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AHAA & AARP Generational-Cultural Study Session at #ThinkAHAA


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Research: The Not So Hidden Value In Generational Trends: Targeting the Best Hispanic Customer - An AHAA-AARP Generatonal-Cultural Study

Where are tomorrow’s true growth opportunities? A presentation and panel discussion serves up a first look at groundbreaking research commissioned and directed by AHAA and funded in part by AARP. This first-ever in-depth study of all Latino Generational Segments – a multi-sourced, integrated analysis conducted with Scarborough/MRI – is packed with compelling insights and implications:

*How are psychographics and purchase habits changing across Latino Millennials, GenXers, and Younger/Older Boomers?
*Do different generations show different levels of acculturation?
*What generational similarities and differences exist between Hispanics and non-Hispanics?
*What categories represent new, dynamic Generational & Acculturation opportunities?

Presenter: Scott Willoth –SVP Methods & Analytics, Scarborough Research

Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez - EVP Multicultural Markets & Engagement, AARP

Nancy Tellet, Senior Vice President, Research & Consumer Insights, Tr3s

Moderator: Leo Olper, Business Development and Integration Manager, d expósito&Partners

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