Common core in the 4th grade


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  • New assessments and new LCC for ELA and mathematics will be phased in over several years
  • Common core in the 4th grade

    1. 1. Common Core in the 4th GradeBy Ashley Guillory and
    2. 2. Ahhhhhh! !!!!!
    3. 3. What are common core state standards?• Content standards developed by group of states – Development coordinated by National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers – In collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts• States voluntarily choose to adopt – 45 states, 3 territories, and D.C. have adopted the CCSS as of 10/26/2012
    4. 4. Why is this important• for Louisiana?type of About 60% of jobs nationwide will require some postsecondary education by 20181• More Louisiana jobs are requiring a postsecondary education2; of those: – 69% require vocational training, certification, or associate degree – 31% require bachelor degree• Many Louisiana students are ill-equipped to succeed in college – Louisiana’s college retention and graduation rates are among the lowest in the Southeast region (SREB) and the nation3 – About one third of first-time freshmen need remediation in college level courses41 Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, June 20102 Louisiana Workforce Commission, 2009 Job Vacancy Survey3 Southern Regional Education Board Fact Book on Higher Education, 20094 LDOE First-Time Freshmen and Developmental Rates, Public School Data, 2007-08
    5. 5. What is available right now?• English Language Arts and Mathematics• Kindergarten through 12th Grade• Prekindergarten Standards –Developed by Louisiana educators to allign with kindergarten CCSS
    6. 6. What about standards for Science and Social• Studies? studies, and Literacy standards for science, social technical subjects are included in CCSS for ELA• Science Content Standards – Next Generation Science Standards currently under development by national groups – Expected release in Spring 2012 – Will be reviewed for appropriateness to replace current Louisiana science standards; if acceptable, will be adopted in Summer or Fall 2012 to be implemented in 2014-15• Social Studies Content Standards – Revised by committees of state educators in 2010-11 – To be considered by BESE for approval in June 2011 – To be implemented in 2014-15
    7. 7. So…what is the difference?? Current Classroom ELA Common Core ClassroomFocus on literature (fiction) Informational texts prepare forLiterary skills (identifying terms and college and career devices like theme) Cross-content literacy integrationELA taught in isolation ELA taught in collaboration
    8. 8. 4 th Grade Example Current Louisiana GLE CCSS Grade-Specific StandardsReading and Responding Literature: Craft and Structure 6. Compare and contrast the point of5. Identify a variety of story elements, view from which different stories including: are narrated, including the c. first- and third-person points of difference between first- and third- view (ELA-1-E4) person narrations. Similarities exist between GLEs and CCSS, but CCSS require higher-level thinking skills (compare/contrast). Reading texts suggested by CCSS are more challenging than those traditionally used. See next slide for examples.
    9. 9. Math• Standards for Mathematical Practice – Apply to all grade levels – Describe mathematically proficient students• Standards for Mathematical Content – K-8 standards presented by grade level – High school standards presented by conceptual theme • Number and Quantity • Algebra • Functions • Modeling • Geometry • Statistics and Probability
    10. 10. Math Example Louisiana GLEs CCSS Grade 3Grade 3, GLE 23 Measurement and DataFind the area in square units of a givenrectangle (including squares) drawn on a Geometric Measurement Understandgrid or by covering the region with square concepts of area and relate area totiles. multiplication and to addition. 5. Recognize area as an attribute of planeGrade 4, GLE 25 figures and understand concepts of areaUse estimates and measurements to measurement.calculate perimeter and area of rectangularobjects in U.S. and metric units. 6. Measure area by counting squares.Grade 4, GLE 26 7. Relate area to the operations ofEstimate the area of an irregular shape multiplication and addition.drawn on a unit grid. Area is found in GLEs at multiple grades. The focus on area occurs in Grade 3 in the CCSS creating opportunity for more connections between concepts and for in-depth study.
    11. 11. When am I suppose to implement CCSS? 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015PreK Current Current New NewK Current New New NewGrade 1 Current New New NewGrade 2 Current Transitional New NewGrades 3-8 Current Transitional Transitional NewHigh School Current Transitional Transitional New
    12. 12. 2012-2013 : Transition Year #1• Implement new LCC aligned to ELA and math CCSS in grades K-1• Implement transitional LCC in ELA and math for grades 2 and higher• Begin professional development workshops on the new LCC using a train-the-trainer model
    13. 13. 2013-2014 : Transition Year #2• Implement new LCC aligned to ELA and math CCSS in grades PreK and 2• Continue – Use of transitional LCC in grades 3 and higher – LCC professional development for teachers
    14. 14. 2014-2015 : Full CCSS Implementation• Full Implementation at all grades –Common Core State Standards –State-revised standards for social studies and science –New LCC for all grades and subjects• LCC professional development continues for teachers
    15. 15. Are the assessments changing?• Transitional assessments for grades 3-8 and high school in 2012-13 and 2013-14 – Aligned with transitional LCC – Adjust ELA and math assessments by using existing items that best align with CCSS • Content focus may change • “Cut scores” and level of difficulty will remain the same • Omit content that will be discontinued, emphasize existing content that aligns with CCSS • New CCSS content will not be added until 2014-15
    16. 16. Part nership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)• A group of states working together to develop high-quality assessments for grades 3-12 aligned to Common Core state standards• Governing states have agreed to implement the new assessments in 2014-15• Louisiana is a governing state, which also means we have the opportunity to play a significant role in this work
    17. 17. Where do I get started?• Look over the Transitional Comprehensive Curriculum, Crosswalk Documents, and Grade-Level Content Comparison Reports for your grade level and subject. (All can be found on the LDOE website)• Create a plan
    18. 18. Create a Pacing Guide
    19. 19. Create a Pacing Guide
    20. 20. Create CCSS Cards to Display in the classroom TeachersPayTeacher
    21. 21. Look Online!!!
    22. 22. There’s an app for that?? Common Core by Common Core K-6thMastery Connect - by Learning FREE United- FREE
    23. 23. What does it look like in my classroom? Technol ogyMath Lesson using Common Core
    24. 24. What types of technologyequipment can be used in a CCSS lesson? The Possibilities are Endless!!!!!!
    25. 25. Contact Info Ashley Leslie Mire Mcfarland