, everyone knows about it, other companies are better than Banglalink in this field. But,Banglalink isn’t bad as well. You can read my previous blow regarding Banglalink internet. ‘Freedom of selecting call rate plan’:Other company provides this service, but Banglalink doesn’t. You must be a Desh subscriber to useit!3.2 Other Finding: There are some important findings, which are given below: 1. Customer does not get diversified corporate SIM packaging 2. Customer’s are not well-known about corporate services and tariff 3. District level govt. & private offices have no idea about corporate facilities 4. Existing customers are facing problems of billing system 5. The network of Banglalink is not satisfactory 6. Existing customers are not happy to promotional campaign 7. Maximum subscribers face network problem. Its graph shows 65% corporate clients are not well satisfied with network facility cause they are agree with moderate. then 25% corporate clients are agree with better network bar and only 10% clients are 26
  27. 27. agree with best network bar. So it proves that maximum subscribers are not satisfied with network facilities. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION OF NETWORK COVERAGE 70 Serie2 60 Series1 50 40 30 Series2 20 Series1 10 0 MODERATE BETTERBEST 7. Customers want to get free hot line 24 hours service. It graph shows corporate clients want to get 24 hours hotline service 24%.Then free hot line service want to get 68% and only office time hot line service want to get 8%. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION OF HOT LINE SERVICE 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 24 HOUR HOTLINE SERVICE 27
  28. 28. Chapter 4The Ending of the Report 28
  29. 29. 4.1Conclusion:Banglalink Bangladesh ltd introduce in 2005. When service came with lower tariff was thestrong path to influence people about the new service. In that time Banglalink followed a smoothmarketing strategy. Banglalink formed a cheap rate for the first time in Bangladesh. Banglalinkmaintains relation ship marketing policy as well. So that there sales volume is more then others.At a time Banglalink takes also better position in consumer mind by its quality, attractive tariffplan etc. I gather some essential information from my survey that has needed to improve in somesector like network coverage, marketing strategy, promotional activities, customer satisfactionetc. Finally it says that Banglalink estimates of life time relationship value accentuate theimportance of retaining current customers. Banglalink provides proper information to theircustomer about new product or service. It is another good way to stay in touch and increasesales or get referrals. Banglalink offer discount for valued customer to maintain goodrelationship.Report on Customer Relationship Management in corporate sales of Banglalink is the part of ourcredit course of BBA Program. I learn so many things from this report about BanglalinkBangladesh its service nature, its distributors, retailers, consumers and its overall marketingcondition in communication sector. This report will assist me to build up a better career in the jobsection. 29
  30. 30. 4.2 RecommendationsBanglalink Bangladesh Ltd. can follow various measures to overcome these problems. Here aresome recommendations in this regard:1. Banglalink corporate SIM packing must be different compare to other provider’s packages.2. Corporate booklet must be necessary to inform about the corporate facilities.3. Corporate proposal must be sent to the government or private offices at the district levels through market coordination officers or dealers.4. They should improve the performance of the billing system in a quick manner.5. Attractive promotional items are necessary to satisfy the corporate clients.6. Network facilities should be wide.7. Promotional advertising must be necessary for corporate package.8. Provide free 24 hours hotline service for corporate clients.9. Corporate tariff must be lower than other packages.10. They should develop new competitive packages for the corporate customers.11. Increase the value added services.12. Closed user group (CUG) must be needed for corporate package.13. Should be monitor the existing customer and provide better service.14. The complexity of the GPRS facility should be reduced. 30
  31. 31. Chapter 5 Appendix Appendix - 1 Questionnaire For Customer 31
  32. 32. Dear customer, a very good moment to you. We are going to ask you some question about customerservice. Your furnished fare date will help us to assume the customer service in telecom sector.Your personal perception and honest answer is considered vital importance for the success of ourstudy. No answer is considered right or wrong your identity will be kept confidential. Thank youvery much for your time and interest. Proceed us to start the survey, please.Name:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Age:……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Occupation:……… ………………………………...………………………………………………………Q1: By which way do you take customer service from Banglalink? o Website o 121 o 123 o Customer Care CentreQ2: What type of services do you take from Banglalink? Services Yes No MMS SMS International SMS Internet Money Transfer / Remittance Railway Ticket Miscall Alert Call Block 3G Welcome TuneQ3: For recharge your balance what type of system do you use? o i-top up o Card 32
  33. 33. Q4: How much are you satisfied with all the services of Banglalink? ___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Q5: Do you think the call rate is reasonable? o Yes o No o If no, what it should be-Q6: Are you satisfied with Banglalink’s network coverage? ___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Q7: Did you visit any customer service centre? o Yes o NoIf yes, how much time they spend for you-Q8: How much are you satisfied with their service? ___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Q9: How would you evaluate the Internet package that you are currently using? ___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Q10: What is the difference between Banglalink and other services? o Lower Call Rate o Available Network o Very Useful Customer Services o Get Extra Facilities From Others 33
  34. 34. Q11: What Banglalink should do to improve their customer service ?Q12: Do you think Banglalink has enough customer care centre? o Yes o No o Not SureQ13: How long have you been using Banglalink connection? o Recently o Few Months o 1-2 o From the beginning o Can’t RememberQ14: Which time slot you prefer to communicate for your business purpose? o Corporate hour o Off-peak hour o Super off-peak hourQ15: How much effective GPRS service in your business? o Better o not so good o bestQ16: Banglalink one of the local mobile service provider how much it influence you in case oflink with mobile phone technology? o Very much o Moderate o Not too much 34
  35. 35. Q17: What is the main influencer of you to connect with a mobile operator? o Friends o Family members o Corporate dealers o OfficialQ17: How much money per month (on an average) you spend for mobile service? o Less than 500 o 500 - 1000 o 1000 - 3000 o 3000 and over.Q18: Are you satisfied with current call rate? o Yes o NoQ19: Can you really talk from any place to every where? o Yes o No o Yes, but sometimes face problems 35
  36. 36. Appendix 2 Questionnaire For Customer ManagerDear Manager, a very good moment to you. We are going to ask you some questionabout customer service. Your furnished fare date will help us to assume the customerservice in telecom sector. Your personal perception and honest answer is consideredvital importance for the success of our study. No answer is considered right or wrongyour identity will be kept confidential. Thank you very much for your time andinterest. Proceed us to start the survey, please.Name:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Age:……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Occupation:……… ………………………………...………………………………………………………Q1: How long have you been working in this company?Q2:please specify the followingParticulars DescreptionNumber of customerNumber of customercare centerNumber of customermanagerQ3:What type of service customer generally prefer? 36
  37. 37. Services Yes No MMS SMS International SMS Internet Money Transfer / Remittance Railway Ticket Miscall Alert Call Block 3G TV News Welcome TuneIf you have internet service, Do you think that your cutomer aresatisfied with this service? ___|_ __|_ __|_ __|_ __|__ 1 2 3 4 5 37
  38. 38. Q4:What type of problem do you generally face from customer?Q8:How long do you noramlly take to provide service to a cutomer?Q5: Is your company have enough network coverage?Q5: Is your company have enough network coverage?Q6: Is your company have any plan to increase network service?Q7.Is the company have any special online customer service?Q8: What are the difference between your company and other company ? 38
  39. 39. Q9: Do you provide any service on behalf of Government to yourcustomer ?Q10:What types of problem customer generally ask to solve?Q11:Does the rural area’s customer get same facilities like urben area’scustomer ? Appendix 3 39
  40. 40. Appendix: 35.3.1 Data Tables: The Graphical Representation of Corporate Client Respondents Graphical Representation of Monthly average call volu Low Level (250 Min/Month)19% Top Level (600 Min/Month)46% Middle Level (450 Min/Month)35% Top Level (600 M in/M onth) M iddle Level (450 M in/M onth) Low Level (250 Min/MonthAccording to the corporate survey, pie chart shows top level of corporate subscribers usesaverage 600 minutes per month which percentage shows46%.Next mid level of corporatesubscribers uses average 450 minutes per month which percentage shows 35% and low level ofcorporate subscribers uses 250 minutes which percentage shows 19%.It proves thatmaximum corporate subscribers use more with satisfaction. 40
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