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Eff' this College


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“Eff’ this College” is a transmedia presentation of the book: The Diverted Dream. The presentation examines the educational exploitation of American community colleges.

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  • @xiby George, thank you for your comment. You bring up an interesting point. I would be very curious to know a student or parents response.
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  • Thank you Renn for your comment.

    I agree with you, community college are 'not necessarily a bad thing.'
    The purpose of this presentation was no to deter anyone from school instead it is a tool that can be used to help people make informed
    decisions about the schools they choose to attend.
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  • @Beerli Sally Smith thank you for your comment :)

    I however don’t believe that the general public “traps themselves in education.” But I do believe the “education trap” is used to separate people into two different schools of thought.

    One group is taught to think in terms of leadership, analysis, and political motivations while the other group is taught to think in terms of procedures, obedience, duties, and discipline. As a result the first group is transformed into the pacesetters of society while the latter group is marginalized into the shadows of society.
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  • @hudali15 Ali Anani, thank you for your comment:)
    I'm glad you liked the production value of the presentation. I was also surprised by the statistic on slide 21. Prior to my research I didn't expect that.
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  • This is about community colleges, but 4-year colleges are not much better. Standards suffer when catered to the masses. But it is not necessarily a bad thing if we recognize it for what it is. I was amazed the other day when I saw on TV many people didn't know how to multiply 15 by 6.
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Eff' this College

  1. 1. Eff ’ this COLLEGECommunity College Mythology 101 Taught By: Ah’Livia Now Enrolling!
  2. 2. (ACC) – a tool toensure equal educationto the masses and…
  3. 3. … it’s affordable!
  4. 4. But (ACC)wanted to berecognized as areal school &not just ademocratic tool
  5. 5. World War II left classroomsempty because many menwere off at war
  6. 6. (ACC) attracted more students bypromising that they would be able to transfer/hop to a 4-year college
  7. 7. Rich students completely dismissed the idea Poor & educationally disadvantaged students found transferring beneficial
  8. 8. However, 4-year colleges didn’t want the low-status students
  9. 9. But since the war lowered academic enrollment,4-year colleges were also seeking ways to increase admissions
  10. 10. So, 4-year collegesopened their doorsto transfer studentsand resulted in…
  11. 11. academic academicreputation enrollmentCommunity 4 - yearcolleges colleges
  12. 12. Butsurprisingly,the (ACC)madetransferringchallenging …
  13. 13. by introducingloop holes…
  14. 14. to divert students away from 4-year colleges & into trades TRADESCOLLEGE
  15. 15. That way only themost advanced &perseveringstudents wouldtransfer…
  16. 16. …thusrepresentingthe highest ofthecommunitycollegestudents
  17. 17. For theremainingstudents,communitycollegesare nottransferschools butterminal &tradeschools
  18. 18. Discouragedstudentseither stopwanting topursue highereducation &drop out or…
  19. 19. …they become ensnarled in thepredatory trap of trade schools
  20. 20. In Texas, for example, of every 100 students who enrolled in a public college Community College 4-year collegeOnly 2 students Only 5 studentsearned their 2 year earned their 4 yeardegrees on time degrees on time
  21. 21. Myth - college is glamorousReality - college is insidious
  22. 22. College Mythology 101 Taught / Created: Ah’livia ah.livia@yahoo.comthis COLLEGE
  23. 23. INSPIRATION The Diverted Dream was the foundation of this transmedia presentation. The book explores the historical motives and modern consequences of American community colleges. But, history lessons can sometimes be boring. I ignited interest in the subject by combining the history lesson with the high intensity art of Maurizio Cattelan’s “L.O.V.E” to create an initial shocking composition. This was done intentionally to set the stage for the alarming pretext behind American community colleges. - Ah’livia
  24. 24. Works consulted and quotes obtained fromDESCRIPTION CITEThe Diverted Dream Opportunity/dp/0195048164/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=13265979By Steven Brint, 66&sr=1-1Jerome Karabel Entire presentation is transmedia content based on this bookNew York Times“College GraduationRates Are StagnantEven as EnrollmentRises, a Study Finds”By Tamar Lewin See slides 16, 21Consumer Warning trap-what-you-should-know-to-avoid-getting-caught/“The Trade SchoolTrap: What YouShould Know to AvoidGetting Caught”By Jillian Estes See slide 20
  25. 25. IMAGE CITEDESCRIPTIONMiddle finger cattelan-19335_1.jpgPencil with War II content/uploads/2009/10/World_War_II_Chronicles_20.jpgHopscotch chairs1.jpgDoor & mat
  26. 26. IMAGE CITEDESCRIPTIONGolden gate cards R8_p5Xs/bxp66034h.jpgLegs in loops signWoman,, cementstairsHomer shirts-im%20so%20Smart-tee-1.jpg3 way path sign trap content/uploads/2009/04/diploma-trap.jpg
  27. 27. IMAGE CITEDESCRIPTIONTV & couch 1F305080B3BA%7D/uploads/ESPN3_College_Football_on_TV.jpgMiddle finger & white dA2xULZ3M/s1600/middle-finger.jpgdrawingEmpty desks 8TG0I/AAAAAAAABH8/aNNj3SxpJ_s/s400/empty-classroom-0127.jpg