AG Mobile Web Site w/QR Codes


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Mobile Website with direct access from mobile devices via QR codes and url

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AG Mobile Web Site w/QR Codes

  1. 1. Mobile Websites & QR Code MaRketing sign Up Forms Geo Mapping sweepstakesMobile Websites• Unique mobile sites for QR Codes• Custom URL’s for branding• Capture customer data• Campaign, Sweepstakes and vCards• SharingQR Codes• Unlimited QR codes generations• Categorize QR codes for target marketing• Designer QR codes availablesCans Build custom sign up forms for Display nearest points of interest Integrate a call to action to give your mobile coupons, newsletters and based on user’s location. Most customers a reason to engage with• Users can scan on any media sweepstakes. CRM plug-ins are utilized for mapping closest stores your brand. available for seamless marketing and multiple places.• Unlimited scans, page views, integration. submissions & sharinganalytiCs• Easy online dashboard statistics• View page views, map locations, shares, devices used, user sessions & individual engagements• User info captured from signups• CRM reports and data downloaded as CSV reportsAlphaGraphics on University815 W. University, #101Tempe, Arizona 85281Phone.
  2. 2. Mobile Website PRoGRaMs yoU Won’t belieVe hoW Cool it is!We make your mobile content building and QR All programs require monthly hosting and a setup plan to startcode creation simple. Let us design and executeyour mobile content in a snap. The process siMPly Cool setUP: $399.00begins with a site flow map out session where • Mobile page design and creation • Standard B&W QR code creationwe attack the campaign objectives. Our platform • “Find us” mapping function using geo location • User submission & data collection in .csv fileshighlights specific mobile transactions that add • Social sharing & YouTube Video embedding • vCard creation & inclusionvalue for your customers and are also trackable, • Domain via (ex. them buzzing for more. We offer a • Site flow map out sessionrange of mobile tagging services from basicpage designs to full campaign management extReMely Cool setUP: $499.00 • Includes the Simply Cool Setup +and execution. We will provide tracking for all • Designer QR code creation • Product or sales staff pages with full “contact us” functionality for up topages and codes from the analytics dashboard 8 people or products • Links to existing commerce siteswhile we manage your content. Everythingwe create is safe, secure and banner ad free. VeRy Cool oPtions: CUstoM doMain naMe alias: $59.00 • Without domain alias, your website address will look like: • With a domain alias, your website address will look like: you choose the domain name • We can register the domain name for an additional fee if you desire; .com or .mobi are recommended for mobile websites Monthly hostinG: $49.00/Month (no contract) • Real time tracking for all QR codes & pages • Geo location by device & IP • Compatibility across mobile platforms • Mobile platform access for changes • Premium analytic suite • Mobile device detection • Page optimization • User access for campaign management oPtional FeatURes: Your website will have unlimited campaigns, sites and QR Code generation. Thus we suggest after the site is built and has some page views, you do a promotional campaign for the site on a monthly or a regularly scheduled basis. We would help create it, then give you an estimate on the costs to produce it. Here are some ideas: • facebook “Like”, twitter “follow”, LinkedIn “follow, connect”, foursquare, etc. • Coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways, personalized URL email, direct mailing with Purl® & QR codes • Store displays, banners, business cards, stationary, promotional products • Imagination is the limit for the use of QR codes and your mobile website