Empowering Customers to Become Your Evangelists - MozCon 2013


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As an internet marketer or community manager, you have the power to turn customers into one of your strongest, most cost-effective marketing teams. By creating great experiences for customers during good times and bad, they'll share their successes and demonstrate the value you've given them to a broader audience, much to the delight of your marketing and customer service teams.

I've included examples of companies that do a great job of this already, including Mailchimp, Think Geek, and Fab.com.

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Empowering Customers to Become Your Evangelists - MozCon 2013

  1. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Empower Your Customers to Become Your Evangelists Aaron Wheeler Help Team Leader Moz
  2. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon 1. Make an emotional connection 2. Make everything public 3. Make everything easy
  4. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  5. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Belonging & Being Valued
  6. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Customer Service Establishing a connection Making people feel good
  7. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Marketing Establishing a connection Making people feel good Making it public
  8. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon When a customer shares their good vibes you’re gonna: Acquire New Customers Retain Old Customers Increase Their Spend Decrease Their Rage
  9. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon When a customer shares their good vibes you’re gonna: Acquire New Customers Retain Old Customers Increase Their Spend Decrease Their Rage Build links Build community
  10. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://hbr.org/2011/06/why-customer-referrals-can-drive-stunning-profits/ar/1 http://ftbeowulf.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/think-geek-customer-service-experience/ http://www.reddit.com/r/gadgets/comments/16tuij/thinkgeek_has_a_great_customer_support_too/ “Customers obtained through referrals are 18% more loyal and 16% more valuable” ACQUIRING NEW CUSTOMERS
  11. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon https://www.facebook.com/warbyparker/posts/10151690831653838 http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/report/warby-parker-co-founder-neil-blumenthal-dishes-on-the- eyewear-companys-sudden-success/1982 “Our customers are purchasing glasses far more frequently [than the rest of the industry]. We’re seeing much higher repeat purchase rates and more customer loyalty.” RETAINING OLD CUSTOMES
  12. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://www.guardian.co.uk/media-network/media-network-blog/2013/mar/13/social-media-customer-engagement 70% will spend more because of a history of good customer service. INCREASING SPEND
  13. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://moz.com/blog/Colossal-Day-of-Craziness
  14. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon So how do you make the good vibes vibe?
  15. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Step One:
  16. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Yeahhh... umm. We were making great content before it was cool.
  17. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Have you been making great help content?
  18. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  19. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  20. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Build a help content strategy
  21. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Google Analytics > Content > Site Search > Search Terms Slide Title
  22. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon What are the top 10 questions about...?
  23. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Peggy Olson Chief Copywriter, SC&P INTERNAL MEMORANDUM TO: Customer Service Department Dear Customer Service Team, Want to receive fewer emails and calls answering repeat questions? 1. We’ve set up a place for creating help content. 2. I’ve attached a list of FAQs we see via search. 3. I’ve also attached the Beginner’s Guide to SEO. Let’s work together, shall we? XOXO Peggy
  24. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/ed6b/ http://www.bazaarvoice.com/research-and-insight/social-commerce-statistics/ Consumer reviews are 12 times more trusted than descriptions from manufacturers
  25. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/windy-city-dress
  26. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon https://satisfaction.mint.com/mint/topics/why_do_reimbursements_show_up_as_income
  27. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon That’s more like it! But is it working? Evaluate performance regularly External and internal searches Long tails
  28. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Part Two: Help Customers Share
  29. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Three Reasons for Sharing (Or: Three Ways to Feel Good Right Now)
  30. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon You helped me!
  31. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon I’m part of the club! You helped me!
  32. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon I’m part of the club! You helped me! I know things! Smart things!
  33. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Become a Sharing Enabler
  34. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  35. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  36. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://blog.surveymonkey.com/blog/2011/05/19/tweet-button/
  37. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  38. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  39. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon When The Tweets Hit the Fans
  40. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon “Twitter is the small claims court of customer support” Richard White, UserVoice (and any customer of anything)
  41. Own the Conversation
  42. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://status.37signals.com/
  43. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://moz.com/community/q/loss-of-google-adwords-api
  44. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon We’re all customers
  45. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://www.reference.com
  46. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  47. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon http://www.reference.com
  48. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon
  49. @aaron_wheeler #MozCon Thank you!