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Pulseras bellisimas


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hermosos diseños en pedreria y chaquiera

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Pulseras bellisimas

  1. 1. EmbellishedDaisiesClick here to see more pics and examples! This bracelet is much easier to make than it looks. All it really is, is three rows of daisy stitch, with easy embellishments added. :) The clasp is easy too! Ill show you how to make it on this page.Materials:Size 11.0 beadsSize 8.0 beads NOTE: This tutorial prints best from InternetSize 3 bugles - 7mm (faceted look best) Explorer.It may not print all the pages from otherThread (Im using 8lb Fireline) browsers.Size 12 NeedleStart by making an 8 petal daisy chain the length you want your bracelet. (Be sure to leave aboutan inch for your clasp)There are two ways I like to do daisies. I even switch back and forth between the two when I start to getbored doing it one way. ;) Ill show both here, and you can do it however feels best for you. Either way you decide to do it, begin by picking up 8 size 11 beads and tie them in a circle, making sure to leave enough of a tail to attach your clasp later. (If youre going to be making the clasp shown, leave about an 8" tail.) Go through the next bead after the knot, then pick up your center (size 8.0) bead, lay it in the center and go up through the top side bead. (Each side has 2, bottom, and 2 sides) The first method is to pick up 6 beads, and go up through the bottom side bead. Then Pick up your center bead, and go up through the top side bead as shown. Repeat to end of bracelet. The second method is to pick up three 11s and your center bead, go down though the bottom side bead, (pic 1) then pick up three more (1 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  2. 2. EmbellishedDaisies 11s, and go up through the bead next to the center bead. Repeat these two steps to the end.This bracelet is all about options! The next option you have is how to add the next two rows.One method would be to add the bugle row just as you would another daisy row. (Withoutthe center bead) Then add the third (regular daisy) row. Or, you can make another daisychain the same length as the first one, and then attach them together with the bugles usinga double-needle cross weaving technique.Since bugles have sharp edges, I prefer the first method because youre sewing throughthe bugles multiple times, so it lessens the chance of the thread being cut. But thecross weaving method is much faster. ;) Ill show both, and let you decide. In the first method, after you make your last daisy, needle around until your thread is coming out of the top beads. Pick up a bugle, 2 seeds, a bugle, then go back through the two seeds. Go down through the bugle, pick up 2 seeds and another bugle, and go through the bottom petals of the next daisy in the directions shown. (Youre basically just making circles with this stitch.) (2 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  3. 3. EmbellishedDaisies Now you have to sew back through the bugle you just added to get in position to add the next one. Go down through bugle 2, follow through the two seeds, and back up through bugle 3. Go through the 2 bottom beads of the next daisy, and pick up a bugle and 2 seeds. Go back up through bugle 3, back through the 2 bottom beads of the daisy, then back down through the bugle you just added. (bugle 4) Now youre in position to add the next set. Just keep circling around until this row is done. :) When you get to the end of the bracelet, youre ready to add your final daisy row. Needle around until youre coming out of the bottom two seeds. Pick up 6 seeds, and go back through the 2 bottom seeds. Go around the circle again until youre coming out of the bottom side bead. Add your center bead, go up through the top side bead as before, then go through the next two bottom seeds in the direction shown. (3 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  4. 4. EmbellishedDaisies Now pick up 4 seeds, go up through the bottom side bead, add your center bead, go up through the top side bead, and then through the 2 bottom seeds of the next bugle set. Repeat this step until the end. If you use this method, skip to the bottom of the next page. :) (or, if youre reading this online, go to the next red print. )METHOD 2:If youre not used to making multiple row daisy chains, this next method might be easierfor you. :) With this method, you make 2 separate daisy chains, and lay them side by side with the thread tails at opposite ends. Now thread one needle at each end of a length of thread. Pick up a bugle, and let it drop to the middle of the thread. The red and yellow lines represent each needle.Go through the top two seeds of the right daisy with one needle, and the bottom two seedsof the left daisy with the other needle.Pick up another bugle on one of your needles, then cross through it with the other needle asshown.Go through the next sets of 2 seeds with each needle, and repeat adding the bugles in thismanner to the end.Now youll have to weave in the ends of each thread. Do this in the same way as you (4 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  5. 5. EmbellishedDaisiesnormally weave in the ends. So you end up with just your original tails coming out of your daisychains.After I get these three rows done, I like to add one side of theclasp before adding my embellishments. If you want to make theclasp shown, go to the clasp page now. If not, just add one side ofthe clasp of your choice.Now for the fun part! (Just in case you werent having fun yet. lol) Addingthe embellishments!!Now that youve finished the base of your bracelet, you have these wonderful windowsthat you can fill in with virtually any bead(s) you like! Time to get creative, and makethis bracelet your own. Try different beads, and try stitching them upright, or making across, like in a hugs & kisses bracelet. (Both methods shown below.) Its all up to you, andhow you want your finished bracelet to look. Just have fun! If you want to make it the way I did in the bracelets shown at the start, all you do is needle through the bugle, and through one bead in the two bead set on the top of a daisy row. Pick up one 11, two 8s, and one 11. Go up through one seed in the bottom of the top daisy, then down through the next bugle, and through the first seed in the top of the bottom daisy, and repeat to the end. Simple! (5 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  6. 6. EmbellishedDaisies In this pic, I tried using a 4mm round crystal instead of the two size 8.0 beads. Mmmmm...... sparkly! Making crosses is easy too! All you do is go down through the bugle, pick up two 11s, one 8, and two 11s. Go down through the next bugle to the end. Then come back and finish the second half of the cross by picking up two 11s, go through the 8, and pick up two more 11s, then down through the next bugle. The red line is the first pass, and the yellow line is the second pass coming back. (6 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]
  7. 7. EmbellishedDaisiesI hope you have fun with this pattern! And as always, if you have any trouble,or any questions, Im just an email away. :)If youd like to share a picture of the bracelet you make using thistutorial, email it to me, along with information on what beads you used, andany other information, tips, etc. that youd like to share. If youd likeyour email and/or website address linked with your picture, please sendthat information with the picture. :) Ill post the pictures I get onthe Examples page.Click Here if youd like to support this site to keep these tutorials online. Thanks!HOME copyright 2008 Rubys Jewelry Design & Beadwork (7 of 7) [25/03/2009 07:07:14 p.m.]