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Cover karnaphuli-Interne report


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Cover karnaphuli-Interne report

  1. 1. Report On Industrial Training AT KARNAPHULI KNIT WEAR LTD. Course code – TE-410) Academic Supervisor MD. MominurRahman Lecturer, Dept. of Textile Engineering Faculty of Science & Information Technology Submitted By: Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mamun – 103-23-2271 Faculty of Science & Information Technology Program: B.Sc in Textile Engineering Department Of Textile Engineering Date of Submission:11/12/2013 i
  2. 2. Declaration I thereby declare that this has been done by us under take supervision of Md. MominurRahman, Lecturer, Daffodil International University, I also declare that neither this industrial attachment nor any part thereof has been submitted else here for award of any degree. SUPERVISED BY Md.MominurRahman Lecturer Department of TE Daffodil International University Md. Golam Kibria IE Incharge KARNAPHULI KNIT WEAR LTD. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mamun ID: 103-23-2271 ii
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT All pleasure goes to the Almighty Allah to give me strength and ability to complete my project. It was a great opportunity for me to complete the attachment. I feel grateful to my academic supervisor Md. MominurRahman, Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Daffodil international University him continuously guiding us about the development and preparation this report. he has enriched me with sharing necessary theoretical and practical ideas and supervised me to complete this report on time. I also wish to express my gratitude to Prof Dr. S.M. MahbubulHaqueMajumder, Dean, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Daffodil international University for his continuous guidance to prepare this report. I would like to express my thanks to Prof. Dr. Md. MahbubulHaque, Head, Department of Textile Engineering, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Daffodil international University for his kind help to finish my report. I am highly indebted to the authority of Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd, for allowing me to do a substantial part of the experiment work in their dyeing lab. Without their support I could not be able to finish the project. Especially I am thankful to Md. Gola Kibria (TE Incharge) without his permission no work could be done at the factory. Finally I wish to avail Myself of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to my beloved parents and my friends for their mental support, strength, help and everything. iii
  4. 4. Executive Summary The internationally recognized buyers or clients are looking for those countries for producing their industrial products where different types of mills have established as a one stop source for the global market, satisfy and meet customer’s expectation by developing and providing products and services on time, which offer value in terms of Quality, Price, Safety & Environmental impact. And also assure complete compliance with international quality standards and also to provide the employees internationally acceptable working condition/standards. In Bangladesh, there are different types of Textile Industry those are producing high quality textile and product Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. is one of them. Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. is Dyeing fabric Manufacturer & Exporter, having all state of the art facilities with annual turnover Tk. 60,00000 to 80,00000 They have Different types of Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing machines supplied by mostly Japan, Taiwan, U.K, USA, Singapore, etc. which are very latest. It has high production rate finished garments are produced per day. The production is controlled by skill persons. All of the decision makers of production sector in Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. are not textiles graduates. Finishing are well branded. They produce their product for their buyer and client those are coming from international market like U.K, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. They follow all the system for their machines maintenance so production cannot hamper. In this report, I have tried to give some information about Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. and I have observed that Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. produce high quality dyeing fabric and fulfill the special requirements from the different types of buyers by according different internationally recommended standard method. iv
  5. 5. Table of Contents Declaration 2 Acknowledgement 3 Executive summary 4 Table of Contents 5-7 Chapter- I PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 General Information About Factory 3-4 CHAPTER – II MAN POWER MANAGEMENT 2.1Organizational Structure 6 2.2Man Power 7 2.3 Management System 7 2.4 Function of Karnaphuli Knit Wear Ltd. 8 v
  6. 6. CHAPTER – III MACHINE DESCRIPTION 3.1 List of machinery 10-12 3.2 Machine Specification 13 3.3 Some important sewing machine specification 13-15 CHAPTER – IV RAW MATERIALS 4.1 Raw Material 17 4.2Names & Sources 17 4.3Raw Materials 18 4.4 Accessories store source 19 4.5 Engineering Store source 20 CHAPTER – V PRODUCTION PLANNING SEQUENCE& OPERATIONS 5.1 Production flow chart 22 5.2 Garments Sectors 23-26 5.3 Flow chart of production planning 26-29 5.4 Sequence & Operation 30 5.5 Organ gram of sample department 31 5.6 Sequence of product development 32-33 5.7 Specification for garments given by Buyer (Garments Details) 34-35 5.8 Cutting Section 36-39 vi
  7. 7. CHAPTER – VI QUALITY ASSURANCE 6.1 Q.C Department 41-42 6.2 Faults found in QC Department 42 6.3 Quality Assurance System 43-44 CHAPTER – VII MAINTENANCE 7.1 Maintenance of Machinery 46 7.2 Maintenance Tools& Their Equipment 46-47 7.3 Boiler Machine Maintenance Schedule 47-49 CHAPTER – VIII UTILITY 8.1 Power and Utility 51 CHAPTER – IX STORE & INVENTORY CONTROL 9.1 Inventory system for Raw material 53-56 CHAPTER – X KNITTING SECTION 10.1 Organogram of Knitting vii 58-60
  8. 8. 10.2 Process Flowchart for Knitting 61 10.3 Category of Weft or Circular Knitting 61-63 10.4 Terms of Knitting 63-65 CHAPTER-XI DYEING SECTION 11.1. Organogram of Dyeing 67 11.2. Flow Chart for Dyeing 68 11.3. M/C Specification 68-72 11.4. Batch Management 73 11.5 Function or Purpose of Batch Section 73 CHAPTER-XII FINISHING SECTION 12.1. What is finishing 75 12.2. Object of finishing 75-76 CHAPTER – XIII MARKETING ACTIVITIES (MERCHANDISING) 13.1 Manpower 78-79 13.2 Duties & Responsibilities of Marketing Officer 79 viii