Social Media Marketing Guide


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AG Guide on Increasing Your Reach with Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Guide

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  2. 2. In today’s multimedia world, you need a multi-channel approach to reach your target audience. Whethercustomers are using online platforms, mobile devices or traditional print media to find the products and servicesthey need, you should be there, providing them options as you increase your company’s exposure. Facebook has over 750 million active users, with an average of 130 friends and the average user is connected to over 80 c o m m u n i t y g r o u p s . (SOURCE: facebook, 2011)AlphaGraphics’ multi-channel and cross-media marketing services enable you to interact with potentialclients in ways never before possible. Whether you need to improve brand awareness, boost marketingefforts or explore the world of ePublishing, you’ll get expert assistance backed by over four decades in thecommunications industry.Increase your reach today by working with the marketing communications team at AlphaGraphics.
  3. 3. Social MediaSocial Media They’re doing it whenever and wherever they want—on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn discussion groups, forums, and blogs. It can be overwhelming to understand, but it contains priceless market information about your business. If you want to engage with social customers, you can’t wait days or weeks to get a report on what they’re saying about your company. Don’t miss the conversation! Engage in all social media platforms through active communication in your community. Use your voice and interact with consumers to offer a personal side to your business. Let AlphaGraphics create a social media marketing plan for your business that incorporates essential networking through: • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Relevant social networks for your brand • Monitoring and customized plans
  4. 4. Facebook Through a clear strategy your company can increase their presence and increase the communication of key messages to your target audience. Understand what your customers are saying about your company and develop a personal relationship that strengthens brand loyalty. • Develop tone of voice • Optimize your business based Facebook page • Customized Facebook pages with tabs for individual campaigns • Multiple posts a week, schedule updates, conversing with consumers and more… Facebook would rank as the 3rd largest country i n t h e w o r l d b y n u m b e r o f u s e r s . (SOURCE: facebook, 2011) Increase your reach by: • Generate more brand awareness - By increasing the demand for your company with the generation of word of mouth referral traffic, links and the use of social media as a customer service platform.
  5. 5. Social Media There is never anything more important than “late breaking” news that your customer is interested in. Providing key real time updates to your customer keeps them interested and loyal to your company. • Talk with ANYONE who mentions “your company, product or industry in your state” • Develop a tone of voice • Multiple posts a week and “retweeting” relevant news from the industry • Follow all relevant twitter accounts to help spread the word Increase your reach by: • Breaking news - Target your fans, friends and followers with key industry news and highlights on your social networks.Fact: 22% of Fortune 500 companies now have apublic facing blog that has at least one post inthe past 12 months. (SOURCE: comScore)
  6. 6. LinkedIn is the most powerful social networking site to help you grow your business. When it comes to business it isthe premier site for business networking and growing the quality of your business though the business community.• Develop a strong presence on LinkedIn• Create credibility and leads through LinkedIn Groups and Apps• Connect with businesses who use your company and encourage them share profiles• Generate new leads and connect with consumers who need your company LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 120 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (SOURCE: LinkedIn)Increase your reach by:• Being relevant - Keep your conversations and interactions with your customers on topic and important to their likes and needs. Make sure your strategy is comprehensive to include the key social networks that your business needs to succeed.
  7. 7. Social MediaMonitor & Listen Driving awareness and demand with your social customers starts with figuring out what your customers are passionate about. It starts to take off when you reach out to them on their terms, let them start the conversation, and listen to what they want and need. Social customers are part of your process; they feel relevant, more satisfied, and are better advocates for your business. You can’t force brand advocacy in social channels, you have to find it and nurture it. Finding it is the first step. AlphaGraphics will monitor the level of engagement with your customers and give you monthly analytics on how you are gaining traction in the social networks. Our engagement evaluation of your strategy will focus on tweaking and increasing your advocates on the web and making your brand awareness relevant using: • Google Analytics • Facebook Insights and EdgeRank • Monthly strategy enhancements and dynamic statistics Increase your reach by: • Social customers love to share - They’re out there right now, talking about your business, ranting and raving over your products, and telling their friends how they’ve used them in ways you never could have imagined.
  8. 8. Engage • Social Engage1 o Setup all social media profiles/accounts o Setup monthly meetings on social media strategies o Show you where you can improve, what content has the highest engagement rate, etc. o Along with monthly meetings, we will track our success with monthly analytic reports • Social Engage2 o Social Engage1 + o Setup of monthly posting schedules with day to day posting. (This plan would be best if you have someone in your company who can post on Facebook/Twitter regularly) • Social Engage3 o Social Engage1 + Social Engage2 + o Complete implementation of all social media posts and developing strategic social media plans including content research o No hassles, we will do all the work for you!
  9. 9. Social MediaCreative, eye-catching design can help your company’s messages pop. To ensure your communications aremaking the right impression, you need outstanding graphic designs that make your logo and marketing materialsvisually stimulating AND professional. Our graphic design pros can help you create sizzling collateral, branding,and online platforms, so prospects and customers take note—and remember you.The work doesn’t end after you’ve planned and launched your marketing campaign. Through focused reportingand tracking, you’ll learn exactly how effective your efforts are, so you can fine-tune your techniques for evenbetter results. When you work with AlphaGraphics, we’ll help you collect and analyze the metrics that mattermost, so you can increase your reach … and your ROI.Think about it—when you receive a communication personally addressed to you, you’re much more likely to readit, right? Personalized communications with customizable content allow you to connect with each individual inyour target audience, boosting response rates and building loyalty to your brand. AlphaGraphics will help youadd that personal touch to your messages, so you can enhance campaign effectiveness, encourage action andgenerate more revenue.
  10. 10. Your local AlphaGraphics is supported by and connected to a global network of providers who ensure consistent, qualityservice for businesses like yours all around the world. We can help you navigate the planning and printing of almost anycommunications campaign—and make your life simpler in the process. Our Quality Management Program, based on ISO 9001:2008 guidelines and incorporating Lean Manufacturing philosophies, is your guarantee that AlphaGraphics’ quality print and production management meets precise quality assurance standards. We engage in the best business practices in our industry to help ensure our deliverables will consistently meet your exact business requirements. AlphaGraphics takes environmentally responsible business practices seriously. Every AlphaGraphics business center holds or is working toward earning certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means that many of our papers are rigorously reviewed and controlled to ensure they come from eco-responsible sources, which helps limit the impact your projects will have on the environment. Contact your local AlphaGraphics center today to see if they hold FSC Certification.Fact sources:
  11. 11. AlphaGraphics Facebook: W. University Dr. Suite #101 AlphaGraphics-on-University/Tempe, AZ 85281 Twitter:!/agonuniversity480.968.7821 LinkedIn: company/162387