Aguai Solutions Corporate Overview


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We are a young Digital Experiences Company building Technology to be Your Competitive Advantage with a focus on Healthcare and IT powered business. We support our clients in the areas of Web, Cloud, Social and Mobility based applications.

We are a fully Integrated Marketing and Technology Company. We specialise in Product Engineering, Application Development and Maintenance. We are a strong believer of leveraging Iteration Development by using Scrum Framework.

We help startups deliver high scalable solutions with faster time to market - Design to Market Solutions

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Aguai Solutions Corporate Overview

  1. 1. Corporate Overview Copyright Aguai Solutions 1
  2. 2. It’s a Digital World • Digital experiences have become the cornerstone of just about every customer experience, driven in part by the rapid spread of web, mobile, and social channels. Customers are in control. They decide how, when, and where they want to engage with your brand—whether it is in the store, over the phone, via a mobile app, or on the web. • But no matter which channel they choose, customers expect your company to know who they are and to seamlessly recognize them at every touch-point. Mistakes are costly. Given the fluidity of today’s online exchanges, consumers are often one click away from defecting to a competitor or broadcasting a bad experience to hundreds of friends. • Statistic upon statistic tells us it’s a digital world. For example: • As of June 30, 2012, more than 2.4 billion people were Internet users. • By 2017, it is estimated that there will be more than 3.9 billion global mobile subscribers. • Today, not only are our personal devices digital, but increasingly, so too are common, everyday-use items such as televisions, appliances and automobiles. The net is, people, machines, data, processes and more are more connected, in more ways, and at a pace not previously envisioned; as a result, the means of user interaction are evolving rapidly, and the outcome is an explosion of information increasing at epic rates Copyright Aguai Solutions 2
  3. 3. Digital Engine Copyright Aguai Solutions 3 Digital Enablers Digital Makers Digital Leaders CULTURE SHIFTS CUSTOMER NEEDS DIGITAL DISRUPTORS • Digital Leaders • Chief Digital Officers disrupting thinking • Digital Makers • Digital natives, already using social, mobile and web applications throughout their daily lives • Digital Enablers • Business’ natives. They understand your products and services, your systems and data and of course the rules and regulations that govern what you
  4. 4. About Us • Aguai, meaning "Leadership" in Sanskrit, is the focus of our firm and we strive to deliver value through this philosophy • Founded in 2013, Aguai Solutions is a Digital Experiences Company enabling Organizations built technology to their competitive advantage. • We work with Startups to Mid-Size companies and in solving real business problems and as Innovation Partner for Large Organizations in Healthcare and IT powered businesses • Integrated Software Services and Marketing Company for the Digital Economy • Location: Operating from Bangalore, India with Sales offices in Baltimore & SFO Copyright Aguai Solutions 4
  5. 5. Technology People Process Vision To become the most reliable technology business partner to our customers Mission Tech Enabling businesses to leverageTechnology to their Competitive Advantage Values LEAD by Example Leadership, Empower, Agile, Decisive Vision, Mission, Values and Mantra Copyright Aguai Solutions 5 Our Mantra Creating Digital Experiences
  6. 6. Awards & FeatureHot 100 Startups of India Healthcare IT Startup of 2015 Feature Story South Region - Winner National Level – Semi Finalist Shortlisted Startup for 3 day Mentoring Program Emerging Startup to Watch! Democratizing Healthcare Innovation and R&D Company of 2015
  7. 7. Leadership Team Bimlesh Gundurao MBA, MS, CSM – CEO and Co-Founder Passionate Product and Innovation Geek. Ability to look at trends in the innovation areas of Disruption in Technology. Over 20 yrs of Tech Industry Product and IT Services Organizations in India and US. Launched India’s first pharmacy based platform connecting Pharmacies, Patients, Doctors and Distributors Madhur Rao – Director A Technology Executive with over 17 years in IT Industry with career spanning across Satyam, Infosys and Intel. She is an PICT Alumni and she led large Platform Transformation Programs at Intel to help reduce IT costs on their Sales & Marketing Solutions Copyright Aguai Solutions 7
  8. 8. Why Us? Copyright Aguai Solutions 8 A full integrated Digital Experience Company Bringing Marketing andTechnology together
  9. 9. Our Services SoftwareTechnology Services Virtual CTO •Technology Roadmap •Solution Evaluation •Build Vs Buy •Vendor Management •Implementation UI/UX •Wireframe •Mockups •UX Design for Mobile/Web •HTML/CSS •Photoshop/ Illustrator Agile Consulting •Training •Consulting •Coaching Product Development •Requirements Management •Development •Validation •Implementation •Sustenance Chat Bots Enterprise Mobility Custom Application Management Mobile Apps Testing •Functional •Automation •Performance •Security Copyright Aguai Solutions 9 User Centric -Design and Experience approach to BuildingTechnology Solutions Outcome à Enables accelerated Solution Adoption, Highly engaging business users
  10. 10. Digital and Real World Marketing Copyright Aguai Solutions 10 Marketing Engineering Services Virtual CMO Branding Marketing Strategy Marketing Engineering Marketing Execution Marketing Measurement
  11. 11. Industries • Healthcare • Medication Management • Organ Donation • Doctor Practice Management • ePrescriptions • Pharmacy CRM • Patient Portals • Banking • Mobile Banking • Chat Bot • Mob SDK for User Analytics • FMCG • Asset Management for Cold Storage Units • Social • Integrated App like FB • Marketing Automation • Integration with other Systems • Agriculture • eCommerce • Farmer Management • Warehouse Management • Mobile Cart Copyright Aguai Solutions 11
  12. 12. Technology • .NET, C#, ASP.NET • PHP Stack – LAMP • Node JS Stack – MEAN • UI Development • Angular JS • Express JS • Knockout React JS • Chat Bots • IBM Watson • MS LUIS • Pandora Bots • Cloud • AWS • AZURE • Digital Ocean • Mobile Apps • SDK • Native android • Native iOS • Xamarin – Cross Platform • Analytics • Tableau • Pentaho/Jasper • MS BI Copyright Aguai Solutions 12
  13. 13. • Stateless Bots : • does not maintain the state of the conversation. • Ex: cleverbot • Semi-Stateful Bots : • posses limited ability to keep track of the conversation. • Ex :Automated phone menu systems. • Stateful Bots: • keep the entire history of each conversation they had with the user. • capable of answering various questions about previous conversations • Concept BOTS • Restaurant • Food Ordering • Banking • Credit Cards and Loans • Stocks • Find latest Stock information • Healthcare • Find Doctors & book appointments • Transportation • Passenger Information • Startup Bot • Find information on investors and startups • HR Bots • Employee Self ServiceCopyright Aguai Solutions 13
  14. 14. The Aguai Way We believe the success of delivering Next Generation Solutions is built of 3 fundamentals • Transparency • Predictability • Collaboration These are the 3 pillars to our Predictive Delivery Model Copyright Aguai Solutions 14 Agile Framework
  15. 15. Engagement Models Type Description When to Choose Benefits Fixed Price - Agree on Scope, price, end date - Changes cost extra - Project requirements are very clear and stable - Lower Risk - Predictability Time & Materials ⁻ Monthly billing based on actual time and resources spent - Project Requirements are unclear and evolving - Capacity is predictable - Flexibility - Dedicated Capacity Hybrid - Scoping and Prototyping onT&M - Execution Phase Fixed Price - Requirements unclear, yet need to have flexibility - Best suited for Product Development Efforts - Lower Risk - Predictability - Flexibility Offshore Development Centre ⁻ DedicatedTeam assigned for the client exclusively with secure access ⁻ For Portfolio of project + ongoing application maintenance and support activities - Reliability - Knowledge Retention - Cost Advantage Managed Services ⁻ Black box model where we manage end to end IT Services ⁻ When its not a strategic advantage to manage IT Service in-house - Operational ease - Reliability - Expert Service Copyright Aguai Solutions 15
  16. 16. Partners Copyright Aguai Solutions 16 Technology Partners Marketing Partners
  17. 17. Clients Copyright Aguai Solutions 17
  18. 18. Client Speak • Keith Brown, Director R&D Ateb Inc “Our work with Bimlesh Gundurao and his team at Aguai Solutions was targeted at increasing our development bandwidth and expanding into new technologies. Within 6 months we had a functioning application, using a new technology stack which helped organize internal client information. This initiative was a tremendous help not only to our Sales and Support departments, but it allowed us to expand development capacity and provide new delivery options and value-add features for our Healthcare client base that we could not have done otherwise. There were several aspects about working with Aguai that we appreciated, most notably the skill-level and professionalism. The entire team was easy to work with, dedicated, and held themselves to high quality expectations. Additionally, Bimlesh’s knowledge and experience in the healthcare field has proved a valuable asset both in a consultative role and also good, exploratory discussions around solutions. I look forward to a long and continuing relationship, and highly recommend working Aguai for future development initiatives.” REF: • Sudhakar Gorti, Chief Product Officer. "Aguai team helped us build LeadSquared Chrome extension for Gmail from scratch. They had good technical expertise and demonstrated quick turnaround to help us release the extension quickly." REF: • Gururaj Potnis, CEO EFGH "Great guys to work with!! Aguai team came with the right skill set and domain knowledge to help us build our iOS app of EFGH and take it live to Apple Store. They were a very effective team, reliable and worked closely with our team. They were open to resolve integration issues patiently and delivered us a great quality app in short time. They were realistic in what they committed and whatever they did, they delivered which is a surprise for most of us in the tech industry. I enjoyed working with the team and hope to work again in the future too." REF: Copyright Aguai Solutions 18
  19. 19. Contactus@aguaisolution India, Bangalore #17,YSR Mansion, 3rd Floor, Ambalipura, Bellandur Gate, Bangalore 560103 +91 – 988 024 4406 +91 80 4147 9495 Copyright Aguai Solutions 19 Thank You US, Baltimore 3 Abbott Lane Unit 5 Concord MA 01742 443 378 3959 408 514 9052